Fox V3 Helmet Review 2021 (Benefits, Features, and Price)

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You are looking for the fox v3 helmet review in 2020. If yes, you are in the right place for fox v3 review shared all about the fox v3 new helmet.

Fox V3 Helmet Review (Update In 2021)

Fox head Ins is a global company that produces action sports & industry-leading products.

Fox v3 helmet review is not only a helmet for the bikers made with dynamic design.

I think this is a high quality and heavy-duty helmet for both expert and beginner racers.

Fox v3 is the 1st helmet for two rotational management systems that excellent for professional racing and also for practice.

Besides, it has fluid inside™ and MVRS™. So all fluid inside helps to increase dissipate rotational and linear energy transmitted to the biker’s brain. As a result, this feature completely protects the biker’s brain from injury and crash.

You will find the quality sign of its brand name. The brand name or fox helmet head logo means quality and innovation.

Also, It has been made with high-quality materials that ensure head safety and quality while live racing.

Some Major Features of Fox V3 Helmet

Design: Fox v3 has been designed for professional bikers for using longer racing. The unique full face and spit protective design make Fox V3 helmet more attractive to the racing bikers.

Color Quality: The color quality is excellent than other bike helmets. It has been used matte/gloss paint that looks nice trick. Also, the combination color of black, white and red make it more professional.


Core Specification of the Fox V3 Helmet:

  • Model: Fox Racing 2021 V3 Helmet – Prey
  • Total weight of the helmet only 5 pounds which is not bad.
  • Second Generation Magnetic Visor system
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 13.5 x 11 inches

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • More Comfortable
  • CAPA Certified
  • Dirt Bike Vehicle Service
  • Ensure high safety and security
  • Dynamic design
  • Rotational management system
  • New Fluid Inside designed
  • Crash preventing system


  • Price range is very high
  • Not comfortable for regular bike users.

What is CAPA certified for the fox v3 helmet?

CPA certified means ensuring the quality of the parts bearing to use on any gears. This is one kind of quality control checking. Automotive Parts Association ensuring this quality safety test. The CPA certified parts of the gear are always high quality and good for safety and security. So all parts of the Fox V3 helmet have passed by the APA.

What is the dirt bike sing for the fox v3 helmet?

When a gear/product is designed for use on the rough terrains like unsurfaced roads or tracks and also used for scrambling. So Dirt certified means you can use this helmet on the rough and unsurfaced roads while biking.

How to clean Fox V3 Helmet?

The cleaning methods are not different from other bike helmets. But for the fox v3 helmet, you can remove the MVRS visor instantly that will reduce your washing time. Not thus, your cleaning process will very easy and faster.


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