12 Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Reviews In 2021 With Buying Guides

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Are you looking for top-rated carbon fiber hard hat for your head safety? In this review, I am going to give you a brief about Carbon Fiber Hard Hat. So that while choosing a hard hat, you will remain well-aware of every aspect of a hard hat.

Are you an associate in a construction field? What safety equipment do you use at your workstation? It is sure, your answer will go to Hard hat. A hard hat is a piece of essential safety equipment in any workstation. The best hard hat keeps your head safe from any falling object. It is the primary responsibility of a hard hat.

You will find several types of hard hats at your nearest store or in eCommerce sites. Out of them, Carbon Fiber Hard Hat is a popular one to both construction owners and associates.

Top 15 Comfortable Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Reviews


LIFT Safety DAX Fifty 50 Carbon Fiber Cap Style Hardhat

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Lightweight: Weighs only 1.75 pounds that makes it too much lightweight. So you will not feel any extra weight on your head, and no interruption will happen in your work. Thus, you can pay attention to your work with the most efficiency.

Exclusive designed: Cap-style carbon fiber hard hat’s design is very special. The elegant design provides superior impact. And confirms protection for head safety against any falling objects.

Microfiber liners: The microfiber liners are one of the best features of this hat. Also, it features a moisture-wicking foam backed microfiber liners that building up sweat. This carbon fiber hat absorbs sweat urgently to let you keep sweat-free and reduces any unwanted disturbance created by sweat.

Oversized ratcheting: Its oversized ratcheting offers to adjust the sizes. This means it is wearable in any head size. Also, you can grip this carbon fiber hard hat, even wearing gloves in your hand.

Full Brim Pyramex Hard Hat, Heptagon Carbon fiber

Full Brim Pyramex Hard Hat Buy From Amazon

ABS carbon fiber hard hat: This ultra-light carbon fiber hard hat works against any heavy object. And good enough for any head size. Soft brow pad is replaceable. Type 1 hard hat available in Class E, G, and C.

6 position harness point: How do you want to adjust the harness of this hard hat? Forward, backward, up or down? The harness of this hat offers you to customize your hard hat on your head. You can change the fit anytime to protect yourself during an emergency. It is proper for both men and women.

Unique and low profile design: Its low center-of-gravity design offers better balancing. And it improves balancing experience. it has a rear padded suspension. The sweatband is replaceable, and full brim design confirms extra protection on your neck too. 

Texas America Safety Company Actual Carbon Fiber Material Hard Hat

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Hand-made carbon fiber shell: The “Texas America Safety Company” has suggested this hat for heavy, risky environmental workers. No machine is used to make this hard hat shell. So the shell makes it unique from other hard hats. This hard hat complies with the ANSI-Z89.1-2014 guidelines, and OSHA approved Class C, Type 1.

Lightweight: Have you wear a hard hat from morning to evening? Choose this hard hat that only 17 ounces in weight. It provides comfort fitting. And  you won’t feel stressed after wearing for an extended period as it is feather-lightweight.

Full rim grip: Each side of this carbon fiber hard hat has a full rim grip to keep the hard hat’s surface clean. Also, it adds more grip, and not fall off at any given time. It is suitable for 7.0–8.0 head size.

Lift Safety DAX Fifty Carbon Fiber Full Brim Hardhat

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Selfless friend: This carbon fiber hat will take all your safety responsibility. It will also take care of your head because of its shoulder will never let your trust down. Its full brim grip and exceptional design provide top safety & security. It has additional shock-absorbing material made of Perforated Clarino Synthetic Leather. This material gives you more durable, long-lasting & comfort. Molded with EVA foam is one of the best parts of this hat.

Fancy looking and 6-point suspension system: It looks elegant. And the suspension system is better than other carbon fiber hard hat. The suspension is adjustable for any position. Also, it has a satisfactory quick-adjust ratchet that will help you fit the helmet all the time.

Comfortable fitting: This carbon fiber hard hat weight only 420g without suspension and 550g with suspension. Robust, durable, and easy fitting help you complete your work on time.

Izzo Graphics Red Carbon Fiber Pyramex Ridgeline Hard Hat

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High quality: From beginning to finish, this hard hat has passed so many quality steps as Pyramex never compromises on quality. This hat is more durable and provides support to you at your workstation.

Advanced graphics dipping process: Advanced graphics dipping process is another good feature. I personally like this because it makes exceptional in the ocean of other hard hats. It is flame treated and makes ready for paint. You need not worry about painting because PPG paints are used to confirm the superior quality.

Made of HDPE material and extra feature: To make it strong, this full brim hat is made of high-density polyethylene carbon. Besides, a replaceable soft brow pad is also available with this hard hat. So if you work at a risky place every day, you can use this.

