How to Clean Wrestling Headgear? 2 Effective Ways

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Know the best guide on how to clean wrestling headgear b simple and effective ways. You know, wrestling is a game where players have to show their strength at the highest level. Here every player puts a great amount of effort to perform every action and also they have to go through takedowns and throws very frequently. Head is one of the most targeted parts of any wrestler that undergo blows often from other wrestlers. So protection with comfort is necessary to fight this combat sport. Wearing headgear is one of the smart and best safeguarding techniques to avoid any serious injuries. It can reduce panic and build confidence to handle any sudden actions from rivalry.

How to Clean Wrestling Headgear

Headgear is designed to protect the face, chin, and ears from getting hurt. It comes with 2 categories: ear guards and face guards. Ear guards can be cap or cups is usually tied back of the head and covers ears, chin, and top of the head.  It is well ventilated so makes much comfortable to wear. Matman, Cliff Keen, Adidas, Asics, and Brute are some renowned and fine quality ear guards that are supplied on the market by Wrestler Supply.

Headgear comes in another form with more protection levels with face guard gear. It is designed to save the whole face with soft cushioned on both sides. Cliff Keen Face Guard is a faceguard from the wrestler supply that follows all NHFS standards follows all NHFS standards.

Wrestling is an intense game that exhibits huge power and energy. Sweating and sometimes bleeding can often spoil the headgears by exposing them to bacteria and germs as they are wearing very adjustably. Bad smell can make things worse. It can also cause skin diseases and infections if it is worn without proper sanitation. So cleaning regularly with some guidelines is a matter of necessity.

2 Effective steps on How to Clean Wrestling Headgear

Cleaning headgear with detergent:

A clean cloth mixed with an active detergent and hot water can be used to wipe at the outer part of hand gear. Continuous sweating pile up at the forehead. The best option will be to get remove some inner lines and allow the hand gear to soak thoroughly into the soapy mixture so that all grease and stain come out effectively. Beside this hot water removes all bacteria and eliminates the bad odor out from the gear. After washing it properly it should be dried completely before wearing it for the next game. 

Cleaning Your Headgear with Rubbing Alcohol:

Another handy and easy way to clean the hand gear is to fill the clean bottle with rubbing alcohol and water with a ratio of 1:1. Then sprinkle the mixture into the outside and inner part of the headgear and rub the headgear with a clean cloth thoroughly. Make sure to rub properly especially the chin and forehead areas so that all the dust comes to water and the gear remains odor and bacteria-free. This is needed to be done immediately after every match. There are collections of disinfecting and deodorizing spray available in markets. These clear gear sprays are much-needed goods for any athlete. They sanitize all the accessories by killing 99% germs, avoid fungus and removes all bad odors. They come with very good smell, bleach, and alcohol-free and very safe on any gear.

Rubbing Alcohol

All chlorine bleaches should be avoided on those gear that made are of polyester fabric.

All headgears should be dried in proper ventilation.  Excess heat should also be avoided as it can cause shrinking and discolor. In addition to it, places to store headgears are also similarly important. A moist and humid environment can grow fungus, mold, and bacteria inside it.

For extra precaution, it is also can be prescribed to hang the headgear that is washed but not used for a long time into fresh sunlight a while to ensure not to get contaminated from any kind of bacteria or any germs allow to grow. Wrestlers are encouraged not to share any of their headgear to share with their teammates or any wrestler. Also not to wear any headgear that is sweaty or damped as it can cause skin irritations and infections. Clean and well-formed headgear increases confidence and allows wrestlers to perform well in the ring!

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