The Best Hard Hat Suspensions Reviewed In 2021

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After a long time using a hard hat, you may need to change the suspension. Because this part of a hat is no longer lasting than other parts. But once you replace a suspension, your old hard hat will be ready for long-lasting again. So I think you need not buy again a new hard hat, instead, you can buy the best hard hat suspension which compatible with the old hat.

However, in this review, I will share 7 top-rated hard hat suspensions that will be compatible with standard hat size. So let’s start.

What is a hard hat suspension?

The suspension is a part of a hard hat. It is the main part of a hat that used to make the whole form. A hard hat is not made without a suspension. That means the suspension is the main body of a helmet. All parts of the hard hat connect with this main part. As this is a vital element of a hat, so think deeply without buying one which type of suspension you are going to buy.

Best Hard Hat Suspension

How long are hard hat suspensions good for?

This is a common question for a hard hat user. But there is no specific answer because the durability depends on quality. Also, it depends on where are you working. If your workplace is heavy sunny, high temperatures, chemicals, it will no longer. But most of the users say a great quality hard hat suspension durable for up to 2 years. Besides, the manufacturers’ company recommends replacing a suspension every 12 months.

7 Cheap & Best Hard Hat Suspensions Review

1. MSA Replacement Ratchet Suspension

MSA Replacement Ratchet Suspension

MSA is a high-class manufacture company that produces a variety of head safety gear. The hard hat is one of the popular products of MSA. Thus they also come replacement ratchet suspension. The ratchet suspension is made in America and a commercial brand of MSA. The suspension has designed for the hard hat that gives more comfort to the skull.

Suspension weight only 1.76 ounces that is pretty much lightweight. It has been made with high-quality materials and a standard size diagram. The product dimension is only 17 x 13 x 21 inches. Specially Ratchet suspension is made of Plastic & Nylon that is heavy, strong and long-lasting. The suspension is suitable for using the standard size of hard hats. You can set this ratchet suspension easily with the hat which matches its dimension.

2. MSA Replacement Ratchet, Large

MSA Replacement Ratchet, Large

It is another large ratchet suspension model of the MSA brand. The weight of suspension is only 3.17 ounces & height 8.0 inches. The suspension made combination materials of Plastic and Nylon which are durable and long-lasting. MSA ratchet suspension is not large size. Its dimension is only 8 x 8 x 4.2 inches that match with most of the medium size of hats. The suspension is good enough for 4 straps full brim carbon fiber hard hat.

So before going to buy, please check your hat’s dimension and strap’s quantity. It is not fit for MSA full brim hard hat. So if your hat size and dimension match with this, you can use it. The cushion of the suspension is comfortable and deeper than the old style. This is suitable for the medium size of the head. It is simply sat down on the skull and will not move around. The installation process is super easy. You will get a Unit Instruction Guide book with this suspension while shopping. 

3. 3M Hard Hat Suspension Replacement

3M Hard Hat Suspension Replacement

Fist looking is the impressive-looking of this suspension. This is a  3M H-700 series hard hat suspension approved replacement. The 4 point suspension is adjustable that allows you to customize the height and weight of the suspension. I like its exclusive ratchet system that you can easily operate during wearing a helmet on the head. Normally this suspension easy to adjust and long-lasting for its quality elements. But the 3M suspension has a brow pad, which is standard quality and comfort. All parts you can replace if you found any issues. One of the big things is that the suspension made of Textile material. The textile material is flexible and natural-artificial fiber. Also, the combination of raw materials are fibers of wool, flax, cotton, hemp, and others.

The price of this suspension is reasonable compared to the new hard hat. So you can buy this suspension instated change of a whole hard hat. This made with soft brow pad to cushion that gives you the most comfort. But it has not been tested for use with other hard series. Finally, if your hard hat becomes 3M H-700 series, you can go with this suspension.

