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All-time classic movies like Raging Bull, Rocky, Million Dollar Baby have been inspiring generations of youth to kick off laziness and become a boxer or wrestler. The adrenaline rush flowing through the veins of a fighter is something you can never explain, it can only be felt… The combat sports are more of a game of strategy than a game of energy! So, be well equipped with your strategies to win the game.

On the ring, you not only fight against the opponent but also against an inevitable curse named Cauliflower ear. Be a teenager or a young adult, one suffers from insane pain due to this. A wrong hit at the wrong place is enough to take you out of the match even out of the sports too… To have the best fight on the ring, you must need the best preparation and a ‘better than the best’ protection. Be it your practice session or a title-decider on a ring, you can’t afford tension to take your focus away from the game!

Our Research team has analyzed a well-observed list of some of the best youth wrestling headgear to prevent cauliflower ear. Let this list help you to decide the shield you will put your trust in the next fight.

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1. The RDX Head Guard for Boxing


Best Youth Wrestling Headgear

RDX Head Guard is probably the smartest choice for heavyweight performances like tolerating the blows of boxing. It can also be used for multiple hardcore sports like MMA training, martial arts, kickboxing, etc.

Hard-to-tear, multi-layered leather of this Head guard ensures sustainability and long-lasting performance. The material gives reassurance of durability even after robust training sessions. Any expert will keep it in a list of best youth wrestling headgear of these days.

Tri-layered shell shock gel lining is designed to absorb the harsh shocks. This advanced defense master will spread the force reaction equally to prevent you from going off-guard. Tri-slab spongy Jumbolon ear pads will neutralize the fatal blows to ears and head.

Removable Face Grill makes it a popular choice as one of the best wrestling headgears for youth. Made of lightweight polymer (PVC), it protects the face from nasty cuts and nose breaking blows. This ensures the maximum visibility option to the eyes to make you feel more confident during training sessions. Quick EZ Hook-and-loop strap brings extra flexibility to head movement which is uncommon for a robust Head Guard like this. Now it is a matter of moment to put on or put off the face grill.

What We Liked about RDX Head Guard

  • Ideal safeguard against brain injuries
  • Long-lasting usability
  • Comfortable to use
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Providing maximum visibility
  • Optimum flexibility of head movement

What Needs to Improve

  • Complicated outlook
  • Funky design

Compressed EVA-Lution sheet determines the dedication of this head guard for tough training sessions. This sheet gives the extra power to bear the brutal jabs and punches. Overall, RDX Head Guard is one among those most powerful protectors created to handle the heavyweight pressure.

2.The Cliff Keen Wrestling-Protective-Headgear


Cliff Keen Wrestling-Protective-Headgear

Cliff Keen Wrestling-Protective-Headgear is a popular name on all lists of America’s best youth wrestling headgear! Patented technology of ‘air ventilation system’ has made it a sought after headgear worldwide. This tech removes the fuzziness created by the stuck air in the ears. Wrestlers get an advantage of 80% increased audibility due to these air-pores.

A simple 4-strap easily adjustable mechanism keeps it simple to use. On-the-fly is a unique power tapping system to open and set the headgear in no time. The material of this headgear is extremely light yet durable which makes it 43% lighter than the usual ones. The lighter the headgear, the more is the flexibility for the wrestler. Easy carry-ability to anywhere makes it a popular choice among teens and youths.

Deep-cut ear pads give a unique soft-feeling on the ears and it also muffles the impact of force in many times. Hardshell around the ear pads provides strong protection from injuries. The extra softness of the foam-pads and the firm structure make it an ideal combo.

What We Liked about Cliff Keen Wrestling Headgear

  • Unique air ventilation system
  • Compactly built and long-lasting
  • Smooth hearing experience
  • Personalized colors for headgears
  • Comparatively lighter than traditional headgears
  • Easy strapping system

What Needs to Improve

  • Not so good quality of strap button
  • Nonrefundable

You can now choose your headgear color from a range of more than forty colors. You can even have a personalized collection of multiple colors of headgears for different occasions. There is also a chance of creating a three colored custom headgear from a range of unique colors like Maroon, Translucent, Purple, Vegas gold and the list goes on.

3. The Cliff Keen E58 Headgear


Cliff Keen E58 Headgear

Want to relive the classic days of wrestling and boxing? This Cliff Keen E58 Headgear is exactly the thing you are looking for. The inspiration of 5*1*1 dimension is none other than the classic E41 Cliff Keen, the best –selling headguard of half a century ago!

