5 Top Rated Safety Glasses Review & Buying Guides

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Probably, we all need to use personal protective equipment when we are working in a construction or industrial or any unsafe place. To protect our eyes from unwanted accidents, we will need to wear the top rated safety glasses while we are working. The article will give you enough knowledge to buy the best safety glasses as your desire requirements.

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What is Safety Glass & Why Do You Need?

Suppose you are cleaning your garage after a long time. There is plenty of dust all over the garage. Suddenly you figured that dust affects your eyes. Now you can’t be able to open your eyes. It’s so much water from your eyes.

The eye is one of the most essential and sensitive parts of your body. It can be affected easily anyhow you are working. So why you don’t assure its safety while you are working at any construction site or any hazardous environment?

That’s why you need best safety glasses for dust. With a pair of Safety glasses, you can protect your eyes from any kind of harmful materials Such as dust, flying objects, wood chips, metal shards, minor irritants, acids, vapor or gases. Safety glasses van protect your eyes from the welding glare and that kind of bright light. Being your unsafe about eyes can cause temporary or permanent loss of vision from the corneal burn, abrasion, or penetration.

Why Do You Need?

While you are going to work in a construction area, that place is so risky for you. So, you have to take safety to overcome any unwanted situations. You have to protect your eyes also. If you are working in any laboratory, then you have to be careful about asides and other liquid materials. Such as if you work at the mill were so many hazardous materials in the air. You have to be safe about these things. For keeping your eyes safe, the safety glasses are an essential element to you. If your eyes are protecting, then you can work more comfortably and concentrically. If you are working around dust, concrete, building materials, glass, molten motels, chemicals, thermal hazards, bodily fluids, and blood, you need best safety glasses for dust.

Safety glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s easy to carry, and you have not to worry about its flexibility and made of polycarbonate. It’s a softer lens material than glass.

I am recommending you some top-rated safety glasses and also give some reviews shortly to know those products before buying.

1. NoCry Safety Glasses

Are you looking for a pair of safety glasses for a long-time protection purpose? Do you want to protect your eyes from dust and UV rays?

Then I want to recommend you the NoCry Safety glasses. It is a product of NoCry Tools & Gear with many users are using it for their safety purpose. It’s double-coated lens provide you resistance from the fog. These lenses protect your product from scratch. You can work efficiently for a long time without getting any unusual pressure or problems. Its weight is around 0.98 ounces, which are lightweight. It’s adjusted and fit comfortably on your face without giving any extra weight.


  • Comfortably fits on the face
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • Specialized for long term uses
  • Used latex-free polycarbonate
  • Clear, anti-scratch, and anti-fog lenses
  • Keep 90-100% protected from UV radiation.


  • The probability of damage at high temperatures
  • Quite hard to store

2. 3M Virtua CCS Safety Glass


If you want a fully functioning pair of protective eyewear, then you can try the 3M Virtua CSS Protective glasses. It’s affordable because of the low cost and has easy access to the market. You do not need to be disappointed about its quality and features. Despite being a low price, it has top quality. These glasses constructed with an anti-fog coating, and it is a significant advantage for you while you are working in a smokey environment. Its earplug’s cord is useful, which ensured that your glass is secured in the right place. The wraparound design is a great advantage for these glasses. It gives extra protection to your eyes while working.


  • Give protection from light work.
  • Low purchased cost applicable.
  • Wraparound design around lenses.
  • Corded earplug control
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • Fog resistance lenses. 


  • Having a slight gap between the user’s face and the glasses while prone 

3. DEWALT DPG82-11CTR Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle


If you are working at a garage of woodwork, metalwork, or in laboratories for an extended period and looking for best anti fog safety glasses. Then DEWALT DPG82-11CTR Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle is the right one you need.

It gives protection from water, chemicals, flying wood chips, or any particles which can affect your eyes. It has an elastic headband for which these glasses can comfortably fit with the anti-fog lens coating, which protects the lenses against fogging. The Built-in Ventilation channel provides extra fog control, which gives extra comfort through ventilation. The lenses are easy to replace.


  • Elastic headband
  • Dual injected rubber confirms a high level of protection from debris and liquids.
  • Comfortably fit on the face.
  • Ventilation Channel provides extra protection and comfort.
  • Provide clip attachment for easy lens replacement. 


  • Quite heavy from other glasses.
  • Have to be more careful at the time of carrying or storing it.

4. Gateway 6980 Safety Glasses



If you are a prescribed glasses user, I will highly recommend you to use Gateway 6980 Safety Glasses in the working place. Those safety glasses can exactly fit over the prescribed glasses, and safety glasses are apparent so that you don’t have to face problem in seeing anything on working. The Gateway company offers this product at a reasonable price with many excellent features. It has an adjustable length so that anyone can wear it correctly with a different type of face and head shape. It is more comfortable for its low weight, and many people use it for working in a lab or other hazardous working place.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fit over most prescribed glasses
  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor application
  • Incredible design


  • Easily breaks
  • Easily scratches

5. Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses

If you are looking for tight and stylish glasses, these glasses may be the right choice for you. Maybe you are working in outdoor places so that you need a UV protected safety glasses. Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses has around 99% UV protection with anti-scratch lenses with an adjustable nose pad for your comfort. It also prevents fogging from the flow away in the lense. If you are playing sports or you love cycling, these glasses will fulfill all of your demands for doing well. It is also suitable for you if you are working in construction, manufacturing, woodcutting, etc.


  • 99% UV protection
  • Vented Lens
  • Best for sports
  • Stylish
  • 100% resistance against glares and scratches
  • Cheap & super comfortable
  • Adjustable nose pad


  • Quite difficult to adjust

What to Consider Before Buying Safety Glasses

Before deciding your favorite pair of best safety glasses, you have to know the factors that make the pair best. You have to concentrate on,

The level of protection you need

If you are welding at a garage, that place is full of flying pieces of wood, metal which really can harm your eyes. Then you have to choose that type of glasses that don’t leave a gap between the lenses and face. If you are a kind of work at where dust, metal, or liquid’s splash can come from the side of your eyes, then you need to choose that kind of glass that has the side shields.

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Where you are using the glasses

According to your working area’s lighting system, your safety glasses are different. If you are working indoor, then you need clear lenses because you are at the low light. But if you are working outdoor in high lighting, then you need the tinted lenses which protect your eyes from the glare of lights. If you need the protection from ultraviolet rays, tinted lenses also help you with that.


If you are using the safety glasses for an extended period with no break, then you have to be comforted with the glasses. If your glasses are too tight, then it can be causes of your headaches, and if it’s too loose, then it can’t be able to give expected protection because of not being set in place. You must have to choose the glasses according to your head size.

The Style 

It’s not such as necessary, but it worth bearing in mind. If you find your best safety glasses, it’s looking so gorgeous and attractive to you. Then you get the spirit to wear it regularly at work. Luckily, there are plenty of options for selecting your favorite ones.

Final Thought

It is not a better idea to avoid the use of a pair of safety glasses in any indoor or outdoor working place where there is a high risk of an accident. Never consider with your eyes protection as it is the most valuable part of your body. I hope I will help you with this article to make the right decision about buying the top rated safety glasses as your wishes. I also try to give you some tips for buying the best safety glasses that meet all of your expectations.

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