Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 300 Bucks Right Now!

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One area that needs your most attention when it’s about motorcycle riding is the head protection matter. You cannot skip being a little extra conscious when purchasing a helmet, as it’s in charge of protecting the most important part of your body, the brain!

And so, not just any but the helmet that gives you the right amount of protection, style, fit, and comfort for your particular riding needs, is the goal. To help you achieve that goal, a bit easier, we’ll be sharing the 7 best motorcycle helmets under 300 bucks with complete reviews on each.

A handy buyers’ guide where we discuss important purchase-making information, will also come along. So, make sure you stick to the end!

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Chapter 1 – Reviewing 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 300 Bucks

Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 300

Not just their names, but also a complete breakdown of why or not each of these might be the perfect motorcycle helmet that you are looking for under 300 dollars budget limit. Let’s find out.

1. O’Neal SPYDE 2SERIES Helmet– Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 200 Dollars for UTV

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 200

Highlighted Specs

  • Crafted with solid ABS shell.
  • Certified by DOT & ECE safety standards.
  • Includes rubber roast nose guard.
  • Contains detachable & adjustable liners.
  • Compatible with off-road & street bikes.

Our Analysis

Made for men and women, the O’Neal SPYDE 2Series is one of the best full face motorcycle helmet at $200. In fact, it is suitable for all types of bikes, including UTV.

It would be unfair to not praise its interior structure that suits most head shapes. Also, this never gives neck fatigue.

However, it doesn’t really keep the head cool if worn for a long time. But for average use, this could be a go-to option. With a face shield, cushioned inner, cheek pad, liner, D-ring strap, and other options, it deserves to be on top.

The fitting of the D-ring strap seems loose.Tighten out the D-ring strap by making a tight slip-knot to adjust the fitment.
No idea whether it is compatible with a mounted camera or not.There is a good space inside the helmet to add a camera and speaker.
  • Beautiful sporty-like body.
  • Allow using speaker and mask.
  • The fitting seems fine.
  • Fairly light.
  • Balanced price range.
  • Lacking to keep head cool and airy.

2. FreedConn BM2-S Modular Motorcycle Helmet–One of the Coolest Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth 3.0 Technology

Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 300

Highlighted Specs

  • Features 3 vents.
  • Contains 2 stereo speakers.
  • 110 hours of standby battery life.
  • Includes voice dial MFB button.
  • Certified by DOT, BQB, & CE.

Our Analysis

Coming to one of the coolest flip up motorcycle helmets, the FreedConn BM2-S has a pairing option for 2-3 riders under 800 meters.

From the looks to the function, it would beat others with its FM radio, GPS, and other options. You won’t need to even hold the phone to answer calls thanks to the MFB button.

Although the instruction seems fishy, it won’t be required must, as this helmet is easy to use. And, it is one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

If anyone needs a comfortable, badass finish, and 2-stereo speakers with great sound, will be the one to blow their mind.

The cheek pad isn’t detaching.To remove the cheek pad, it’s required to pull out the protruding tabs.
Don’t know if it comes with a battery or not?It has a battery that can be recharged.
  • Includes a USB cable.
  • Love the sound quality.
  • Don’t give a pressurize feel.
  • Can be worn with any clothes.
  • Perfect for men’s heads.
  • The instruction seems weird.

3. ScorpionExo COV-0105 Matte Black Helmet–One of the Cool Motorcycle Helmets for Rain

Cool Motorcycle Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Made with polycarbonate & EPS shell.
  • Includes Kwik-Wick li liner.
  • Protected for 5 years.
  • Compatible with street & off-road bikes.
  • Contains 4 aero-tuned vents.

Our Analysis

More like an 80s punk vibe, the ScorpionExo Cov-0105 is our pick as one of the cheap streetbike helmets for any weather. It protects the head from rain, snow, and sunlight easily.

With a 3-in-one radical design, it doesn’t give hassles like stress or a hot feel to the head. There’s also an option to take out the chin guard to improve aeration.

One thing we don’t like is fingerprint attached to the visor. However, cleaning it will take only a minute. Looking into its lightness, impact-resistance, and the mist-free view, all of these will make you believe it’s worth the money.

