How to Put on Wrestling Headgear? – Easiest Method Explained with Only 3 Steps

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How to Put on Wrestling Headgear

Wrestling is a kind of sport or activity where two parties try to hold their opponent on the ground. It’s a quite thrilling game and risky at the same time. As in this sport, there are many intense hitting and beating included, so using headgear for this game is mandatory. 

Though it’s called headgear, it works to protect the player’s ears. That’s why it’s also known as ear guards. Why does it protect ears? Because, if players get hit on their ear intensely, that may damage their ear for a long time. Here I’m going to explain to you how to put on wrestling headgear and other details. So, rather than wasting more time let’s jump into the details! 

What is a Wrestling Headgear?

A headgear has 5 straps in total. 2 straps sit over the crown of the head, 2 straps lay at the back skull of the head and the last strap is for the chin. It sits underneath the chin. The chin strap locks the headgear in place. 

The straps are often velcro or button snaps. It helps to adjust the headgear properly and easily. The straps are often made of vinyl or nylon, so they are sturdy enough. Once the straps are set with your headgear, they won’t move at all. 

Types of Headgear

You will see two types of common headgears. One has a chin strap and another one has a chin cup. What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, there is no drastic difference between these. It depends on the player’s preference and comfort. Chinstrap sits underneath the chin and the chin cup covers the whole chin and attaches with a chin like a cup. 

There is also another type of headgear that isn’t quite common. This one looks like a face mask. It covers the whole face without the eyes, sides of the nose, and lips. This type of headgear is worn when the player is injured on the nose or face. It protects their injured face. This headgear is quite uncomfortable to wear and looks intimidating! That’s why it’s not for regular use. 

How to Put on Wrestling Headgear?

As you know about wrestling headgear now, so let’s see how to wear the headgear through some easy steps.

Step 1: Wear The Earmuffs

Headgear has two comfortable yet sturdy earmuffs. At first, put on an earmuff and then drape another earmuff on the other ear over your head. 

Step 2: Check the Fit

After you set up the earmuff, check if the straps are fitted snugly with your skull and head. You should feel comfortable while wearing the headgear, not suffocated. If the straps need to be readjusted, you can do it by yourself. I will describe how to adjust wrestling headgear in the next points.

Step 3: Lock the Chinstrap 

Chinstrap is the lock strap of a headgear. On the center of the strap, there is a thick foam layer that feels comfy under the chin, not stiff. While locking the strap, make sure that the thick layer would be at the center of your chin. Now, slide the strap underneath your chin.

You will see many young high school wrestlers wearing the chin strap on the chin, but it’s a completely wrong way. You have to wear it slightly underneath your neck but not over your neck so it can suffocate you. 

And you are done with wearing wrestling headgear. It’s quite easy, right?

What Sizes are Available?

There are two sizes available for wrestling headgear. One is for young people and another is for adults. 

1. Young People

For young people, they should purchase those headgears which have adjustable straps. As they grow up, their heads become bigger, so instead of buying headgears often, it’s better to buy adjustable strap headgear. Speaking of that, I have another article for Youth Wrestling Headgear. You can check the products through the link below.

2. Adult People

For adults, they need to buy fixed-size headgear with adjustable straps. Their head is fully grown, so no problem buying headgear often. Buying adult headgear is quite easy. 

Available Headgear Styles?

Just like the size, headgear has 2 types of styles. Number one is, Hardshell type and number two is the Softshell type. Let me elaborate on these types-

1. Hardshell Headgear

Hardshell headgears are made of hard plastics but they are quite lightweight. So, even if they are heavy-duty, they are easy to wear and comfortable. Most of the hardshell headgears have an open ear area, which allows the player to listen to his surroundings.

2. Softshell Headgear

Softshells are made of soft polymer materials. Those headgears are soft and flexible but protect the ear very well. Softshell headgears are mainly chosen by the young generation as they feel comfy with the soft texture. 

Whatever you choose, make sure that you are comfortable with the texture, weight, and size of the headgears. 

How to Adjust Cliff Keen Signature Headgear?

Cliff Keen Signature Headgear has 5 straps as I mentioned before. These headgears have comfortable pads underneath the earmuffs and at the chin strap. These straps are attached to the internal paddings. Let’s see some steps of how to adjust cliff keen headgear-

Step 1: Put on The Cliff Keen Signature Headgear

Wear your headgear first. Sit it on your head properly. Don’t lock the chin strap still. Now press the two earmuffs to your ears, so that the straps get loosen. 

Step 2: Mark the Straps 

When the straps get loose, see if it comes over your eyes or slides on your neck. If the straps are loose like it, then take a marker and mark the straps where you want to adjust them.

Step 3: Pull & Push the Straps

Now, wiggle your fingers or any stick into the strap hole and grab the extension of the strap. Now, pull the extension of the strap from one side and push the same strap from the other side. When you pull & push the same strap at the same time, you will notice, the strap will begin to move. Now, set it at the mark. Continue it to the other straps too.

Step 4: Tuck the Excess Strap

Now try the headgear on your head once and press the earmuffs once again, if you see all are adjusted and finely settled. Then glide your finger under the padded headgear and you will notice three tiny holes. Clear the hole space and tuck the extra extension of the strap under the padded headgear. And you are done with adjusting it!

A reminder for adjusting the strap is, you must tuck the extension under the headgear pad. Otherwise, the strap may pull out and cause harm.

How Should Headgear Feel on Your Head?

The simple answer is, it should feel snuggly to your head, comfortable, lightweight, not itching, and not suffocating. You’ll never want the straps fallen on your eyes and you miss the chance of hitting your opponent rather than get hit. 

So, whatever you use, chin strap or chin cup, velcro strap, or button-up strap, always be careful about the fitting of your headgear. It may lead to severe injuries if you overlook the fitting. Make sure that you can balance the headgear well and feel lightweight as well as pressure-less. 

Reasons to Wear Wrestling Headgear

At the time of the fight, if the player’s ears are open, they will possibly get hit on their ears. When they get hit on the ears, inside of the ear it starts bleeding.

When it starts to bleed inside of the ear, some players may be oblivious about it and shrug it off. But day by day, the blood begins to clog and it disfigures the ear after a certain time. It causes immense pain and looks terrible. 

If the treatment of cauliflower ear isn’t in the proper time, the affected area might get hard, and then it will be more terrible. At the primary stage, doctors use a needle to remove the clogged blood. But if the ear loses its shape, players have to visit plastic surgeons to reshape their ears. 

So, especially for younger generations, wearing headgear should be a must and a disciplinary decision. It may lessen the risk of their trauma and injuries.

For a bit more detail watch the given video below.


Final Verdict 

I hope now all of my readers are sure about how to put on wrestling headgear & how it works. So, for your safety, you should wear headgear. It will protect your ears from all kinds of hits.

Headgears may get dirty with sweats and sometimes with blood. So, cleaning is a major part of maintaining hygiene. Check out my article “How to Clean Wrestling Headgear” for the details. That’s all for today!  Bye-bye and don’t forget to get up to date with Head Safety Guards.

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