How bright is a welding arc compared to the sun?

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How bright is a welding arc compared to the sun

Sun is the brightest thing we’ve ever seen in the world. So when we are comparing a welding arc with the sun- that means this is an unbelievably brilliant thing. So the question arises how bright is a welding arc compared to the sun.

The brightness of the welding arc is almost half in comparison to the sun. But when we want to measure how bright a welding arc is, first, we need to select a scale of measure.

Today I’ll show you some exciting facts about the welding arc. However, there’s an important issue- the safety of welders. So I’ll discuss the risk of the welders while welding too and the safety measures they may take.

How bright is a welding arc compared to the sun?

We can compare them on different types of scales. First of all, we can measure through the heat.

According to Nasa, the heat of the sun’s surface is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, celsius, which is 5500 degrees.

Of course, The welding arc is not as hot as the sun. The heat of the welding arc is only 3800K. So it’s almost half. However, in other scales, the number is lower.

If we measure it through the radiation, the most current measure of the sun’s radiation is 1360.8 ± 0.5 W/m2, and the welding only gives from 200 nm to 1400 nm.

Now you can see, though sometimes we ask, is welding brighter than the sun? No, it Isn’t. Sun is much brighter than the welding arc.

However, it creates different types of ultraviolet rays and emissions like the sun. So let’s see how they can harm us.

UV rays from welding arc and sun

UV rays wavelength is not as long as visible light. So they are not entirely invisible, but humans cannot see UV rays with bare eyes; some insects can. There are three types of UV rays we get from both sun and welding arcs. That are: UVA, UVB and UVC.

Among These, UVA is not harmful, and 95% of the rays that come are UVA. But 5% of the rest is UVB, which is extremely dangerous for humans and other living things. It can even create the risk of harming DNA and severe cellular damage of vital organs. Luckily 95% of UVB is absorbed by the atmosphere. So the atmosphere saves us entirely from the most fearful, harmful one, the UVC. The atmosphere absorbs 100% of it.

The welding arc works in the same way. And as there is no atmosphere Between welders and welders, a welder can suffer from serious health issues like cancer or vision problems without proper protection. So the principal concern should be safety. There are different safety items a welder can use to protect themselves from the UVR of the welding. First, Let’s see what problems can come towards a welder.

Welding arc health hazards

There are different health risks in welding. I’ll describe all of them along with the safety equipment welders may use.


You already understand the incredible warmth of the welding arc. And when it comes to heating, it comes down to burning. Welders can be severely injured and burned while doing this. An object that is as bright as the sun must be very hot, right? So welders can die by burning. However, it is possible to avoid this issue by taking precautions. Let’s see how to stay safe from burning.


The most important thing is to be careful. Because there is no particular dress or guard to avoid reading, and if someone burns, he should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If most of the body is burnt, it is impossible to save the patient for a long time. However, if the body burns a small area, it can be cured with ordinary medicine.

Eye damage

Arc eye- this medical issue is so common among welders. Because of the welding torch and UV rays, welders may suffer from arc eyes. Some symptoms include pain, light sensitivity, blurred vision, bloodshot/watery eyes, etc. The disease is also recognized as flash burn. Arc eye problems can get severe, and sometimes patients become blind.


Welding a helmet is the best solution for arc eyes. Of course, a welder should always use the helmet while welding. This helps prevent any eye problems. If the welder can relate to the symptoms, they should consult an eye specialist as soon as possible.

Electric shock

Electric shock is another common problem, yet profound because it may lead to death. For example, in welding work, electric works are essential. The welding arc needs a high voltage current, and if something wrong happens, it can cause a risk of death, getting shocked.


To stay safe from electric shock, rubber-made shoes, hand gloves are very effective. The standard precaution to remain safe From electric shock also applies here. Hence, accidents can happen. If anyone gets shocked, the power supply has to switch off immediately. And if the injured one loses consciousness, take him to a hospital immediately.


Cutting is more common but can be dangerous at times. Usually, if the cut is small, it can be healed by the body’s normal functioning alone. However, if the incision is more than a few centimeters long and does not stop bleeding, it can be dangerous. There can be fatal infections here.


Usually, the cut area should be cleaned with an antiseptic first. And if the wound is small, it will heal on its own. And if the cut area is large, then sewing may be required there. But, of course, this has to be done with the help of sterilizing equipment through an experienced doctor.

Other injuries

A general injury or a heavy object injury can cause blackening or other welding damage like any factory. There is nothing to worry about as long as it is deadly. Welders take different precautions at different times to avoid such problems.


This problem can be avoided by using various safety equipment, including wearing leather clothing and helmets. But the most important thing is to be careful because if you are not careful, all these things will not help you. So, in addition to using safety equipment, you have to be careful to protect yourself from various injuries.


In the welding arc vs. sun comparison, the sun is the winner in case of brightness. How bright is a welding arc compared to the sun– that’s what we started with. But there’s a point. The sun is far away from us. In number, this is 151. 83 million km. But a welding arc is very near to a welder. That’s why the risk from welding arcs is greater than the sun.

Safety items are a must for welders; otherwise, they may cause severe damage to the eyes. I find the fact interesting how incredibly bright the welding arc is. Let us know what you think in the comment.

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