Pulling out the visor seems puzzling.Using the tab on the corner side will help take out the visor.
Confused whether it fits sunglasses or not.There is enough space to use glasses or sunglasses.
  • Big applause to the looks.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes less effort to clean.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • No issue of loud noise.
  • The fingerprint grim appears when touching the visor.

4. FreedConn Matte Black Bluetooth Helmet–Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Safe Ride

Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Contains 8 breathable vents.
  • Rated by CE, UL, BQB, & DOT.
  • Includes Advanced DSP echo cancellation.
  • 300 hours of standby battery life.
  • Integrated with FM radio & MP3.

Our Analysis

Designed for motocross, it is all about safety and reliability to use in the street, highway, or high-traffic areas. This also lessens the chances of brain injury or bad impact on the head.

Thinking of its users, the brand makes this helmet based and nudged in the chin side for ease of fit. It also includes a pair of black gloves to give the look of bold and daring.

Sadly, this helmet may have some wind noise issues when you ride in fast motion. But there should be no sound issue when riding at a normal pace.

To conclude, it is one of the best motorcycle helmet under $250 that includes Bluetooth connection, long lifespan, and battery life.

Clueless whether it will connect to other helmets or not.The manufacturer claims it to pair with only FreedConn helmet or intercom.
The voltage power of the charger is unidentified.The charger is 12-36V power.
  • Simple to control.
  • The padding is good.
  • Includes detachable liner.
  • Practically priced.
  • Comfortable to put on.
  • Some find the wind noise too distracting.

5. AGV AGV-0281O4I0-003-XL K-1 Motorcycle Helmet–Vintage Option That Is Breathable.

full face motorcycle helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Built out of four-density EPS material.
  • Fine for adult men and women.
  • Certified by ECE 22.05 & DOT.
  • Integrated with glasses and masks.
  • Includes 7 breathable vents.

Our Analysis

Getting one of the best full face motorcycle helmet under $200 that ensure good aeration isn’t possible, right? Not anymore, as we have come across this helmet, it has 7 vents that help enter cold air and cut hot vapor.

The AVG K1 also has an aerodynamic shape that lets you wear it without causing direct skin friction. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the air pressure drag with this.

Unfortunately, the helmet is only made for ATV bikes. On a final note, it is a perfect one for anyone who likes to have a helmet that has a lateral field of vision, stability, and comfort in one package.

Fogged visor issue.Pulling up the visor will solve the trouble.
The helmet feels too tight.Taking out inner parts that help loosen the helmet as all parts are detachable.
  • Tough construction.
  • Excellent cheek pads.
  • Doesn’t cause wind drag.
  • It is silent.
  • Inexpensive price range.
  • Only compatible with the ATV bikes.

6. ILM 953 Pro Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet–Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Clearer View.

Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Connects for 6-8 riders.
  • Added with a rechargeable battery.
  • Features a one-touch control button.
  • 110 hours of battery standby.

Our Analysis

Featured with a dark and clear visor, the ILM 953 Pro is a one-of-a-kind helmet that ensures a great field of view. It also ensures no issue with eye movement in bad climates like dirt or bugs.

We are very much in love with the inner pads that feel like the cherry on top when touching the face. Plus, your face won’t find the trouble of peak impulse.

But when talking to others through the microphone, it has a low sound issue. By raising the volume, you can solve that error.

In the end, it is one of the cheap motorcycle helmets with speakers, responsive voice commands, and good breathing room.

Can’t reach max volume.Hitting the VOL+ button to raise the sound and makes sure the connected device volume is also at max volume.
Confused about how exactly it connects to 2 helmets at the same time.Start by disconnecting all the devices, then click the button on both helmets to get the job done.
  • Great sound quality.
  • User-friendly and reliable.
  • The visor doesn’t scratch.
  • Simple to wear.
  • Good for all weathers.
  • Sadly, the microphone seems weird.

7. HJC Black & HI-VIZ i90 Helmet–Overall Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmet. 

HJC Helmets i90 Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Features 9 breathable vents
  • Contains 5 color options
  • Crafted with polycarbonate shell
  • Includes cushioned cheek pad & crown liner
  • Assured with 3 years warranty

Our Analysis

For those of you who want the best full face motorcycle helmet under 300 dollars that suits novice riders, the HJC i90 is your finest bet. With CAD tech, it is easy to use and highly reliable.

