Guide to Best Muay Thai Headgear of 2022

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Muay Thai–also commonly known as Thai boxing–is a form of martial art that is extremely famous these days. With time, it has spread into the Western countries, meaning that the audience and athlete pool have only grown over time. Recently, Muay Thai has also been acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, causing its popularity to only heighten!

Like most competitive combat sport, Muay Thai also includes several kicks, punches, and blows which can be damaging to the player’s health. Hence, athletes are required to wear headgear and other necessary protective equipment.

If you are looking for the best Muay Thai headgear, you have reached your destination! We have several amazing choices to offer!

Reviewing The Top Six Best Muay Thai Headgear


1. RDX Headgear with Removable Face Grill

Best Muay Thai Headgear

For years, this RDX headgear has managed to raid the market due to its praiseworthy build. Layers of protection are engineered into one headgear to provide comfort for all.

Starting from the exterior, you will be quick to notice the Maya hide leather, which manages to be resistant to tears, splits, and scratches. As it does not fray, the headgear is likely to be intact for several years.

Right under the leather layer, you will stumble upon the EVA-Lution foam that has outstanding shock absorbency. It decreases the force of punches and kicks, making sure that you do not suffer from bruises. A calibrated impact diffusion sheet with gel-in lining, compressed EVA-LUTION sheet and Sponge X layer are also provided to tone down all the aimed impact.

As all these protective blankets join together to work for the same cause of protecting you so, no time needs to be spent worrying about safety!

  • Sweat absorbency increases the comfort of usage.
  • Velcro lace-up system can be easily adjusted per requirements.
  • Provides an outstanding fit that does not slip off or move around.
  • Attaching the grill will decrease your line of vision.
Solution: Remove the face grill during matches.

2. Contender Fight Sports Competition Head Protection Headgear

Sparring Head Protection Headgear

Although the Contender Fight Sports Headgear has big dimensions, it only offers a small weight on the wearer’s shoulders. Users, including myself, cannot help but rave about the superior quality feel and comfort that this head protection equipment holds.

The outer layer is woven out of flexible leather that has amazing strength. Despite the application of a large amount of force, the headgear will be kept away from tears and splits.

Right underneath this, you will find a synthetic lining consisting of polyester. When a large impact is aimed, this layer manages to absorb the energy and spread it out before transferring some to the head. Wearers suffer from less damage as pressure is not concentrated in one spot.

To provide further cushioning and safety for the wearer’s face, the Contender Fight Sports Headgear comes with extra padding for the cheeks. Wearers are left absolutely secure but many do not like this as it slightly lessens your vision.

  • The lace-up strapping method lets you tightly adjust it into position.
  • A cloth-made interior prevents the helmet from slipping off.
  • All the materials make the helmet long-lasting.
  • Does not provide protection for the nose.

3. RDX Headgear Maya Hide Leather, Black

Boxing Headgear Sparring Grappling

Similar to the first RDX headgear mentioned on our list, this one also comes layered with Maya hide which is known for having an exquisite feel. Besides the amazing experience, it also brings commendable tensile strength that remains undefeated. The headgear can hence be used for many years without it suffering from gashes, cuts, or tears.

EVA cushioning is present throughout the headgear’s entire body so that any force received is dissipated successfully. A unique feature includes the JUMBOLON impact cushioning that assists in further decreasing the force that reaches the wearer’s head.

One of my most favorite features though is the easy adjustability. A quick EZ hook-and-loop closure system allows you to put it on your head within seconds. You can then attach the chin strap to make sure it does not move around and cause issues during matches. Removal is also easy and takes only a few seconds to accomplish.

  • Foam interiors cushion the head comfortably.
  • Weight is distributed around the entire head to prevent aches on any specific parts.
  • Perfect airflow is maintained due to the helmet’s design.
  • Chin straps are too short, so adjustments cannot always be made.
Solution: Add a small piece for an extension.

4. Elite Sports Best Celestial Head Guard

Elite Sports Best Celestial Head Guard

All thanks to its majestic design, the Elite Sports Best Celestial Head Guard is my most favorite on the entire list. With its assistance, you can win any match in style. Several features are also installed that enable user-friendliness like none other!

To start with, a triple-layered protection is served which works diligently to keep you out of harm’s way. They manage to absorb a lot of the shock, in turn minimizing the risks of many injuries. An ergonomic design is also provided so that back pain or neck pains are not inherited from regular usage.

Wearers of the Elite Sports Best Celestial Head Guard do not have to stress about hurting their head, ears, cheek, or chin. However, unlike the cheek paddings of most other headgears, these are specially designed to make sure your view remains intact. Adjustment is also relatively easy, thanks to the fastening belts available at the back and the Velcro straps present underneath the chin.

