Different Types of Safety Helmets

Last Updated on July 3, 2020 by Fahad

Probably you are looking to know the types of safety helmet. For various types of working, we often need to use personal protective equipment (PPE) to avoid the risk of physical injury. Our head is a crucial part of our body so that we need to protect it when we are working in an industrial sector or construction place, etc.

A safety helmet can give you the solution to prevent the risk, and you will work well. By reading this article, you come to know some different types of safety helmets you can use in your working place.

Many of us are facing troubles when we are working in an unsafe workplace. If you have ever injured on your head accidentally, you will suffer for a long time.

It will cause headaches, fatigue, brain damage and loss of memory, etc. Sometimes it causes death. To protect from the head injuries, you will need various safety helmets for different working place. I am telling you some different types of safety helmets for some specific applications:

Bump Cap

If you are working in maintenance, plumbing, or a repairing sector where there are low chances of significant risks, a Bump cap is a right option for you. It is made by the plastic shell which is more comfortable to use, and low weight to handle. It will protect you from the minor bumping into the other pieces of machinery or objects. Read bump cap vs hard hat.

Bum cap

Safety Helmets for High-Risk Work

Constructions, mining, and many other workplaces where the chance of injuring is comparatively high, a general safety helmet can help you to keep safe from those risks. You will find two types of safety helmets, general model, and high-performance type. Both of them have the power of forcing any falling objects, but the high-performance model is more powerful to resist. For skipping the high risks of head injuries, a safety helmet plays a vital role in the mining and construction industries. You will use any of them that you need in your workplace.

Electrician Helmet

There are a lot of works in the electrical field. Some of the tasks are so much dangerous, that is why people need to wear PPE for their safety. Electrician helmet has a power of resisting the electrical current. But it has a range, and it can prevent around 420 volts of electrical current. Wearing an electrician helmet for every electrician is essential because there is a high chance of occurring a significant accident.

Forestry Helmets

A forestry helmet helps you to protect your head, ears, eye and face falling down the objects of wood in the forest. It has a nice visor to keep your eye-safe. Most importantly, any person needs to wear it when they are cutting any tree or large wood, adjusting anything in the forest, etc. It is so flexible to wear as you can fix it so quickly and comfortably.

In this article, I try to give some basic ideas about different types of safety helmets. Never consider wearing personal protective equipment to avoid any kind of accident.

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