What to Wear Under a Hard Hat? 7 Vital Safety Guard

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A hard hat is a vital safety gear of industrial or heavy hazard works. Protecting employees head from any injuries is the major concern of all industries. The primary cause of wearing a hard hat for an employee to prevent unwanted injuries or falling any objects on the head while working. Not thus, a hard hat can protect the head from the heavy sun,  splashes, rain, unusual heat & ultraviolet light, etc. So keeping a more comfortable head after wearing a helmet, you should use some small apparatus of a hard hat. That’s why what to wear under a hard hat? This maybe your question.

what to wear under a hard hat

So in this post, I will share the top tips on what to put on under a hard hat and their benefits. So let’s start.

7 Vital Safety Guard to Wear Under a Hard Hat:

  1. Winter liner: If your working session in winter, you wear a smooth winter liner under the hard helmet. But you should adjust before continue wearing it. You cannot buy the best hard hat winter liner from the marketplace. So you can make it yourself or you can go to the tailor.
  2. Flat-Top Beanie: Beanie is a close-fitting small hat that you can put under the hard hat if you work under the heavy hazard workplace. Use 100% cotton cloth beanie that easily absorbs sweat. I will recommend do not use polyester or other cloth materials instead of cotton.
  3. Strap and lamp: Adding a high-quality strap and lamp to hard hat can increase the highest safety security. But you have to wear a strap and lamp correctly to a hard hat. I will suggest you should use a strap and lamp for the same brand of hard hat that you are using.
  4. Visor: A visor is a good safety guard to protect eyes from the ultraviolet light, sunlight, other light and from other objects. This is a part of a hat. So you can put a visor under your hard hat.
  5. Welder’s cap: This is another apparatus of a helmet to protect the eyes and head from welding sparks & any injury. But this part is needed if you work welding related tasks. Try to use a shade base soft welder’s cap under your helmet.
  6. Bandana: Bandana is a small hairband that you can use your hands, head, wrist, etc. The bandanas made of soft cloth. You can buy it from the market or make yourself. This custom safety guard can protect your eyes & ears from dirt, dust, windburn, and sunburn.
  7. Skull-cap: A Skull cap specially designed to protect the head from heat and other actions. Most of the skull cap is made of nylon and polyester that allow being breathable. So you can all the time wear it under your helmet.

Is OSHA allows these Types of Equipment?

OSHA allows the above safety equipment to wear with a helmet.  The above safety guards follow OSHA’s hard hat requirements 2019.  So you can undoubtedly put this safety equipment under your helmet during working.


Final Advice:

If you are a professional contractor, plumber, electrician, and other industrial worker or employer, you can use a good quality small safety guard/equipment with your hard hat. This small part of a helmet can save you from various actions. For the first time, you may feel uncomfortable after wearing it. But for the non-professional need not wear those pieces of equipment during work if that is not a heavy hazard workplace.

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