Rainbow Carbon Fiber Design Safety Helmet: Full Brim Pyramex Hard Hat

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Easy to grasp knob: You can adjust the suspension from 6 ½ to 8 and it is movable joints. This feature permits you to wear the hat to your most relaxed position on the rear of your skull. It follows Osha ANSI Z89.1-2014 guidelines, Cert. Mod.–CAN/CSA Z94.1-15, Type 1, Class E, G, and C.

Easy adjustment: How would you love to adjust this hard helmet on your head? From front to back or in a vertical position? You are free to modify this hard hat whatever way you love.

Unique printing: It has been made with an eye-candy design & a powerful right look with a great touch of fun color. Besides, it has been used an advanced water immersion printing process that applies the design on the entire outer shell.

Wet Works Imaging Customized Pyramex Full Brim Carbon Fiber Hat

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Wet Works Imaging Customized Pyramex Carbon Fiber Hat

OSHA Approved: Ridgeline hard hat is a non-painted hat that, durable & long-lasting. This hard hat shell complies with ANSI Type 1 Class C, G & E. It also OSHA passed and comes with an adjustable swing and ratchet headgear. Pyramex Full brim hat is suitable for 6 3/4 to 8 head size.

Super Quality Control: Pyramex maintains stringent quality control guidelines that manufacturers demand. So your money will never lose.

Replaceable sweatband: Its headgear is padded with the rear section that provides a super nice touch. OH! I forget to let you know about its outstanding soft replaceable front sweatband. You can also regulate the headgear from front to back and up and down.

Wet Works Imaging Customized Candy Blue Carbon Fiber Hat

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4-Point suspension system: Wet Works Imaging hard hat has a 4-point suspension system that controls tolerable force. It will distribute the impact equally that you won’t feel anything in comfort. Also, this suspension is adjustable.

Top-notch quality: This imagines hard hat is a direct bond to plastic application meaning no chance of the print lifting off. It has also top quality sweatband that may prevent sweating all the time but not long-lasting.

Value-adding price: Wet Works Imaging offering top-quality customized hard hat at a reasonable price. This hat comes with free shipping and the peace of mind that you are getting the best hard hat out there.

Lift Safety HDFM Dax Carbon Fiber Composite Hard Hat

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Extensive ratcheting system: Its extra-large ratcheting system will help you hold the hat with proper grip. Also, if you need to extend or reduce the size, you will have less worry with this carbon fiber hard hat.

Stylish and elegant looking: Full matte black look gives this carbon hard hat a sleek and sophisticated look. Whenever you wear it, you will feel secure because of its full brim style. This hat never fall off from your head whenever you lean down to pick something.

Healthy weight: Lift Safety hard hatis only 17 ounces that make it comfortable weight. Simply wear it, tighten the ratchet, and start working. 

HDPE Hydro Dipped Black Full Brim Hardhat

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Fiberglass hard hat: If you are facing a breathability problem at your workstation, hug with this hard cap to get rid of this problem. To improve its strength & quality, the manufacture has been used HDPE fiberglass material.

Easy adjustment: Universal size makes it easy to wear in any head size. To ensure this comfortability, it is equipped with advanced Fast-Trac ratchet-style suspension. Also, you will not feel any issue while adjusting its strap that confirms hassle-free long day wear. Soft material help stop attacking any bacteria inside the hat.

Full brim style: Whether you are working in heavy sunlight or excessive rain. Its full brim will protect your eyes, face, and neck. Also, its vented feature offers excellent airflow.

TAS Actual Carbon Fiber Material Hard Hat

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Class C hard hat: TAS Actual Carbon Fiber is my best hard hat ever. Because I like this hat’s design. Besides, wherever you are working either in a high rise or in a construction site. It is a C class conductive hard helmet that will let you work confidently. Also, it offers all your safety responsibility on its shoulder.

Made of highest grade carbon fiber: From outside finish to inner side, this hat is made of the highest grade of carbon fiber material. That’s why it is very lightweight and reacts against any impact. This comfortable hard hat weight only 17 ounces.

Dynamic suspension system: Its 6-point dynamic suspension system ensures superior protection against blows coming off from an external axis. Also, it keeps head safe when your head comes in contact with bulky objects.

Full Brim Candy Blue Carbon Fiber Hat

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Confirms safety & security: You will not find any matter of dissatisfaction after purchasing this full brim carbon fiber hard hat. It assures safety and the perfect combination of exclusive performance.

Efficient enough against any hard job: This ANSI Type 1 Class C, G, and E, OSHA approved hard hat offers excellent safety in any workstation. I hope it will become your top and trustable friend. At the same time, you can work in a tough situation with no second thought.