The comfort liner is well-made that absorbs sweat to the extent that you won’t have to fear itchiness. Besides, it has a cushioned interior that gives support to the neck and face.

Although the price seems higher in numbers, thinking of all the features changes our attitude.

To wrap up, the looks, quality, durability, functionality, and added features are a chef’s kiss package altogether. And, that’s the reason why one should try it.

It becomes noisy at 75 mph.Wearing earplugs or pads might solve the error for long-term use.
Fingerprint grim issue.Using a visor wipe or clean cloth on the helmet will wipe out the dirt from the surface.
  • The helmet is lightweight.
  • Don’t put much pressure on the head.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Well-cushioned inner parts.
  • No issue of wind.
  • The price is slightly on the expensive side.

Chapter 2–

Factors That Are Important to Have in Under 300 Bucks Motorcycle Helmet, Exploring Available Types to Find the Right Candidate for Your Need & Brands That Produce Best Helmets Within the Specific Budget—

That’s just compulsory, being aware of factors that play the most important role in picking the helmet you’re looking for. And also, a slight understanding of the available types along with why or not one of those fits your biking needs. Finally, three amazing brands produce the best helmets under that budget limit. Let’s cover all of these awfully important segments in this chapter.

How Do You Pick the Best Motorcycle Helmets under 300 Bucks–You Consider These Must-Have Factors

You already know what we’re up for in this part, so let’s just start directly.

Ventilation is such an ESSENTIAL Factor

This is something lots of beginners would not consider as an important factor, but it really is. The speed of riding won’t help with having enough air circulation inside of your helmet.

And so, the lack of ventilation can make you feel severe fatigue as well as dehydration. So don’t take a chance. And make sure to buy something that comes with enough vents according to several riding positions.

Not Being Able to see what’s in Front of You, That’s A Big No!

Good visibility is a must-have and there’s no debate supporting otherwise. You will require to clearly see what’s in front of you on the road as well as surrounding yourself. Go for the helmets that come with goggles.

So that insects and dust can also stay out of your eyes. And also make sure the helmet would be able to give you a clear view even when weather isn’t fine, such as fog and rain.

Never Pick something that’s So Loose That It Falls Off, So Tight that It’s Suffocating.

The right balance of not too tight nor too loose is what one calls to be snug. And you should always prioritize a snug fit with the helmet. It’s going to be superb uncomfortable otherwise. Choosing the right size and shape would grab you that right fit.

What Do You Mean Your Aesthetic Calls Are Not Important, Of Course, It Is!

You will be wearing that helmet for a good amount of time. Feeling weird to put it on because the design feels off is a little too much to compromise. So, if you skip a helmet that is almost perfect in terms of another factor but not looks, that’s fine.

You can spend a bit more time looking for a sound design that does not hurt your aesthetic demands and at the same time sits well with all other crucial factors.

Lastly, It Should Feel Comfortable Inside

Having padding on the interior that is thick as well as comfy and including chin straps that are padded works in favor of giving comfortable wear.

Go for paddings that are detachable so that you can wash and maintain them well. A fit that applies the right amount of pressure in all areas would also work with the comfort needs of a rider.

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmet That You Can Get Under 300 Bucks – Choosing a Certain Type

  1. Full face helmet is the type that would give complete coverage for the face and head. It helps protect the skill area and keeps the strong wind out of your face as well as noise out of your ears. These bulky-sized helmets are also not the least expensive options for giving complete coverage and safety.
  2. Half face helmet would keep half of your face covered, so the safety is also almost half compared to full-face ones. You get a good view of field and a visor with most models of this type. Wind and noise would be there to disturb you when wearing this particular type. But riding is easy as there’s no bulk that burdens your head as well as less suffocation due to air freely circulating.
  3. The crossover of both above-mentioned types is basically what a modular helmet These are not too bulky nor too light and there are some wind and noise issues but less compared to half-face helmets. This is basically to have both safety and convenience moderately in a helmet, keeping it between the full and half face types.
  4. The minimal safety provider is a half-shell helmet. And these are super cheap most of the time. Wearing a half-shell helmet is like wearing nothing at all. Be very careful with this type particularly. Only when you are not riding on main roads or basically just for practicing motorcycle in your own bounded places where there’s nothing severe that can hit you.
  5. If you crave for cool-looking helmets, then off-road helmets are your type. These are for spots that have no road and that’s why riding with these in the city isn’t really a good idea. There are air vents and good for those who don’t need visors as they already wear googles, for example, dirt bikers.
  6. Pro bikers will often choose dual sport helmets, the type that gives better aerodynamic benefits as well as comes with far higher safety ratings. The price tag is usually on the higher side, that’s why.