E58 Headgear is the successor of its revolutionary forefather in performance too! It has maintained the same pattern and style. The usual straps color of E58 signature headgear is White but other colors are also available. Even the foam used in this E58 Headgear is the same type used in E41 Head Gear. A seven-inch width length will fit most of the facial structures.

This vintage headgear is well equipped with modern facilities. Straps are easily adjustable. Strong-built straps will let you go for rough training. If you feel bored by wearing it continuously on your neck, there is an alternate option for you. You will have an extra button-up chin strap along with this headgear for free. Don’t worry about your size as different sizes are available.

What We Liked about Cliff Keen E58

  • Classic outlook
  • Quite affordable compared to the longevity
  • Available alternate strap choices
  • Easy and simple cleaning procedure
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Straps leaving no marks on skin

What Needs to Improve

  • Might look old fashioned
  • Too simple outlook

It will be a classic starter for a beginner of Martial Arts or Jiu Jitsu. A sweaty person can wash E58 headgear everyday after use. Hygiene maintenance can prevent unwanted germ infection.

4. The Cliff Keen K5 Tornado Headgear


Youth Wrestling Headgear

Cliff Keen K5 Tornado is an everyday name on the lists of best youth wrestling headgear of America. The suitable choice for young wrestlers as Youth Tornado fits heads of 18-21″ circumference. It is a one-size-fits-for-all headgear that one can easily adjust by pulling the straps!

A simple four-strap design is easy to change and easy to use. The setup time is quicker than ever with the adjustable on-the-fly system of this tornado K5 headguard. This headgear material is extremely light but robust and 43% lighter than normal. The better the headgear, the greater will be the wrestler’s versatility. Teens and young people prefer K5 more for its easy transportability.

Most unique patented air- vent hole system makes it one of the best youth wrestler headgears. It helps to remove the trapped air of the ears and keeps the wrestler focused. Well-designed air holes increase the audibility range of the wrestlers and boxers up to 80% than other traditional headgears.

What We Liked about Cliff Keen K5 Tornado

  • Special air ventilation system
  • Sustainability of hard training sessions
  • Clear cut hearing experience
  • Customize colors for headgears
  • Light-weight than traditional headgears
  • Adjustable strap procedure

What Needs to Improve

  • Not so easy to adjust

Deep-cut ear-pads give ears a special soft-feel and sometimes disperse the impact of power. Strong shell-insulation around the ear-pads provides good injury protection. It is a perfect duo of softness with foam-pads and firmness with structure.

5. The MMG Motorcycle Open Face Helmet


MMG Model 20 Motorcycle Open Face Helmet DOT Street Legal

On the bar of affordability and style, very few helmets could beat MMG open face helmet. A modern aerodynamic design with lightweight is a treat to everyday riders! Department of Transportation (DOT) of USA ensures the safety standard of this helmet.

You can easily choose your fit-size from the available 5 different sizes. The comfortable inner pads will never let you feel the heaviness of the helmet. These removable cheek pads are washable so no need to worry if you sweat a lot! The non-existence feeling of this helmet will make the ride comfortable and cheerful. A lighter and long-time bearable helmet on your shoulder will make your long journeys peaceful.

The transparent windshield gives a clear vision for a thrill ride. The wider windshield lets the biker have a maximum angular view. Even a single scratch on the helmet glass makes the ride irritating. The anti-scratch technology of this helmet will keep you carefree about scratches.

What We Liked about MMG Open Face Helmet

  • Comfortable to use
  • Unisex option
  • No fogging on windshield
  • Affordability in a stylish price
  • Cool and stylish outlook

What Needs to Improve

  • Less color options

A brand new bag with tags and stylish stickers makes this helmet a grand offer. Clear bag is also provided for back up. The windshield is also spacious enough not to suffocate you. The air ventilation is also quite impressive.

6. The ASICS Conquest Ear Guard


Youth Wrestling Headgear

You are not a show-off kind guy. You just simply want a headgear that will perform well enough without much hype! It is the exact headgear for you. Simple profile design but strong enough to bring the desired result. An imported ear guard specially designed for the youth wrestlers.

The moderate dimension of 7 x 6.2 x 3 inches will exactly suit your face. It is one of the best youth wrestling headgear available at a moderate price. A neck strap lover will love it for the unique design. The most common color is black but you can also customize your color from five more different colors.


