Pro Tips on Carrying A Spare Helmet on The Motorcycle

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Motorcycle riders are always made more enjoyable and delightful with company. Spouses, kids, friends, or a family member have the potential to make a dull ride into a memorable event. However, as the rider, you carry the responsibility of their well-being. The possibility of encountering an accident is always there. You never know when the odds might be against you, so it is better to be equipped with their obligatory safety gear–a passenger helmet.

Unlike cars, two-wheelers do not have enough space, which is why we get that you must be confused regarding how to carry spare helmet on motorcycle. Fear not as we are here to assist!

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How to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle

how to carry spare helmet on motorcycle

Below we will offer you all the possible methods; read till the end to be acquainted with all and then figure out which seems like the most plausible option for you!

Use of Hook under Passenger Seat

Some motorcycles will save you a couple of bucks by coming with a helmet hook under the rear seat that will safely hold your passenger helmet in place. All you need to do is to hook in the D-ring of your helmet’s strap and then you are free to drive around with it. Be cautious about making sure the helmet sits firmly in a place as otherwise, it will scratch the paint and create ugly marks over your motorcycle’s body.

Use of Helmet Carrier Strap

A helmet carrier strap is a praiseworthy piece of equipment that can be utilized to carry a second helmet. They are usually made of nylon with two D-rings attached to each end and can be installed by pulling up the rear seat, laying the strap on the space, and then pulling the rear seat back down. You can then place the helmet on the rear seat and tighten the strap until it is firmly held down.

Use of Elastic Helmet Strap

The elastic helmet strap consists of four pieces of elastic held together on both ends by hooks. Users can place the helmet in between, stretch out the elastic properly until the helmet is held firmly, and then attach the hooks to the tail so that the helmet sits properly on the backseat.

Using a Cargo Net

Cargo nets are made by weaving together elastic cords and they can hold a passenger helmet in place. All you need to do is place the helmet, cover it properly with the net (it is best to get one with small holes), and then fasten the hooks so that it is tightened into a position; be sure to spread out the webbing properly so that the helmet is unable to slip out.

Using a Modified Cargo Net

If you are scared about the hook of your cargo net scratching off paint, then here’s a solution for you–instead of hooking the cargo net, pull up the rear seat, attach one side to the hook and pull the seat back down. You can now place the helmet on the seat, cover it with the cargo net and then attach the other hook to the rear foot peg.

Panniers and Top Box

In case your motorcycle has panniers and top box attached to it, then ignore all other options there, as this is the safest and easiest option for you. Undo the lock, open the lid, place the helmet in, and secure the top; the motorcycle has you covered! This method will eliminate the possibility of getting any scratches on the bike and you will not have to worry about the helmet falling off.

Strap it to a Back Rest

Most motorcycles have a sissy bar or a back rest, which can easily be used to strap on an extra helmet. You can simply tie the chin strap around them or have a bungee cord do the job to ensure extra security.

Put it in a Backpack

When you are carrying a backpack, you can take the opportunity and place your motorcycle helmet within it. If your motorcycle comes with a little pocket, you can also store your helmet there. As the helmet is covered by the material of the backpack, it will not get any scratches or cause any scratches.

Strap to Grab Bar

Motorcycle helmets can also be strapped around the grab bar using the chin strap. However, it is like to move when along with your bike, meaning there is a high possibility of it getting the bike’s body scratched.

Using an Oxford Lidlash Helmet Bag

If you are into purchasing cool motorcycle products, then you have probably stumbled onto the Lidlash helmet bag produced by Oxford Products. Once you have brought one of these, all you need to do is stow away the helmet in the bag and then put the straps underneath the rear seat. The process requires little to no effort and makes your helmet storage process seem classy.

Using a Tail Bag

Some motorcycles come with tail bags or tail cases that act as the perfect spot for stashing away an extra helmet; make sure to zip up the mouth of your tail bag to prevent the helmet from slipping out on the road. You can also remove the tail bag when not in use.

Using a saddle bag

Saddlebags are also a good storage spot for your spare motorcycle helmet. You can simply stuff the helmet in as long as the size is big enough and carry it along on your bike.

Carrying it on Your Arm

It is best to keep this as your last resort, as the method can be rather uncomfortable. As you could have guessed from the heading, it involves undoing the chin strap and fastening it around your arm; you can also use a helmet carrier strap to fixate it onto your arm. It can hinder you in your journey and prevent you from enjoying a comfortable ride.

How do I keep my motorcycle helmet from being stolen?

When a motorcycle helmet is parked in a parking lot or a stop, there is a very good chance that it might be targeted by thieves. Hence, it is best to have your helmet kept within panniers or top boxes that can be properly locked; cable locks can be used to ensure proper sealing. Keeping them inside hard cases also prevents the sun from causing damage to the outer shell. Some motorcycles also come with built-in helmet locks next to the seats, which can also be used to make sure that no one steals your helmet.


How do you clip on a helmet to a bag?

Backpacks tend to have retaining straps onto which you can clip in the chin straps. You can then tighten the straps until the helmet stops moving around.

How do you travel with a helmet?

TSA allows motorcycle helmets to be taken on flight as if they were a carry-on. You can also place them in your luggage.

How do you attach a helmet to a sissy bar?

To attach a spare helmet to a sissy bar, all you need to do is to fasten the helmet’s strap around it and then tighten it until it stops moving around.

Last Words

With all of our pro tips relayed, we hope that you will have no doubts left when asked about how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle.

Now friends or family members can easily tag along on the road; any threats to their safety will be reduced gravely as helmets do an outstanding job of shielding people’s heads. We hope you and your passenger get to enjoy an adventure-filled ride!

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