Brands That You Should Pay Attention To

  • Starting with one of the more famous brands right now in the USA, ILM. You’ll find some of the quick and better riding experiences with gears from this particular brand. Especially their helmets are really up to the mark when it comes to fulfilling most critical factors such as shock absorption, proper fit, and great airflow.
  • Then there’s the much old but still in hype helmet providers, HJC. They are producers of only helmets and are considered to be the number one brand in North America. Even in other countries, the popularity never falls down of helmets from this brand. From quality to comfort to even design, you will find a lot of helmets giving all of these at very affordable pricing.
  • And finally, we wanted to give a shout-out to AGV, another very popular helmet brand from Italy. It’s known for being a pioneer in the helmet industry, coming up constantly with helmets that are premium in design and affordable in cost. DOT or ECE safety certifications are always seen in their provided helmets.

Chapter 3 – All About Safety!

Safety Features That You Can’t Do Without

A few specific features are must-have in the helmet you are expecting to get, no matter what budget you are considering. Especially if you do keep safety as the most important factor for the purchase. These are:

  • Having an adjustable and well-made chin strap.
  • Cheek pads that are removable and placeable according to needs and riding position.
  • Safe release system.
  • Head and chin area made really well with premium and robust construction.

The Impact of Durability in Terms of Safety

To be able to withstand impact force from a possible crash or accident, the material of your headgear needs to be the sturdiest. And to assure that, there are safety standards you must look for in the helmet.

The most popular and highly recognized ones are:

  • DOT, an American standard that’s the most popular one.
  • ECE, a standard followed by European manufacturers.
  • SNELL, the most compatible and respected standard that assures rigorous testing in different conditions.

Riding Position Suitable Aerodynamics Also Relates with Safety

A helmet that comes with aerodynamic benefits would be more comfortable, no doubt. And it also excels in safety departments. As there’s less amount of buffering. And in the long run, you’ll experience more reliability in using it.

Not Fitting Properly Means Not Enough Safe

We can’t emphasize enough how a proper fit of a helmet is awfully crucial. The way it wraps around your skull and keeps other facial areas fully covered with a fit that does not feel tight or loose.

All of these will come into consideration to ensure the rider is safe enough inside the helmet and would get maximum protection in case of a crash.

The Most Wonderful Types of Helmets That Are Best in Terms of Safety?

Among all the types we talked about earlier, you might have already noticed two that play the most amazing part when it comes to providing ample safety.

  • The first one is a full-face helmet, as it comes with complete coverage to keep both head and face under protection. Along with providing a noise and wind reducing facility, that helps in keeping the rider’s attention completely on safely riding.
  • And the other one is a more expensive, dual sport helmet that pro bikers love to get. These come with the highest safety standards ensured.

Chapter 4–Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet for under 300 dollars?

The AGV AGV-0281O4I0-003-XL K-1 Motorcycle Helmet feels like the best one that provides excellent lateral FOV and also stability plus comfort combined to make the experience one of a kind.

Can you wear any helmet on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can! But should you? That’s where things get twisted. Getting just any helmet that won’t be right in terms of safety, comfort, fit and overall riding conditions, isn’t a wise idea of course.

Which helmet brand is safe?

Helmets from AGV are known for taking DOT and ECE standards very seriously. So, it’s definitely one of those brands that prioritize safety. Also, Arai helmets are great with a good rating always noticeable in their safety ensured models.

Is an expensive motorbike helmet worth it?

That’s something you have to decide. Do the provided features and facilities go through costly development, planning, and construction? If yes, then it’s not just any regular helmet but something that was made to be great in so many ways. And then, the price tag deserves to be a little high in exchange for giving you a premium experience.

Wrapping Up

That was our thoughts on finding the best motorcycle helmets under 300 bucks. We also tried to give you an idea of some of the most amazing models in our view under this budget limit.

Now it’s your turn to take a step after getting a good amount of information, which was also a goal of this piece of writing. Hope you meet that right helmet soon. Bye!

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