How Much Does a Motorcycle Helmet Cost – Purchase to Maintenance

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how much does a motorcycle helmet cost

The motorcycle helmet price depends on their types, designs, features, quality, and others. If you are thinking to buy the best motorcycle helmet as a safety guard for your head then you must know about the pricing with features, quality & comfort.

So to answer the question of how much does a motorcycle helmet cost, first you gotta know that:

Depending on the types & quality, the motorcycle helmets come with different prices that are low and high. It is possible to purchase a motorcycle helmet for $35 to $70. But you can buy a better quality helmet in a mid-range price of $100 to $250. Not only this, if you spend $350 to $3000, then you can get a luxurious one with more safety features.

But, what is the ideal budget plan for you? Here we have brought the suggestion from the professional riders in our team to purchase the best motorcycle helmet. So, aren’t you gonna continue?

Which Range of Pricing Are Suitable for You?

There are three price-ranges that I mentioned but not all will be suitable for you.

  • Suppose, you are a scooter rider or you want to buy a half Helmet or you don’t have a good budget; then, you should choose the low range of pricing plan that is $30 to $70. Even, you can get a full face helmet in this budget but a full face helmet requires a minimum of around $70.
  • $100 to $250 is a perfect budget for all types of motorcycle helmets. If you have this budget then you can buy any helmets that is safe, comfortable, and stylish. For the long ride, you should pick a good modular helmet within $150 to $200.
  • In case of bike racing, sports, and other luxury & style you can spend $350 to $3000. But it is not necessary for beginners and normal riders.

 Note: Don’t ever purchase a motorcycle helmet that is not certified by DOT (Department of Transportation). If any helmet is not good for your head protection then the DOT does not allow using it.

How Much Should You Spend on Your First Motorcycle Helmet?

If you are a beginner then you should to know all types of motorcycle helmets before picking one.

There are 6 types of motorcycle helmet…

  1. Full Face Helmets
  2. Modular/Flip-Up Helmets
  3. Off Road/Motocross
  4. Open Face
  5. Adventure/Dual Sport
  6. Half Helmet/Pudding Basin

What is the average cost for a quality motorcycle helmet? Here is the Pricing List of Motorcycle Helmets

Price Range Table… 

Helmet TypesPrice Ranges
   Full Face Helmets$70-$500
   Modular/Flip-Up Helmets$80-$350
   Off Road/Motocross$50- $500
  Open Face$50-$130
  Adventure/Dual Sport$150-$350
  Half Helmet/Pudding Basin$40 -$100

Note: You will find a lot of helmets that are low price from our suggested minimum price and also there are more expensive helmets available in the market that are high from our suggested maximum price. But, if you wanna get an ideal motorcycle helmet for beginners then you should buy a helmet from our safety expert’s suggested budget.

Price Range In Details of All Types of Motorcycle Helmet

1. Full Face motorcycle Helmet’s price

 Full face motorcycle helmet This is the best safest motorcycle helmet for multiple purposes that provides your highest protection. If you buy a full face motorcycle helmet as your 1st or 2nd helmet then it will be an ideal decision from your behalf. According to the current market report, the full face motorcycle helmet is available for $70-$500?

Should you buy a full face helmet spending with $400-500 or $70 -$100? Nope, you do not need to spend more than $250. Even, you can get a super-full face helmet within $250.

Moreover, there is the cheaper price of $70-$100 for full face helmet. But if you want a good one then you should pay a minimum of $100. Otherwise, the quality will not be satisfactory most of the times.

2. Modular/Flip-Up Helmets

modular helmet It is the combination of full face and open face motorcycle helmet. If you flip up the chin bar then it converts into an open face motorcycle helmet. This feature is especially helpful if need extra airflow. To get this smart and advantageous motorcycle helmet you have to pay up to $100 for good performance and protection and also you do not need to spend more than $250.

3. Off Road Helmets/Motocross Helmets

off road helmet  In the case of off-road biking, you can be injured by any accidents. That’s why you have to choose the durable and lightest helmet that can save you from big hazards. You need to pay a minimum of $110-$150 to purchase these types of motorcycle helmets. Furthermore, there is no limit of spending money on these helmets. Even, you can spend up to $500 if you want to get stronger, durable, and high-quality off road helmet.

If you are not an off road biker then you should not pick these types of helmets. The modular and full face motorcycle helmets are perfect for common riding and also suit beginners.

4. Open Face helmet

open face motorcycle helmet Although the open face motorcycle helmets are lightest, comfortable and good for highest airflow, but it is not fully safe for your face. If any accident occurs then your head will be safe but the face will be injured. They are suitable for scooter riding and also for women to ride in the city/locality.

If you are thinking to buy an open face helmet for a long ride and regular using then you should skip the open face helmet. Moreover, it’s not suitable for beginners.

However, if you are a slow rider then you can buy this type of helmets for $50 but you will get the best & comfortable open face motorcycle helmet for $80-$110 that is more durable & long-lasting with high-quality material.

On the other hand, many open face helmet comes with a good visor that will protect your face and eyes from dust and cold airflow in the winter. So, you can spend $80-$110 for this type of open face helmet.

5. Adventure/Dual Sport

Adventure motorcycle helmet  Adventure and dual sport motorbike helmets are the same and they are full face helmets with extra design. Even, they are almost similar to off-road motorcycle helmets. In case of adventure riding, you gotta spend $150-$250 and you will get the overall best adventure motorcycle helmet.

Furthermore, you should think of a budget that is $200-$350 for Dual Sport riding. Also, you have to think about the quality and durability.

6. Half Helmet/Pudding Basin

half helmet It’s one of the motorcycle helmets that is not recommended by our head safety experts. A half helmet can save only a human skull if you are able to purchase a durable half helmet. Also, the eye protection visor is good for dust that covers your half face.

