Full Brim VS Cap Hard Hat- Best Compared Information

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There are various types of hats, among them are full brim hard hat and cap hard hat are quite familiar.

Full brim vs cap hard hat

Full brim hard hat is a kind of hat that provides added protection with a brim that surrounds the entire helmet. There are various features of a full brim hat. The feature makes this style the right choice. Given below are the functionalities.

Full brim hard hat
  • Doubles as a Sun protector with360degrees protection.
  • The full brim hat protects your face, ears, neck, and shoulder from getting sunburn.
  • The full brim hat protects from falling objects overhead,
  • Non-toxic splashes, electrical shock, weather elements, and
  • Bumping into stationary objects all without hampering your view.

Full brim hard hats are high for a variety of occupations, including

  1. Construction workers,
  2. Electricians,
  3. Utility workers,
  4. Steelworkers, and
  5. Farmers,
  6. Oil and Gas,
  7. Forestry,
  8. Mining,
  9. General site workers and
  10. At-height workers.

Those people work with their life in their hands. They need the maximum safety and security.

Cap hard hat

It slightly looks like a baseball hat with a smaller brim. Cap hard hats are available in two different designs:

cap hard hat

Slotted or Non-slotted.

Slotted hard hats feature two slots just above the ear areas for accessories, which include flashlight holders, helmet-mounted hearing protection, and fold-down face shields.

Non-slotted hard hats do not have accessory slots. A characteristic feature of the non-slotted design is a rain trough. It prevents rain from running down your neck.

Safety features on a cap hard hat are quite similar to the full brim. It offers protection from falling objects overhead, non-toxic splashes, electrical shock, and weather elements. Cap hard hats are ideal for several occupations, including steelworkers, utility workers, farmers, electricians, and construction workers.

There are not many differences between the two styles. The central aspect is to protect oneself. Full brim and cap hard hat both protect from sunburn and falling object. The outlook may vary. But the choice depends on your perspective.

It’s a difficult task to choose one’s safety gear as there are various options. But one can easily select between full brim and cap hard hat according to one’s preference and keep himself safe.

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The main things to find the differences are selecting from:

  1. Suspension
  2. Accessory Slots
  3. Ventilation
  4. Headlamps
  5. Accessorize for the weather

There are three different hard hats according to the hard work. They are Class E (Electrical), Class G (General) and C (Conductive).

Class E (Electrical)

It is designed to reduce high-voltage and offers protection.

Class G (General)

This is the general hat to lessen low-voltage conductors. Protection is up to2, 200 voltages.

Class C (Conductive)

This hat does not protect against electrical conductors. It protects the head of the workers from the blows.


The choice of a sturdy hat or bump cap comes right down to the character of every individual working. The risk of the environment and the general risk of head injury are often unique. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, head and neck injuries are the most common work-related accidents. The life-threatening injuries combine the very fact head debilitating and workplace injuries. Both genuine care and rehabilitation costs and needs compensation. The scope and necessity of proper head protection become clear. So the difference between full brim vs cap hard hat is clear. But the preference must be selected according to job importance.

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