Long-lasting service: This hard hat is surfing at Amazon with its 89%, 5-star reviews. The seller claims this hard hat will give at least 3 years of service.

What is a Carbon Fiber Hard Hat?

The name itself is giving you the definition. Hard hats that are made of Carbon Fiber are called carbon fiber hard hat. Carbon fiber is considered as the sturdiest fiber among all material available naturally. It is also well known as a graphite polymer or fiber. The thin strands of carbon that are generally thinner than hair are used to make this polymer. These lightweight polymer twists together and creates a strong bond. Using this method, carbon fibers are used with other materials like plastic in order to enhance their strength. You will be surprised when you learn that it is 5X time sturdiest than steel.

Carbon Fiber Hard Hat
Carbon fiber hard hat

Carbon fiber hard hats are less in weight but significantly strong to protect your head at your workstation. Their specialty is saving your head from high electric shock. 

Types of Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Carbon fiber hard hats are available in several forms and designs or styles. The most popular styles are half-edge and full edge hard hat. Depending on the organization, some prefer full edge; some prefer half-edge. But it is mandatory to use hard hats in any workstation where associates are working under high temperature, with heavy objects, electricity, or to name a few.

Yet, both designs are popular, but the full edge carbon fiber hard hat is the most noticeable. Because its full edge protects an associate’s head or face or neck from raindrops, moistures, specks of dust, etc. Also, it features ratchet suspension to let you adjust to your head correctly. Full edge hard hats are suitable for any head size. 

Depending on the design, the price of a carbon-fiber hard hat may vary from $100 to $150.

Importance of Carbon Fiber Hard Hats Color

Do you ever question to anyone or yourself that why hard hats are available in different colors? An organization can’t choose the color of a hard hat on its own. Every color indicates a unique meaning. Learn from below which color spreads what message

Color CodeFor Whom
GreenInspectors / Superintendents / Supervisors
YellowGeneral Associates
BrownAssociates dealing with high temperature
WhiteSite Managers

Instead of the above color code, many hard hats are also available with different stickers pasted on it. Stickers are like caution, danger, stop, or about any other important notice. Thus an associate or any new person can easily communicate during an urgency by intently keeping their eyes on the stickers. 

Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Equipment

Based on the workstation environment, below equipment can be used in a carbon fiber hard hat.

  1. Light: If an associate is working in damp weather and views are not sufficient to continue the work, a hard hat, that includes light is considerably useful. These lights are placed at the forehead of a hard hat so that associates can intently look at their frontside objects.
  2. Adjustable Chin: A chin strap is a mandatory part of any hard hat. An adjustable chin strap helps to keep the hard hat in place whatever happens. 
  3. Liners: This equipment has taken revolution to hard hat technology. Liners add additional safety when you are working in shivering weather. It is placed on a hard hat head to let you stay warm during your duty time. 

Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Company

Did you surf at online stores or your nearest market to learn about the companies who are manufacturing hard hat? I believe you will find a few companies; names are Dax, Pyramex, who is the top manufacturer in the world of carbon fiber hard hat. Below are the top hard hat company.

(1) Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Hard hats of Dax company are available with so many unique features that make them one of the top class manufacturers. All hard hats confirm ANSI-Z89.1-2014 as well as OSHA guidelines too. Dax carbon fiber hard hats are both full edge and half-edge features that are handmade. They follow 6-point suspension system, and this suspension comes with a soft pad placed on top. Generally, they manufacture Type 1, Class C, G, and E hard hats. Read why OSHA approved hard is the best?

(2) Pyramex Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Pyramex is renowned for its Cap-style and vented hard hat design that follows ANSI-Z89.1-2014, OSHA guidelines. Vented featured hard hat allows enough air to pass through the lid that will keep you fresh all day long. Their hard hats sweatbands are replaceable, washable, and easily adjustable. Many customers look for Pyramex carbon fiber hard hat because of its durability and comfort fitting. They follow the 4-point and 6-point suspension system in their hard hat.

(3) Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Grainger

Carbon fiber hard hat Grainger focuses on head safety for different constructional sites like electrical associates, roadside workers, warehouse crews, and other workers. Grainger confirms their hard hats are well-maintained with ANSI and OSHA guidelines and offers Type – 1 and Class C, G, and E hard hats.

There is no doubt that all companies produce hard hats maintaining ANSI and OSHA guidelines. I believe your confusion about is carbon fiber hard hats OSHA approved or not has already vanished.

Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Class

In terms of safety and security, carbon fiber hard hat Class plays a significant role. Already at the beginning of this article, I addressed that carbon fiber hard hats are specially designed to fight against electricity. Every class stands for a specific feature. There are 3 classes:

C – Class: C – class hard hat stands for “Conductive.” This means it is unable to fight against electricity. If you are an electrician or working in an electrical site, don’t intend to use this hard hat. It will keep your head secured from falling debris.