  • A 180 degree end-to-end field view is provided so that blows can be avoided.
  • An extremely strong PU leather surface helps in staying away from tears.
  • One size fits all feature removes the hassle of finding the right size.
  • Might be hard to wear for people with unique head shapes.

5. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

By carrying a sleek color combination of black and white, the Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear manages to grab the hearts of many. Wearers of this head guard are immediately made to look bigger in front of opponents. However, this does not come at the cost of being heavy; in fact, users have praised it for being “ultra lightweight”!

A faux leather exterior gives off an overall sense of luxury from the headgear. As this skin tex leather material requires very little care, athletes do not have to worry about maintenance at all.

Beneath the outer material, you will find a triple density contoured foam that works hard to absorb as much of the energy possible from impacts. The force that is passed onwards is also expanded to cover a larger section so that less pressure is exerted.

When the Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear is worn, you do not have to worry the slightest about your vision. The eye port is large enough for you to immediately notice any attacks made towards you.

  • Velcro straps offer a very snug fit.
  • Mesh interiors do a good job at absorbing sweat and airflow keeps it free of odor.
  • Ears are kept intact because of a raised ring.
  • As one size is meant to fit all, the Velcro straps require a lot of adjustment.

6. Winning Headgear Fg2900

Winning Headgear Fg2900

A small weight of 9.5 ounces makes the Japanese Winning Headgear Fg2900 extremely desirable. Upon receiving this, people have gushed about getting exactly what they paid for because of the incredible quality and comfort.

Unlike the others on the list, this headgear consists of a lace-up strapping system which allows it to be adjusted according to head sizes and shape. You can also choose between the colors black, red, blue, golden and green.

A leather exterior covers the foamy interiors which are capable of absorbing shock. The paddings around the head are also extended out towards the cheek, meaning you can receive maximum facial protection.

Vision and ventilation are fully granted by the Winning Headgear Fg2900. An open port present towards the front allows you to breathe and see comfortably. Sweating is also cut down – all thanks to the open upper and lower portions that support full airflow.

  • Twice the thickness of other headgears is provided.
  • Lightweight in comparison to all its counterparts.
  • Wearers will not sweat due to the presence of several openings.
  • Does not have any padding to safe-keep your chin.
Solution: Wear a chin guard along with the headgear.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Headgear for Muay Thai

Best Muay Thai Headgear

Prior to spending your money on a headgear, you need to sort out all the key features. Our buying guide will let you be acquainted with all the things that need to be checked in advance. Here are all the factors that require some contemplation:


A headgear’s size is going to affect your user experience gravely. Anything that is too tight will only bring you headache and pain whereas anything that is too loose will slip off upon facing impact.

So, before you head out shopping for headgear, take a measuring tape and figure out a value for the circumference of your head. Make sure to grab the largest value by leveling it around the circumference and find the compatible size by looking into this chart:

SizeHead SizeFitted Hat Size
Youth Small20 – 1/8 inches – 20 – 7/8 inches6 – 3/8 inches – 6 – 5/8 inches
Youth Large20 – 7/8 inches – 21 – 5/8 inches6 – 5/8 inches – 6 – 7/8 inches
Small21 inches – 22 inches6 – ¾ inches – 7 – ¼ inches
Medium22 inches – 23 – ½ inches7 – ¼ inches – 7 – 5/8 inches
Large23 – ½ inches – 25 inches7 – 5/8 inches – 8 inches
X Large25 inches – 26 inches8 inches – 9 inches

Some brands will have personalized size charts that you can look into before purchasing from them.


In recent years, headgears have evolved to provide padding in several areas of the face. Some will cover the back and side of your head only, while others will also provide secure paddings for the ear, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Hence, types of headgear are now available depending on the coverage that they provide.

Full face headgear–according to its name–offers full coverage for the head. Eye ports will be available but you should expect decreased vision. It is also very likely to be heavy.

On the other hand, open face headgears are lightweight and have a very good ventilation system. Facial protection is reduced as the cheeks and nose lack paddings.


Not all headgears can be legally worn during your Muay Thai competitions. So, you need to look for certification to ensure that it is the right option for you. Something that is not certified can harm you, disqualify you in a match, or prevent you from wearing it altogether. It is bound to be an unnecessary waste of money.


Proper peripheral vision is required to successfully avoid all the blows being aimed at you. That way, you can pocket higher scores and gain the trophy of every Muay Thai competition you partake in.

