How to Use a Motorcycle Helmet Lock?

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Do you love to carry your helmet in your hand while you are not riding your bike? Many bike owners don’t leave their helmets in the parking lot, thinking someone will steal helmets.

In this post, we will discuss how to use a motorcycle helmet lock in amazing ways. You will also learn types of motorbike helmets and their using methods.

How to use a Motorcycle Helmet Lock


4 Ways to Lock Your Motorcycle Helmet?

However, you can lock your helmet with your bike at any parking lot and do shopping with no tension following the below simple locking options.

  • Motorcycle lock (it is a built-in).
  • Padlock.
  • Bicycle chain lock
  • Pistol lock.

You can trust the above locking options without hesitation. And which option you will use, that is entirely up to you.

Now, let’s discuss how effectively you can use the above locking options.

1. Using Motorcycle Lock

Based on the motorcycle model, this lock varies. Either it can be a keyed lock that is separated or can be placed under the lockable seat using a hook.

But it has one problem: with a D-ring style helmet fastener, this lock works with the helmet.

Let me ask you one question, does your helmet feature a quick release ratchet chin strap? If yes, unfortunately, this lock system will not go with your bike’s stock lock.

But still, you can use it. Let me tell you how.

Instruction: Take your helmet, pass through your helmet buckle within the lock, and lock it.

Now, if any thief wants to take off your helmet, either he has to break it or leave it. Who wants to carry a damaged helmet?

2. Padlock System

Does your motorcycle carry any padlock helmet lock? If NO, then you should follow the padlock locking system. A padlock is easy to find in the store, affordable, and a unique way to lock your helmet when you reach your destination.

All you need to do is find a suitable place in your motorcycle like a handlebar, or bike frame, or any place that you choose. And fasten the helmet using the padlock. 

Follow the similar instruction as mentioned earlier in “using motorcycle lock.”

There is no difference between locking a motorcycle helmet using a motorcycle lock and padlock. Once you secure your helmet with a padlock, there is no chance for a thief to break it.

3. Bicycle Chain Lock

Do you have any chain locks that in bicycles? If not, purchase it from your nearest store. The bicycle chain lock is an incredible way to keep your motorcycle helmet safe from getting stolen.  

Bicycle chain locks are long enough, and you will get the benefit using this feature of it. After locking your helmet with it, you can keep your helmet in a clean place. Either away from your motorcycle, or nearest area, the choice is yours. Also, you can take other benefits too like, not only a helmet; you can lock other accessories also using this system.

The working procedure of this locking system is also similar to a motorcycle lock.

Instruction: Pass the chain lock through helmets bottom part and the visor portion, then lock it any place as you wish.

4. Pistol lock System

Don’t be scared; looking at the word “Pistol.” Pistol lock is very cheap, and it will give you too most security to your motorcycle helmet.

I believe you don’t own a pistol lock. You can collect it from your hometown store or Amazon, spending a maximum of $10. Also, check to your nearest police station because they might have any spare pistol lock. Even talk to your friends and relatives, if they have any additional items.

Instruction: Take the pistol lock, pass it through the helmet chin area, and put the lock to the bike frame. 

It requires nothing more to give you a peach of mind using a pistol lock.

Warnings: Never ever use the gas tank area to put your helmet. Because continuous gas emission through the gas cap area can damage your helmet, and your helmet efficiency will reduce.

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