How Much Does a Baby Helmet Cost?

Last Updated on July 19, 2020 by Fahad

Learn the best things about how much does a baby helmet cost in 2020. Firstly, you will find different sizes of product and materials for baby safety helmets on the shelves of many stores. Most of the baby helmets are made of plastic or foam. Both of them confirm the great padding feature. 

Upon your requirement, the cost of a baby helmet will vary. A good quality baby safety helmet ranges start from $20, and it may end up to $200.

how much does a baby helmet cost

Also, any additional features like anti-vibration material, ventilation hole, etc. will increase the helmet cost. Parents may find one helmet more breathable than another. Generally, you can adjust all baby safety helmets, and they are available in different sizes. 

You can buy two baby safety helmets to keep one helmet as a backup. Yet, all safety helmets will give you a minimum of 2 years of service.

The primary responsibility of a baby safety helmet is to keep your baby safe from a head injury and a treatment of Plagiocephaly. Your baby will not wear the helmet for many years, even for the whole day for the treatment. Upon the requirement of a specialist, your baby will start wearing it for a certain period and a particular time of a day. After everything goes well and when your baby specialist shows you the green signal, your baby can stop wearing a helmet. 

A special note for parents is an expensive helmet that doesn’t mean it will give you 100% safety. An inexpensive helmet also carries all safety features like an expensive one. 

The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute did a study about the performance of baby safety helmets. They sent 3 safety helmets for $150 and 3 of $20. After the test, the result shows that all helmets were similar in terms of effectiveness and sturdy against an impact. Only the cost varies.

As I said earlier, only the features of baby helmets create a difference in terms of cost. More vented and designed helmets are comparatively more costly than normal designed helmets.

A baby helmet cost will vary based on the below features

  • Foam: A helmet foam will protect your baby’s head safe from any bumps. Make sure your baby is not feeling uncomfortable wearing the helmet.
  • Chinstrap: A customized and adjustable chin strap will let the helmet fit on your baby’s head perfectly. A good helmet’s chin strap lasts longer for years. 
  • Materials: most of the baby helmet’s construction material is cotton. Because cotton is easy to clean, gentle to the skin and absorbs the moisture.
  • Vented helmet: All babies are playful, and when they run a lot, their head gets moisture. Helmets that have a lot of vents are perfect for confirming the airflow. Also, it will keep your baby’s skull from overheating. While purchasing a baby helmet, make sure it has enough ventilation system.
  • Certificate of safety: Any helmet that has a safety certificate from the Consumer Safety Commission will be the best choice for your baby. A helmet that carries this certificate is more expensive than an uncertified helmet.

Above are the key factors that play a vital role to determine a baby safety helmet cost. But there are no specific opinions on how much does a baby helmet cost. Because it totally depends on the helmet’s quality & materials.

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