Top Rated 15 Funny Hard Hat Stickers Review In 2021

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Are you looking top-rated funny hard hat stickers for using on a hard hat or other? A good quality hard hat looks better if you use a funny sticker. A sticker can show the position of workers and employers and also more things.

In this review, I will share the top and best 15 funny hard hat sticker packs that are more durable and quality full for any purpose of using. So let’s known about the high-quality hard hat sticker packs in 2021. 

15 Funny Hard Hat Stickers In 2021

Read the best review of funny hard hat stickers for using on a hard hat or other objects.

Crude Humor Hilarious Hard Hat Prank Decal Joke Sticker [58 Pack]

Crude Humor Hilarious Decal Joke Sticker

You can buy a pack of 58 crude hilarious hard hat stickers from amazon. These stickers are great for helmets, coffee cups, laptops, windshields, bumpers or any other clean and smooth surfaces. The length and width are up to 2.5 inch that is perfect for your hard hat or helmet. However, the size might be tiny for use on car bodies. All stickers are environment-friendly as it has used eco-solvent ink for printing. Stickers have been printed with on 3M high-quality vinyl paper. Each sticker has an accurate cut which is impressive!

The price of the pack is reasonable, which includes a few free stickers with the original quantity of 58 pcs. That is a good deal! The pattern of stickers is hilarious that will bring fun vibe at the workplace. Besides, you may not find every design shown in the pack which may make you a little disappointed! These matte-finished stickers are also easy to remove and the bubble-free adhesive ensures smooth application on almost all clean surfaces.

Funny Hard Hat Sticker Skateboard Sticker Decal [35 Pack]

Funny Hard Hat Sticker Skateboard Sticker Decal

You will find this 35 hard hat sticker pack with toolbox stickers on amazon. All are made of PVC plastic and perfect for pasting on a helmet, laptop, lockers, hard hat, and toolbox, etc. The design of every sticker is hilarious and perfect for a gift. This pack comes with random designs and you may finally miss a few designs of your choice in the pack.

The size of all stickers is excellent and perfect for the toolbox, but some designs may be outsized for hard hats. Before you apply them, prepare a clean and dry surface. The manufacturer claims to waterproof, but actually it fades. Few customers review reveals that the glue is not strong enough to stick for long. The seller offers a 100% refund in case of any dissatisfaction. So, if it is your case, you may opt for a return.

Tool Box Vinyl Stickers – Stickers for Adults [20 Pack]

Tool Box Vinyl Stickers

If you want to create a kick among your teammates at the workplace, these stickers will not disappoint you. The stickers pack comes with 20 pcs of offensive funny design concepts. All designs are exclusive, including patriotic union. Also, American flag designs are most adult hilarious designs. All designs are really a good mix of messages applicable from apprentice to supervisor at Jobsite.

Stickers are printed with waterproof vinyl and claim to be anti-wrinkling, anti-shrinking and anti-stretching. But a few customers were not happy with the adhesive quality when they tried them on curved surfaces. The average size of 2” is ideal for most of the places like a hard hat, toolbox, hydro flasks, lunch box or bumper. Seller also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Funny Decals Hard Hat Stickers for Construction Workers [22 Pack] (Our Pick)

If you want to avoid adult and offensive designs for your hard hat stickers, this pack of 22 waterproof stickers will be a really nice choice for you. All designs are perfect, ellipse-shaped and look beautiful. The design contents are really restrained language. These pro-designed stickers make the perfect gift for any friends, family, coworkers who wears a hard hat.

Speaking of quality, it has very good customer ratings on Amazon. Waterproof and heavy-duty PVC stickers can handle every harsh and outdoor environment. The standard size is (2.27 inch in diameter) of all 22 stickers & makes them ideal to fit on hard hats or toolboxes. No major issues found because the glue quality is very excellent.

Mexican Vinyl Stickers for Adults [20 Pack]

If you are missing a Mexican vibe and want to show great cultural aspects of Mexico on your hard hat. This pack of 20 pcs stickers will be alternative! The design theme and messages are very well thought and includes many aspects of being a Mexican-American. The creative presentation of taco, salsa, skull, hot chilies and the green-white-red color theme of the Mexican flag are really eye-popping. Messages used in these designs stand out from others. Think of lines like “American growth with Mexican roots” and “Relax gringo, I’m legal”. They picked up contemporary issues and blended in the sticker’s design.

Most of the verified customer reviews on Amazon are positive regarding the quality. The average size is 2 inches that you can easily apply these on your hard hats, helmets, toolbox, lunch box, water bottle, etc.
These vinyl stickers are waterproof and claim to be anti-wrinkling, which makes them suitable for curved surfaces. The high-quality permanent adhesive stick holds them for years.

Crude Humor Hilarious Hard Hat Joke Sticker Funny [58 Pack]

Crude Humor Hilarious Hard Hat Joke Sticker Funny

If you are looking for hilarious hard hat stickers, then check this pack of 58 stickers! You can use them on a range of products, e.g. helmets, coffee mugs, laptops, clipboards, bumpers, pretty much on any clean and glossy surface. It includes a few extra stickers in the pack which are a bonus. These stickers have been printed with on 3M matte finish vinyl paper using exterior grade eco-solvent inks. This print material makes these ideal to endure harsh environments.

Meticulous and state-of-the-art cutting technology ensures smooth peeling from the pad. The sense of humor is intense in these designs and sure to make everyone laugh at work! You can use this on any hard hats like fiberglass hats or carbon fiber hard hats, plastic hats, etc.