ASICS Conquest ear guard is a feeling of weightlessness on your ear! The injection-molded LDPE makes it hard enough to crack. The EVA ear pads provide the softness to the ears. Forget about your ear protection and focus completely on your game. The anti-microbial technology keeps you safe from germs and bacteria. You can wash this poly-made ear guard every day.

What We Liked about Unique outcomes of ASICS Conquest Ear Guard

  • A one-snap get-on/get-off ear guard
  • Great quality in an affordable price
  • A pro-quality for moderate training
  • Rare to slip off head
  • Preferable for light-weight exercises

What Needs to Improve

  • No extra chin strap

Opinions of male and female athletes inspire to mold the smooth design for performers. This Japanese product itself is an example of innovative products based on research.

7. ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard


ASICS Unisex Gel Wrestling Ear Guard

Do you plan to buy same headgears for your son and daughter? ASICS unisex Gel wrestling ear guard is the right thing for you! A unisex youth wrestling headgear with variety of color choices will make your task easier. Moreover, Japanese technology ensures the high quality of this headgear.

A perfect dimension of 7 x 7 x 1.4 inches will suit any type of face. Easily adjustable straps make the training smooth, especially for girls with long hair. The extra bit of vertical length is an advantage for boys and girls with a tall face. A smooth air ventilation system on ear-pads will prevent you to feel fuzzy.

The extra cushioning of the ear pads makes it one of the most desired headgears on the market. You see, not many imported products can achieve the US patent! The GEL technology system installed in the ear pads will caress your ears softly. Air pores will ensure clear hearing so that you don’t miss any signal.

What We Liked about ASICS Unisex Gel Ear Guard

  • Easy Velcro adjusting and taking off
  • High quality in affordable price
  • Satisfied performance
  • Stay fit without slipping off head
  • Good pair for the beginners

What Needs to Improve

  • Less color options to choose from

Dedicated scientific research balancing safety and comfort makes it an ultimate choice for kids and teens. Users’ satisfaction and high performance have made it one of the best youth wrestling headgear of this time.

8. The ASICS Aggressor Ear Guard


ASICS Aggressor Ear Guard

Want to go for aggressive training but not willing to wear tight fit headgears? This ASICS aggressor ear guard is the absolute solution for you! An impact resistance technology ensures aggressive trainings for teens. Extremely lightweight to let you focus on game without distraction from heavy headgear.

Polypropylene injection molded shell is a special feature that makes this headgear unique. This polypropylene shell controls the force resistance for aggressive training sessions. Choose your favorite color-combinations from many of the available choices to match your style with strength.

Exclusive GEL cushioning system will provide solid comfort for ears. The EVA guard technology ensures the safeguard of the ears. This extremely light headgear will help you to stay relax on the game. The dimension of 11.3 x 4.9 x 0.1 inches will be a privilege for head movements. Well-connected straps maintain extra firmness of the ear guard.

The black-only straps bring a stylish outlook to the ear guards. Thicker straps and larger ear guards compared to other models ensure the longevity of this ear guard.

What We Liked about Impressive factors:

  • Suitable as uniform
  • Great option for high school teens
  • Fit to take moderate training load
  • Thicker straps for strong-hold
  • Well-padded and smooth air ventilation

What Needs to Improve

  • Might not fit middle-aged adults

The youth-focused size makes it a suitable choice for both middle school and high school tournaments. Easily customizable to make it a team uniform for clubs.

9. Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear for Wrestling


Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear for Wrestling

Let the headgear take the hassle, you focus on your game! The most dependable headgear you can put your trust now is Adapt Athletics Enhanced Headgear. Built for intense exercises, you can use it for intense workout sports like Wrestling, BJJ, MMA practice etc. Mainly produced for adults it can fit the majority of young people.

This athletics headgear is highly effective to prevent Cauliflower Ear. EVA ear guards of this headgear can endure the toughest blows smoothly. Stability and comfort are the reasons this headgear has worldwide popularity. Always ready to take the hardcore load of training sessions.

Extra-large vent holes will assure the airflow in your ears. New design confirms advanced technology to fine-tune the straps with your face. Days of guesswork and adjustment are over! The ultra-soft ear covers will make you feel super comfortable. The antimicrobial facility will prevent germ and bacterial infections.