G -Class: G – class hard hat refers to “General Use.” Their efficiency is less against high voltage. Wearing this hard hat, you can keep yourself safe from a maximum 2,000-volt electrical shock. Be aware of the electrical voltage limit of your workstation before wearing it.

E- Class: E – class hard hat states to “Electrical.” This carbon fiber hard hat class can bear more than 15,000 volts of electrical shock. But remember, your head will be safe wearing this hard hat, not your body. So, ensure essential insulated body equipment too while working in a high voltage area.

Does Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Expire?

Like everything, carbon fiber hard hat also has a lifespan. To learn about the expiry date, you need to know when it has been manufactured.

Learning about the manufacturing date of carbon fiber hard hat

Firstly, let’s find out the manufacturing date of a carbon fiber hard hat. Flip your hard hat, check out the below brim portion. Look carefully, and you will find that few numbers are engraved that look like the below image.

Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Expire Identification


Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Expire Identification

Here, the middle number is showing the manufacturing year, and an arrow is indicating to a number that stands for the manufacturing month. So, based on the above image, this carbon fiber hard hat was manufactured in May 2013.

How Long is its Lifespan?

Now, we already learned about the manufacturing date. Based on a few standards, we can measure the lifespan of a hard hat. Standards are your workstation condition, model, and its manufacturing process.

Generally, the standard lifespan of a carbon fiber hard hat is 3 years from its manufacturing date.

But hard hats are subjected to get in touch with sunlight, rain, heat, and weight. 

It means you may not get a hard hat service for 3 years. Even you shouldn’t expect this. Because hard hat barely receives daily maintenance and care. So be aware that, if you don’t value your hard hat, it will get damaged, and you need to replace it before its expiry date. 

When to Replace a Hard Hat?

A hard hats lifespan starts from the day when it is worn. It may need replacement if you find below issues in your carbon fiber hard hat

  • The expiration date crossed.
  • Holes.
  • Scratches.
  • Crashes.
  • Splattered.
  • Use of thinners.
  • Distorted.
  • Burnt.
  • Faced extreme heat.
  • Come in contact with too much cold.

Note: The manufacturer also recommends to replace the suspension every after 12 months without delay.

Carbon Fiber Hard Hat vs. Plastic Hard Hat

Carbon fiber and plastic are 2 recognized materials for manufacturing hard hat. In this section of this article, we will flip through the difference between carbon fiber hard hat and plastic hard hat.

Carbon Fiber Hard HatPlastic Hard Hat
Carbon fiber is sturdy in stiffness.Plastics have much less toughness.
Tensile strength is exclusively high.Less tensile strength.
Carbon fiber is lightweight, rigid and strong in nature.Lightweight but not strong enough against a heavy weighted object.
Able to tolerate excessive heat.It may melt in excessively high temperatures.
Low thermal expansion.High thermal expansion.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

From the early 1960s, the manufacturer started using carbon fiber to make a hard hat. Within a short period, it has been proved as one of the best materials due to its sturdy characteristics. Let us find out the benefits of using plastic fiber hard hat.

You can’t underestimate the importance of a lightweight feature of carbon fiber. This unique feature leads to carbon fiber to reign over other materials in the safety sector. As a result, it has become the most widely used material in the safety industry.

Earlier, associates were wearing steel-based hard hats in their workstation. Steel is a dense material, and it was obstructing their daily work considerably. They were unable to complete their work on time.

After the invention of carbon fiber and when the manufacturer started producing carbon fiber-based hard hats, wearing this safety gear, associates started feeling more comfortable than before. Now, associates are not only working safely but also they are more confident and efficient in their workplace. Because they are now feeling more secure, and they are paying more attention to their work. They are completing their contract before the deadline. The benefit is finally hitting in the profit.

Yet, you may find carbon fiber hard hat a bit more expensive than other hard hats, but in terms of providing safety, carbon fiber hard hat is king. Over time, it proves it can handle any punch. It can absorb high voltage, protect against heavy rain, provide shadow while working under strong sunlight, keeping your head and neck safe from any unwanted hazards, and many more. It is not only a hard hat; it is our selfless friend who is doing everything to keep you safe and secure.

Carbon fiber hard hats are durable and long-lasting in nature. Once you start using it, you don’t need to worry about its early replacement. Carbon fiber hard hats have taken revolutionary changes in the safety gear industry.

Bottom Line

Nothing can be more important than your life. What will you do, making a lot of money if anything happens to your life because of not using safety gear in your workplace? Yes, making money is essential for better livelihood, but you mustn’t compromise regarding your safety and security in your workstation. So, when you are selecting a hard hat, undoubtedly give your vote to carbon fiber hard hat.

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