Which of The Following Types of Hard Hats Are Not ANSI Approved

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which of the following hard hats are not approved by ANSI

To save a worker’s head, neck, and face from serious injury in a construction area- a hard hat is vastly used. The significance of the safety equipment is extensively considered by Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA) too. All the caps are not good and approved; there are unapproved and approved hard hats. 

There are specific standards that the hard hat company must follow to be approved by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). So, you should know which of the following types of hard hats are not ANSI approved. Besides, I’ll mention the approved style of hard hats and where to get them. 

So, in this article, I’ll explain OSHA hard hat requirements, unapproved hard hats, and OSHA-approved hard hats. First, let me explain to you why the regulatory body doesn’t approve all the hard hats. 

When are hard hats required?

Hard hats are primarily required in construction sites. Besides, it may be used by electrical engineers and technicians in their industry. Hard hats protect from different types of hazards. As like: 

  • Saves head and neck from falling objects in the construction site area. 
  • Saves head from electric shock of high voltage to low voltage. 
  • Protects the head, neck, and some parts of the face from sparkling particles in the construction area.  

As you can see, hard hats are multi-purpose. And not all hard hats are good or made for all work, and there are classification, types, approved and unapproved versions. Let’s see why not all hard hats are ANSI approved.  

Why “not all hard hats”?

The hard hat protects from serious injuries. Because due to falling objects or electric shock in the head, thousands of people have died for decades. That’s why this safety equipment is made with great concern. And the regulatory body strictly takes care of it. They examine the quality, effect, and overall experience of the user before approving a hard hat. Then they classify it to make it easy to choose. All hard hats are not ANSI commended because they are unsafe to use in construction sites or electric shock. The requirements of the approval will give you a better idea of what they maintain.                         

ANSI Hard hat requirements

In the revision of the ANSI Z89.1 standard, there are different labeling requirements. And without following each of them, a hard hat will not be approved. Let’s see what the labels are that should be written inside the hat.      


  1. The name of the Manufacturer’s company. 
  2. There are different ANSI standards. To which the hat is conformed with that has to be written. For example, “ANSI Z89.1-2009.”
  3. There are different sizes of hard hats. The size range has to be written on it. 
  4. 2 ANSI types of hard hats are types 1 and 2. And also, there are classifications kike class C, G, E hats. I’ve mentioned details about them in the next part. Which type of hard hat it is- should be written clearly. 
  5. The date when the Manufacturer made the hard hat in the Manufacturer’s company. 
  6. There is a special Convention that is Z89. 1-2009. The hard hat meets it or not should be mentioned too.   

There is another labeling, too, that must have to be added in regarding ANSI approval. As like: 

  • There will be two arrows that make a circle. It will help the user to understand if workers will wear the hat forward or backward.  
  • The word “LT” is often written, which means it protects the head in shallow temperature(up to -30 degree C) 
  • Sometimes HV is written in the hard hat, which means the hard hat meets all types of requirements for high visibility.

Which of the following types of hard hats are not ANSI approved

Some hats are neither ANSI nor OSHA-approved. There are some reasons behind this. Already you have understood what requirements must have to fulfill to be approved. Osha clearly stated what hard hats are not supported.           

So here I’ll explain which of the following hard hats are not ANSI approved: 

Bump hats: The workers often love this hard hat. They are easy to use and very much comfortable. But comfort is not the principal purpose of using the hard hat. The main reason behind using it is safety. If it doesn’t fulfill the safety purpose, what’s the point of using them? 

Bump caps do not give any protection against falling objects. It Doesn’t protect against electric shock. So no purpose of the hard hat is fulfilled by it. That’s why ANSI snd OSHA does not approve bump hats.

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Osha approved hard hats.

So, the significance of buying the right hard hat is so much. Now I’ll explain what OSHA approves of hard hats. As you can see, the requirements I’ve mentioned have to be available in the approved hard hats. Some companies are strictly maintaining the hard hat Approval requirements. The approved forms of hard hats are divided into three categories. They are class C, class G, and Class E. Each of them is good at different types of work. So before using them, you should know which one will be suitable for you. So here I’ve given a short description of these three types of OSHA-approved hard hats.

Class G: G refers to general, so the available type of hard hats is included in this category. They are mainly made with good material that can protect the head from any falling object. And also, it protects the head and neck area from sparkling particles. Most of the time, they are made with carbon fiber. When looking for it, try to buy a lightweight one because it will be more comfortable. This type of hard hat is most affordable. The price range starts from only $10. You can find different colors and designs. Check out the list of attractive designed hard hats for women.

Class C: C refers to conducive hard hats. This type of hard hat is suitable for workers in the electric station and construction sites as well. It mainly protects from impact hazards, but not from direct electric shock. This is generally made with aluminum but not recommended by OSHA to use in the high voltage area. You should not buy this one if you need safety from high voltage electric shock in your workplace. The price of this kind of hard hat is affordable too. Let’s see the best one for electrical hazards.

Class E: E refers to electronics, so the electronic, hard hats are on the list. This type of hard hat is usually made with carbon fiber, and they give the best protection from falling objects or impact Hazard and the high voltage electric shock. The price range of this type of hard hat is relatively higher than the previous two. This type of hard hat is guaranteed to give dielectric protection up to 20,000 volts. This is the type of hard hat also approved by ANSI.

Where to buy the best hard hats?

You must know, finding a good quality product is always tricky. Sometimes we become confused about where to buy the hard hats that are safe and OSHA-approved.

Amazon hard hat collection is impressive in this case. You can find the best quality hard hats at an affordable rate. Yet, there are so many options. So, you can check out the review of the best hard hats available on amazon. The list consists of all

the high-quality latest model hard hats.


Q: Are aluminum hats OSHA approved? 

Ans: Yes, they are approved but not suitable and safe everywhere. Read more about OSHA’s instructions about using hard aluminum hats.

Q: What hard hats are OSHA approved for? 

Ans: Class G, Class C, and Class E hard hats are OSHA-approved. I’ve added a review about OSHA-approved hard hats as well.

Q: What class of hard hats for electrical work? 

Ans: Class E hard hats are suitable for electrical work because it has the capability of saving your head up to 20000V shock.

Final Words 

We often ignore security issues and act carelessly. But this may lead to life risk. This happens when you buy a terrible, unapproved hard hat as well. You stay assured about your safety, but ultimately you are not safe. So the danger becomes more furious. So before buying hard hats, you must know which of the following hard hats are not approved by ANSI.

Reviews help to find out hats that are safe and good in quality. I hope my suggested reviews will help you find out the best quality, durable hard hats approved by ANSI and fulfill the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA). 

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