4. MSA Plastic/Nylon Fas-Trac

MSA Plastic/Nylon Fas-Trac

First, I will say that MSA is a super simple combination of plastic and nylon hard hat suspension. Do you know what is MSA? Yes, MSA means ‘Mine Safety Appliances Co’. So you can understand the company how they are active to produce quality products to keep brand popularity.

However, this suspension is made of the USA and made for commercial use. It will protect the eye, head, and face from unwanted accidents. It has been designed with V-Gard 500, V-Gard, & soft Dome helmets. I like its 4 point ratchet system because it is super adjustable that you can smoothly rotate around. The adjustable nape strap is one of the best features that help to fit and flush rear lug and drop presser points. The quality of this suspension is excellent. But MSA Fast-Track III suspension is suitable for smooth Dome Helmets and V-Gard series hard hat.

5. Fibre-Metal Hard Hat 3RW2

This Ratcheting headgear is strip-proof and crack-proof. It is also a webbed suspension that proudly provides 8 load bearing points. Fibre-Meal Hat 3RW2 is suitable for Eight hard hats. It has been made with fiber metal that has 3 adjustable headbands. You will get huge comfort after wearing it because of its 360 padded sweatbands. I will force you to check sweatband’s quality before buying a hard hat or hard hat suspension. A sweatband reduces work presser over 50% according to the pro-industry workers. The patented swing strap and sweatband both are easily convertible. The item weight is only 2.88 ounces, which is pretty much lightweight as hard hat suspension.

The good thing is that you will get the original version of the color. So finally if you want to replace the suspension of Fibre-Metal hard hat or Eight points helmet, you can choose this suspension. Or you can check the hat’s dimensions that match with suspension’s dimensions 0.159 x 5.637 x 9.5″ inches.

6. 3M H-700-RS4 Ratchet Suspension

3M H-700-RS4 Ratchet Suspension

This is another hard hat suspension that is only 4.5 inches height and weight 2.40 ounces. It is suitable for 3M H-700 series hard helmets. 3M hard hat suspension made of 4-point ratchet suspension that easily fit and adjustable. Its brow pad offers awesome comfortable & adjustment when you will wear it. The whole parts of this suspension are replaceable and washable. Remember that, do not use this suspension in MSA or other hard hats. I am not sure that it works with other hats. But you can undoubtedly use it with 3M hard hat. I think the price is very affordable. Some customer, not me, says that the clips of suspension are not good. But you may face a problem with fitting this suspension. 

7. MSA 10126693 Fas-Trac III

MSA 10126693 Fas-Trac III

I am a big fan of MSA brand, especially for their hard hats. Because all products of MSA follows the ANSI and OSHA requirements. However, this 4-point ratchet suspension has been made for large only SkullGard Helmets. The weight of this only 2.2 pounds, which is good as a lightweight. This suspension is an original product that has on an MSA hard hat. You will not face any tightening problem while wearing because it is easy to fit. So you will get the authentic quality suspension once you want to replace it. I have seen that it is compatible with the brand of MSA SAFETY, size L & R. I do not use it other hard hat brands, but you can try. 

Care & Maintenance

We should take care of every product which we use in everyday work. Proper care and maintenance can increase product durability by up to 30% that I think.

So let’s known the best things to care of a hard hat suspension.

Storing: It is a big point for taking care. Don’t keep your suspension under the open sky. Keep it at a good place & cover up it when you will not wear.

Wearing process: Wear a hard hat smoothly. Do not wear a hurry. While placing a hat on the head, keep in mind the suspension setting. Don’t set it tightly on the head.

Cleaning: Clean it every week. If you are busy, you can clean it once a month. Try to wash with detergent and water. After washing, wipe it using a dry wolf.

My Final Opinion:

If you really want to replace your existing suspension, you can buy it from this list. But before buying, check the size of suspension that match with your old hard hat’s body. Never buy a suspension that will not be a match. Also, materials are another part of considering the best hard hat suspension ever. So check everything.

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