Open face headgears usually offer a huge eye port. Paddings are unlikely to hinder your vision in the slightest, making them outstanding picks.

In contrast, full face headgears might come with face grills and cheeks pads that lower your visible range. These can end up earning you a few extra punches during some matches.


One should look for a piece of headgear that has big dimensions. That way, your Muay Thai opponent will be presented with a bigger target to tackle with. Nevertheless, remember that a big headgear does not always equal to a weighty one. You can find countless lightweight options which are much more comfortable to wear since they do not bring along neck or back pain.

Quality and Durability

Both quality and durability come hand in hand with your choice of material. Combinations of Velcro and hard plastic are usually the best option since they provide a tough structure that does not get damaged even after the application of impact. Flexible leather exteriors are also very supportive since they do not tear easily.


When it comes to a headgear’s strapping, people are presented with Velcro and lace-up options. Both are amazing and will suit people depending on preference.

Velcro straps are undoubtedly the quickest strapping option. Wearers will not require anyone’s helping hand and can fixate it or remove it within seconds. As the material is good, you also do not have to worry about it fraying due to constant usage.

Lace-up straps are a go-to option for anyone whose head shape is unique. It encourages adjustability so it can be made tighter in some places and loosened in others for a better grip. Doing this ends up taking time in most situations, but the result is totally worth it! The headgear will be fixated onto position and you will not have to worry about it slipping off or covering your eyes.


As combat sports tend to exhaust all players, they sweat heavily during the game. A good airflow needs to be maintained to avoid sweat trickling down your face continuously. Breathable or sweat-absorbing materials are also appreciated since they tone down any poor odor. Once athletes have notched down discomforting factors, they will be able to concentrate on their Muay Thai match properly and grab some wins.


Although price tags are not a feature of the headgear, they definitely do play a big role in determining our choices. Expensive headgears come with the promise of being durable and long-lasting while also carrying the names of trustworthy brands. Many times, additional features will also be granted to amplify user-friendliness.

Low-cost headgears are also exceptional choices. They will protect you from high-impact forces and keep you feeling secure within their protective coating. The only problem that you might face is slight discomfort every now and then due to ventilation or weight.

What Difference Does Wearing a Headgear Make?

Wearing headgear during your Muay Thai sparring sessions will keep you shielded from several types of injuries. To begin with, black eyes, broken noses, and cuts on the face are decreased.

As one suffers from fewer injuries, they do not need to spend time letting wounds rest. More attention and hours can hence, be dedicated to matches and practice sessions. You also do not have to worry about going to the hospital and getting treatments that cost a ton.

Head injuries or brain injuries during wrestling can often be linked to Sports Related Concussions. Although headgears do not prevent SRC from occurring, they manage to keep you away from headbutts or head collisions, which are considered being the root of most severe concussions. This means that risks of getting TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) are reduced.

Headgears also minimize the amount of force or pressure being aimed at your ears by absorbing some of the shock waves. This means that proper blood flow is maintained and players are less likely to get auricular hematomas. Cauliflower ears, draining procedures, and otoplasty surgeries can, therefore, be kept at a bay.

Professionals and trainers have also pointed out that headgears make a huge difference in the wearer’s sense of confidence and security. Since they are less likely to get fatal medical conditions, players do not shy away from being brutal and aggressive. Matches are made more competitive and entertaining for all parties.

Frequency Asking Questions

Does amateur Muay Thai use headgear?

No, amateur Muay Thai does not require headgear. The rules of matches, including non-professionals usually differ so they are often asked not to put on too much PPE. Usually, knee and elbow pads are the only protective gear that they are permitted to sport.

What is a Muay Thai Headband?

The Muay Thai headband is more commonly known as Mongkon (มงคล). It is meant to signify an athlete’s knowledge regarding the Thai boxing sport and is usually presented by the trainer. A fighter wearing the Mongkon is always termed as an experienced one. Many will consider it to be something equivalent to a black belt.

What is illegal in Muay Thai?

In Muay Thai, athletes are not allowed to aim blows at their opponent’s spine, groin, or knee. Anyone who does so can face a penalty. Besides this, one cannot use their elbows to spike an opponent.


Were you looking for the best Muay Thai headgear?

If yes, by now our article must have assisted you in seeking several excellent picks!

Before you select any of the products for yourself, go through the buying guide once to figure out the necessary requirements. That way, you can easily find a head safety gear that ticks all the right boxes. Remember to check the pros and cons to get a brief view of what the product brings to the table.

With all the necessary things being said, the time has come to bid you goodbye. Wear your headgear to safely enjoy Muay Thai!

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