Bump Cap vs Hard Hat: Which Is Best in 2021?

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You are looking to know the best information about Bump cap vs hard hat. In this post, I will share the best differential info about what is bump cap and hard hat. You will also know the benefits of a hard hat and bump cap, where will you use it and why use, etc.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 84% of all workers suffered head injuries because of not wearing a head safety guard. Approximately 70% of injuries occur in the night shift. Most of the injuries happen in construction sides. TBI is a common cause of death in the United States, contributing to about 30% of all injury death.

Clear Concept of Bump cap vs Hard Hat

Before buying any hat to keep safe your head from any injuries, know the difference between the hard hat and the bump cap.

Everything About Bump Cap

There are many types of caps are available in the present world, but the bump cap is very cheap, lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. We often use it is in warehouses and modern food processing plants. Mostly, many workers like to wear this cap for protecting the head from the sun. Someone uses this hat for styling. But it does not allow this on any construction site in the world because it did not give heavy safety like a hard hat.

Bump Cap
Bump Cap

Most of the peoples use this cap when they are working in horizontally in any place. These caps are thinner and lighter than hard hats, so it is half the weight than the construction hat.

We use bump caps in mechanics working around and under vehicles, baggage handlers, airline workers, juice & food processing areas.

The bump cap is tiny lacerations that made of an injection-molded plastic shell. This is very easy for cleaning and customization. It is very easy to adjust and also comfortable. Some peoples also use this for sunlight protection.

Also, these types of caps follow all “Pro-Choice Safety Gear bump caps” comply with European Standard EN 8112 and also there is no Australian Standard.
Pro-choice bump caps are independently tested to verify performance levels.

Bump Cap Policy

There are lots of bump cap policy to use. But here I have shared a few points that will give you a clear concept.

  • Working Area: Use a bump cap such as an area that is designed for the bump cap. Do not use a bump cam outside of the office block or any heavy hazard working place.
  • Prepared Style: If you have a company and want to provide a cap to your employees, you should select one or two styles of the cap. Or allow the staff to their prepared style.
  • Proper Policy: Provide the proper policy to your workers, employees, visitors, and contractors from the start date.
  • Extend Trial Time: Give extra time to works to apply the bump cap policy. During this period if any workers cannot wear their bump cap properly in designated areas, re-educated them. But don’t take any formal disciplinary action.
  • Change the Policy: If you need, you can change the bump cap policy. But don’t forget to include all disciplinary clauses which important for the company.
  • Take Feedback: Take feedback from your works about the existing bump cap policy. It will help you to re-correct the existing bump cap-wearing policy properly.

Everything About Hard Hat

On the other side, we use a hard hat for safety issues in any workplace. It is made of various types of elements like metal, polymer or fiberglass, carbon fiber to save head damage. We use this where we found any life risk. This hat mostly uses in construction sides, management of the sides or any hazard workplaces.

Hard Hat
Hard Hat

It is expensive than a bump cap because of the value of the materials. The hard hat available in different colors sizes and used for different purposes.

Everyone knows that a hard hat is a safety helmet. In road construction works, building management works, flyover-over bridge works, and heavy construction works, we use this helmet to protect from high-impact debris.

A hard hat is always easy to adjust. Anyone can easily wear it. Its color shows different meanings in different workplaces. The color also shows the rank of the employer’s designation and seniority. So the hard hat provides more safety and protection than a bump cap. It has an outer shell which is very strong and hard. In the present era, we found some very special hard hats which can provide protection from electric shocks & any unwanted head injury.

In Australia, Hard hats must comply with the AS/NZS 1801 Standard and Pro-Choice Safety Gear hard hats comply with AS/NZS 1801 requirements and also independently certified. Where there is a risk of high-impact, then need to wear a hard hat.

So, it is clear to all that these both are safety equipment to protect the body from an unexpected accident in the workplace. We know from the newspaper that every year around 65,000 plus peoples need time off of work because of head injuries and also over 1,000 workers die from head injuries sustained on the job areas.

Final Words:

Lastly, we all know that both hard hat & bump cap have safety requirements which are defined by the safety standard BS EN 812:2012. So I hope you understand the difference between bump cap vs hard hat. If you know more things about bump cap & hard hat, you can comment below that I will update on this post.

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