What We Liked about Adapt Athletics Headgear

  • Ability to take intense workload
  • Ensure high level safety for ears
  • Durable for the long run
  • Strong straps and buckles
  • Fine air ventilation
  • Multi-sports expert

What Needs to Improve

  • Not suitable for young beginners

Added foam padding diminishes uneasiness and pressure from chinstrap and Velcro. Triple stitched chinstrap assures your headgear will stand the test of time. Name any combat-sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo etc, we have your ears and head protected! At present, this gearhead is the best youth wrestling headgear possible in this price range.

10. The ASICS Old School Headgear Headband


ASICS Old School Headgear Headband

If an old-school look with some modern amenities is your preference, this ASICS old school headgear headba8nd is the precise one you can go for! A good choice of 100% polyester-made imported headgear for your day to daylight training session. Simplicity makes it a good choice for unisex youth wrestlers.

A dimension of 8 x 7.5 x 2 inches allows teen boys and girls to choose it. Now with an enhanced system, you can easily adjust the straps. The new style is dedicated to the smooth performance of Velcro adjustment. Easy one-tap pull-off system makes it better for everyday quick sessions.

The Hole-pattern of the lightweight shell increases sound clarity. GEL cushioning system promises the comfort of ear pads. The ear pad holes will ensure proper air circulation. It assures clear hearing so that you don’t miss any signal.

What We Liked about ASICS Old School Headgear

  • A nice option for high school teens
  • Better to take moderate training load
  • A simple mechanism to use
  • Comfortable ear pads in such price
  • Better quality at this price

 What Needs to Improve

  • Not built for professional performance

The new design gives you room to adjust your set up without removing your headgear. With the affordable price range, it could be the ideal choice for middle-income level families. The simplicity of the style has made it a headband for fashion and style too!

Factors to Consider – Before you Buy the Best Youth wrestling Ear Guards

The most important reason to buy a headgear is to have perfect protection for the ears. Any bad hit on the delicate tissues of the ears can result in a ‘Cauliflower Ear’. This painful event will turn your whole sports experience into a bad memory of pain and suffering. Damaged ear tissues might also make you suffer in the long run. So, you must look for the pitch-perfect protection for your ears while searching for headgears.

Here go some thoughtful criteria which you must consider before buying a premium-quality wrestling headgear!


There are mainly two types of Headgear shells.

Hard Shells are made of strong plastic material covering the comfortable foams of ear pads. These are mainly designed and built for professional wrestling or boxing people. Modern technology has made it easier to create surprisingly lighter shells with stronger components. If you want to undergo heavy training sessions of taking tons of blows on the face, hard shell wrestling headgear is a wise choice.

On the other hand, soft shells are comparatively lighter and most of the time, hand-made flexible shells. These are specially designed for kids and teens playing light wrestling and less intense combat sports. Don’t get worried, soft shells are hard enough to protect from moderate hits or blows.

Depending on your purpose and age factor, you can choose either hard or soft shell. Price varies according to the quality and popularity.


Though the name is headgear, mainly it is a cup-shaped shell that covers both of the ears from external hits or damages.

Several modern ear guard technologies are providing good quality fiber or hydro carbonate plastic as the cover shell of the headgear. They are durable and longer-lasting for hard training sessions.

The comfortable cushioning system is an added advantage you might go for if you love to feel softer and safer inside the shell.

Almost all types of ear guards concentrate on protective measures. So, the choice depends on your workload and the comfort you feel with a headgear.


Modern headgears are highly adjustable thanks to the tricks of technology. Different headgears have different adjustment options, but almost all maintain similar patterns and are quite easy to set them up.

Fly adjustment is crucial regarding the instant taking off taking on issues on tournaments. The velcro and straps are nowadays more advanced and smooth performers.

To accommodate larger heads and faces, look for headgears that provide an extra amount of strap materials. If fly adjustments (velcro) break too often in your hand, try to look for the hard and strong fly adjustment keys.


It is important to make sure the headgear properly fits on your head. Headguards are specifically designed by keeping in mind the circumference of head and face proportions.

In MMA/ wrestling matches there will be lots of impact and friction pressure against the headgear and straps. Headgear coming off by blocking your view or slipping away from straps is an experience you’ll want to avoid.

So, one of the most important tasks of buying headgear is the fit-setting of your headgear on your head and face.

Various sizes are available for young teens and young adults. Many of the headgears have sizes fit for all (especially young adults). For teenagers and soft-core trainers, there are other categories. So, notice the dimension of the wrestling headgear and take accurate measurement of your head with proper scrutiny and observation.