GregCo Hard Hat Funny Stickers [ 50 Pack ]

GregCo Hard Hat Funny Stickers

These stickers are hilarious and some of those contain adult crude senses of humor. Few designs also include the US flag for the patriotic vibe! The size of a few stickers can be large for a hard hat or helmets. But you can use those on toolbox, laptops and any other large surface. This sticker pack will be a perfect gift for construction workers. These decals stickers have been printed with high-quality vinyl, and the seller also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not happy. The 50 stickers pack contains no duplicates in the bunch. So you get the original stickers to pack that you are seeing before buying.

Hard Hat Sticker, Tool Box Stickers [ 35 Pack]

35 hard hat sticker

The sizes of these 35 stickers are large than usual. All-round (2.5 inches diameter) and American stickers (3×1.5 inches) are suitable for the larger surface areas. The stickers are good for toolbox, laptops, clipboards, lockers & water flasks. A Few dissatisfied customers reviewed the glue is not strong enough and does not stick well on the surface. Besides, the stickers peel off quickly. But sicker designs are great for personal use or as a gift. Adult humor will lead to a light and friendly vibe among coworkers. One plus point is that these stickers are waterproof and stick for life!

Funny Sticker for Tool Box Helmet Welding Construction [ [50 Pack]

This pack of 50 pcs hard hat PVC stickers has a range of design themes including patriotic, adult, union, warning, alcohol, construction, and others. The sticker’s size range is up to 2.5 inches. All designs are unique and can fit for the fun-loving work environment. The American flag has been designed for industrial to keep laughter high among the team and lighten up the mood. These high-quality vinyl stickers are waterproof and UV resistant resulting in long life and do not fade. Good quality glue enables you to stick on a wide range of surfaces. You just need to clean the surface before sticking.

Funny Hard Hat & Helmet Stickers: 10 Decal Value Pack [10 Pack]

funny hard hat & helmet stickers

Considering the print quality, paper thickness, theme and designs this pack of 10 pcs stickers are probably the best value pack so far we reviewed. With two American flags design, these are great for the construction toolbox, hard hat, mechanic’s chest, water bottle, laptop and more. Funny messages always hit at any job site like construction, garage, etc. These are printed on 2”x3” size high quality and thick vinyl papers readable from a distance. The glue sticks stay perfect on any clean and dry surface and do not peel off. The seller also offers a money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied completely.

Laminated Vinyl Funny Hard Hat Stickers- Hilarious Joke Decal Sticker [20 Pack]

All stickers have a standard dimension of 2″ x 2″ size, these good laminated vinyl stickers are hilarious and a very good bargain. The pack contains 20pcs of stickers with no-repeat design. Meticulous cutting and very cool designs offer good value for money. These UV resistant, scratch, and waterproof stickers are durable and stick on any clean and dry surface. You can use these on a cell phone, skateboard, toolbox, hard hat, console, etc.

Extra lamination on print makes stickers waterproof and durable. Besides, funny messages make this pack design different from the previous packs we reviewed so far.

Union Tool Chest, Lunch Box Funny Stickers [19 Pack]

This highly visible 19 pcs Union themed sticker pack can be the most fun way to stand out bring humor and among the union pride members. It can also be a perfect reward for workers who want to go extra miles in their efforts. Adding these high quality and US-made stickers on the lunch pail and toolbox are the easiest and the most fun. Besides, you can create a healthy vibe and union pride in the workplace using the sticker on a hat. These stickers are UV resistant, waterproof, anti-wrinkling, anti-stretching, and anti-shrinking. The best feature is that it easy to apply on curved and cornered surfaces. Many designs stand out from the crowd and high-quality permanent acrylic adhesive. These special stickers are 15 miles thick that stay stuck for years.

Funny Stickers for Welding Construction [50 PACK]

This pack of 50pcs funny hard hat stickers offers well design that mostly used for welding, construction, military, union, oilfield, and electrician and ironworkers. Some designs contain adult humor, but most are funny or at least moderately funny. Also, this pack is a very good bargain comparing to other packs. The design theme includes patriotic union, warning, adult, alcohol, construction, and others. The good thing is there is no duplicate copy in the pack and size is up to 2.5 inches, which ensures good visibility of texts. These high-quality vinyl stickers ensure well to heat and tough working conditions. All stickers are UV resistant, anti-wrinkling and waterproof property.

Mexican American Edition Crude Humor Hilarious Decal Joke Sticker [59 Pack]

Considering the size of the hard hat, these 59pcs pack of the stickers size are not over 2.5 inches tall or wide so that these are not too big of the hat. If you are buying only for hats, know that they are also great for coffee mugs, laptops, bumpers, glasses and any other clean and dry surface. You can bring laughter at your job site using these hilarious and prank joke stickers. Printed in vivid detail using 3M vinyl paper and exterior grade inks, these are not easily faded. You will find a few pieces of extra as a bonus in the pack. These are matte finish and easily removable. Also, the bubble-free glue ensures a flat and smooth application every time. Mexican elements in the design theme made it unique from other value packs.

Funny Stickers for Construction, Electrician, Union, Oilfield, Military, Fire Crew [19 Pick]

This funny stickers are top quality stickers and 100% made of the USA using high quality 15 mils thick vinyl. It is easy to maintain becouse of its shape under physical stress. That’s why these are ideal for construction, electricians, oilfield, fire crew, garage & other tough conditions.

These different standard shaped stickers make this pack unique & exclusive. All stickers are waterproof, UV resistant, anti-wrinkling, anti-shrinking and anti- stretching. Printed with the next-generation printer. Including flawless and permanent acrylic glue that ensures remain stuck for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best funny hard hat sticker is not so tough because this is not a valuable product. You can choose a hard hat sticker pack according to your job, worker position or organization type. Amazon is the best place to purchase cheap funny hard hat stickers pack.

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