If you don’t have enough budget or even if you have enough money then still you should spend a maximum of $50-$60 for this type of helmets.

Note: Don’t ever use it for ring riding and high-speed riding. Only use this helmet for local riding and scooter riding for safety.

How Much Should You Spend on Your Next Motorcycle Helmet?

If you are a regular motorbike rider and you are thinking to change your helmet then also need to think about the price and quality.

But, tell me your feelings & experience about your last or previous helmets. What were the advantages & disadvantages of your last helmet? Shouldn’t you pick a helmet that has no disadvantages that you faced in your last helmet?

In case of a new helmet, you must buy a more comfortable, adjustable, lightweight helmet that provides extra protection to your head, eyes, and face.

Make sure that the disadvantages of the previous helmet do not come again with your new one.

Now, think, how long did your previous helmet last? Try to buy a durable and long-lasting helmet that can last longer than your previous helmet.

Overall, your new helmet needs to be better than the previous one and it will be an ideal plan. You may need to increase your budget if you wanna get a better one. See my pricing table above and get all types of helmet pricing ideas!

Also, read our another article Types of Motorcycle Helmet that will help you to decide which types of helmet you need and which type has more advantages than your previous helmet.

Depending on The Material, The Price Can Go Up And Down

Safety and stability depend on the materials. If you wanna get the best motorcycle helmet you have to think about the material it is made of. Moreover, the budget will also increase or decrease depending on the quality of the material…

There are 9 types of materials of motorcycle helmet…

  1. Resin
  2. Kevlar
  3. Fiberglass
  4. Carbon Fiber
  5. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  6. Polycarbonate & Lexan
  7. Synthetic Reinforced Shell
  8. Normal Plastic
  9. Steel

What Should You Pay For These Materials?

1. Resin

It’s a durable and flexible material that offers you the highest protection and also they are not costly. You should fix a medium budget for this, but they do not come with many motorcycle helmets like sports bike helmets & Off-road helmets.

2. Kevlar

The Kevlar helmets are almost like the carbon fiber in maximum time. They are costly but also super-flexible and durable that can protect your head in a big accident.

3. Fiberglass

It is one of the best materials for motorcycle helmets and it offers you the highest protection and durability. If you pay a high budget for it, then I promise your money will not be wasted. They are also available on a low and medium budget with all styles.

4. Carbon Fiber

Fiberglass and carbon fiber are the overall best for all users and also the best for a comfortable ride. Carbon fiber is the best durable material, suitable for all seasons. Also, you do not need to pay extra money for this as you can purchase it for a medium budget.

5. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS plastic is made with polybutadiene rubber, chemical, and heat-resistant and it is available for a cheap price in the market. Moreover, they provide good safety but not well for long-time usage.

6. Polycarbonate & Lexan

Polycarbonate is a clear plastic that is durable and stronger than other plastics. You can pick it for multi-purpose use and also the price is medium. Besides, if you are thinking of buying a Polycarbonate motorcycle helmet for scooter riding or a half helmet, then you can pick a low-budget Polycarbonate helmet.

7. Synthetic Reinforced Shell

They are made with heat-cured thermoplastic resin with multiple layers of glass fibers and also they are comfortable and lightweight. You can spend a big or medium budget on it.

8. Normal Plastic

We do not recommend you buy a normal and low-quality helmet. Furthermore, if you have a low budget, then you can purchase it. They do not offer good head protection, but also they are lightweight and comfortable.

9. Steel

It will not be a bad idea to buy a steel helmet. But they are prone to catch rust easily or can get dent from any impact that you won’t be able to fix later. So, it won’t be a wise decision to spend much for a helmet made of steel

How Much Does a Motorcycle Helmet Cost for Maintenance, Cleaning and Style

motorcycle helmet

It depends on your maintenance that how long your motorcycle helmet will last but also the maintenance is not expensive. You need to clean your helmet after using in every few days and also sometimes you need to change some accessories. Even, you can put the stickers if you want to make your helmet more attractive & stylish.

  • Accessories: The most important accessories are Shield Base Plate, Cheek Pads, Helmet Communication System Clip, Helmet Hook, Motorcycle Helmet Light, Helmet Clamp Kit, Bluetooth Communication System, Motorcycle Helmet Backpack, Harness, and Bandana that are available for a cheap price.

However, you will get all the accessories of motorcycle helmet under $15 except for the visor. They cost a bit more.

  • Stickers: You can get the motorcycle helmet stickers for $4-$12 even you are interested to buy any expensive & gorgeous sticker.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning equipment’s cost is also low. You can buy a motorcycle helmet cleaning spray for $10-$12 that is useable for visor and helmet’s body cleaning. Not only this, these types of spray are able to clean the harness and the pads inside.


Are expensive motorcycle helmets safer?

Ans: Safety does not depend on the high price. If you need the safest motorcycle helmet then you have to see the helmet type; i.e. if the helmet is full face or half face. Also, you can see the durability and material it’s made of.

Why are some helmets more expensive than others?

Ans: Helmets that come with extra features other than just being strong & of high-quality provide more protection & comfort. That’s why they cost more.

Which material is the best for a motorcycle helmet?

Ans: According to our safety expert’s recommendation, we suggest you buy a carbon fiber or fiberglass motorcycle helmet.

Wrapping Up…

You should think of safety before purchasing a motorcycle helmet and then you can think about style. Because, the Law has made helmets mandatory for your safety, NOT FOR STYLE!!

However, it does not matter if the helmet is your first or second, the matter is safety. There is already a good helmet ready for you on the market. All you gotta do is to choose the right type of helmet that can provide your maximum protection & comfort.

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