Balance is a crucial factor of MMA/BJJ/ wrestling/Boxing types of combat sports. Sometimes it acts as the determinant of win or lose.

To be on constant vigilance one must need a right balance in breathability, air ventilation, protection and accurate visibility range.

Headgears with enough air vent holes on the ear pads will allow you to stay active and focused instead of feeling dizzy. Eye-range must not get blocked by the slipped off earguard.


The material of the headgear plays a crucial role. If you have to train daily, you will need washable headgears so that you can use them repeatedly. Ear guards with Antimicrobial facility will secure you from the attack of germs and bacteria.

For smooth performance some prefer lightweight headgears. Again a better quality head guard will ensure the shock absorption capability. For longer performance, keep the durability and stability of the straps and ear pad material on mind. A well-built headgear will reduce half of the tension of your mind about protection and you can focus on game effectively.


Last but not least, be cautious about all the little yet significant factors of headgears like the fly adjustment key, straps, the strength of the joints, the strain-stress capability of the ear guard. Failure of any of the small factors can cost you a significant win or trophy. So never take it for granted and always pick the suitable one appropriate for your task. Never compromise the quality with the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What should one consider before buying headgear for a kid or high school teens?

Ans. For a kid or teenager participating in a school tournament or match, headgears with moderate level of protection and proper air ventilation is recommended. The most important factor one should consider is the fitness of the ear-guard on the head of the wearer. Thus, has to be noted that the headgear is not loosely fitted such that it might slip off during fights. Comfort is another important factor to bring more concentration in the game. Kids should not feel dizzy in their head by the stuck heat on ears. So, the proper method of air circulation is a necessity.

Question: Is headgear mandatory for MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Wrestling and other combat sports?

Ans. You ultimately have the choice to decide whether or not to wear headgear during training or competing. But headgear is a necessity for the sparring sessions of beginners. Otherwise, there will be a huge risk of exposing one to a bad strike that can cause severe ear or brain damage. There is no official strictness of wearing head guards. If someone wears it he/she must inform the authority before the competition or match.

Question: What is the better strap choice? Neck or chin strap?

Ans. The choice of straps varies from person to person. Different types of straps are available. Usually all of the headgears come with neck-straps. 2 or 4 straps around the head are found to hold the ear pads properly on their places. Occasionally an extra strap under the chin is available in many of the head guards for both teens and adult professionals. Practice with both of them. Let your head and face decide what to choose.

Question: What is better to wear during hard training sessions?

Ans. Many people are reluctant to wear headgear during practice sessions. But, it is rather practice sessions that need extra precautions. Professionals need to wear headgears to protect their ears from sudden misjudged hit by practice mate. School-level teens and kids also should ensure safety by wearing an ear guard.

Intense training session needs everyday continuous performance. So, keep in mind something washable and everyday usable with durability will be perfect as a headgear. Un-washable headgears will turn dirty and unhygienic within short days of use. So, head guards of practice sessions don’t necessarily need to be high-priced but well-built and regular use standards.

Question: Do you need headguard for normal sparring sessions?

Ans. Headgear isn’t always mandatory for a light level of sparring sessions. Especially if you and your partner are just focusing on the basics and both are calculative and alert. Boxing headgear is essential when your sparring partners don’t know how to hold back, or when they lack self-control. If someone wants to be over-protective, some regular and moderate levels of hand-made softer headgears are sufficient enough to do the job.

Question: What is best for the professional tournaments?

Ans. For professional level of fights like, MMA, BJJ, Boxing or Wrestling one needs to be attentive about his protection. A strong blow might result in cauliflower ear to make him suffer for a long time. So, it is highly recommended to buy any of the better quality wrestling headgears.

Thoughts of the Final Hour

Since almost forever, we’ve been hearing “prevention is better than cure”. Well, the sayings didn’t lie…

In a head to head fight, it is not impossible to hurt the opponent, even if unintentional. So better you take the protective measures, rather than repent for some silly mistakes. You might find many options of ear guards but always go for the one that provides the best quality in its price range!

All those perplexions are the guilt pleasure that took this ___ Research Team – days of extensive research, to sort out – the ten best youth headgears for wresting. Oh yes, do keep on mind about the use of modern technology and endurance for heavy-weight performances!

Here’s to your next safer and successful ring box experience!

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