Which Class of Hard Hats Will Protect You from Electrical Shock

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Which class of hard hats will protect you from electrical shock

In self-defense, we often have to use many items. And protection from dangerous things like electric shocks is a must. Hard hats are amazing items that protect your head and face from electric shock. It is readily available and protects you from any falling objects too. But not all hard hats protect you from electric shock. 

Then you have to know, which class of hard hats will protect you from electrical shock? Today in this article, I will discuss how these hard hats will save from severe electric shock. 

Before that, we will now discuss a basic introduction to Hard Hat. And also the types of hard hats available right now. 

What is a hard hat?

Not long ago, we were familiar with this hard hat. Even just a few decades ago, people used to have many big accidents on construction sites. As the work of multi-storied buildings has increased with age, so needs hard hats increased. 

This item was first used to protect the head from falling objects. But the researchers began to think about gradually increasing the range of its use.

And in a few days it was seen that if the hat is made with some special materials, it will also give electrical protection. Since then, the hard hats have been used in places with electric fields or at risk of getting electrical shocks. 

So a hard hat can give you protection in three places. 

  • Where there is a possibility of any solid object falling over the head
  • Where splashes can hit your face and head
  • Where an electric shock can hit your head due to an electric field or any other reason.

Hard hats for Electrical work

There are different materials made of hard hats available. But not all of them will protect you from electric shock. The hard hats made of carbon fiber are the only ones that will protect you from it. Due to the chemical composition of carbon fiber, it can control electric shock and protect you. This is why these hats must be used in all construction sites or areas with a risk of electric shock. 

Let me give you another excellent piece of information about Hard Hat. Hard hacker color carries an important indication. In this case, you can not buy according to the color of your choice. The white, gray, blue, and yellow colors indicate different types of hard hats. And by this, a worker easily understands what kind of hat he needs. 

However, the standard of this color is not the same in all the countries of the world. It varies from time to time in different countries.

Most of the time, it is usually denoted by the color blue, which can resist electric shocks. So the color of the hat you are looking for will be blue, but there may be stickers of other colors.

Classes of hard hats:

ANSI/ISEA and Canadian CSA divided the hard hats into three classes based on how they react to electric shocks. These classes are: 

*Class C [C Refers to conductive] 

*Class E[ E refers to electrical] 

*Class G [G refers to general ] 

Which class of hard hats will protect you from electrical shock

Now come up with the question: What class of hard hat for electrical work? This is discussed below: 

Class C (Conductive hard hats)

This hat is not suitable for electric technicians or engineers. Protection from impact hazards- that’s what class C hard hats are made for. Many of us confuse class E with this class C. This is completely wrong because it will not give you protection from any electric shock. So wearing this Class C hard hay, you should not go anywhere where it is necessary to go near the electric voltage. Or you can’t go to a place where you could be electrocuted. This only protects you from impact hazards, not electric shocks. They are usually made with aluminum materials and good for the ventilation system. It’s the most comfortable one among the three but not effective in giving protection against shock. 

Class E (Electrical hard hats)

This Class E hard hat is made to protect the head completely from any electrical injuries. It is effectively proven to protect from high voltage electricity and provides very good protection. It can withstand 20,000 volts of electron- which made it special protective equipment for humans. However, there is a misconception that needs to be dispelled. Some of us may think that it will protect the whole body from high voltage. No, that’s not right. It is designed in such a way that it only gives protection to the head.

Now you know Which class of hard hats will protect you from electrical shock. That is Class E hard hats. 

Class G (General Hard hats) 

As I said, the hard hat was first made to protect the head from the impact of hard objects. So, 

which hard hat class protects against falling objects? The answer is- Class G hard hats. Of course, this doesn’t protect from impact hazards or electronic shock- but very effective against falling objects. Moreover, this type of hard hat is comparatively affordable, and you can easily buy a high-quality hat at a very low rate. 

How to find the best hard hats?

Only an expert can find a hard hat that includes all the features you are expecting. Not all types of hard hats are comfortable to wear, and not all fit well in your head. But there are teams some hats that are quite comfortable because they are lightweight, breathable, adjustable, and soft as well. 

The best quality hard hat will give you a comfortable feeling and at the same time good fitting. Not only this, with the help of these hard hats, you can be assured of protection against electric shocks. 

From different styles of hard hats, we picked the top 12 carbon fiber hard hats. Here you can find the best quality hats made of the best quality material. 

Not everyone’s choice is going to be the same. So, shouldn’t you explore more? There are more hats you may check out. We’ve also picked the best hard hats available in 2021. Hope the expert suggestions will be convenient for you to find out the perfect hat you are looking for at an affordable rate. 


The number of deaths due to electrocution is not less. Probably the greatest discovery of the twentieth century, and the discovery of this electricity has advanced many people. But, unfortunately, with this, many people have died due to electric shock on various construction sides. 

I understand Electrical engineers and technicians are too very busy at work to wear hats regularly. And that is why it is seen that most of the accidents are due to human negligence. So we must never forget that it is important to wear proper safety hats. 

Choose a hard hat considering the voltage of the place where you are not

  1. Hopefully, my guidelines about Which class of hard hats will protect you from the electrical shock will help you select one. 

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