Best Hard Hat Ever: MSA Skullgard Review

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MSA Skullgard Review

The hard hat is one of the essential PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment). And MSA is the best company you can buy from. Durable function, complete protection, and best price rate is the crucial factor of MSA skullgard. 

Choosing a hard hat is an excellent factor because low-quality products are not only uncomfortable but also risky. As you need the best protection, you need to buy a hat which protects your head correctly and lasts longer.         

In this article, I’ll give you a complete guideline for buying a hard hat. And also two best MSA skullgard reviews. 

Buying Guide: 3 factors you need to check

Before buying any product, you should consider some factors. In the same way, a hard hat is more manageable when you have a clear view of what you need to check. Here are 4 factors you need to check before buying the hard hat: 

Size and Comfort:

Hard hats should be sizable. Because the smaller one can be uncomfortable for most of us. And the essential feature is adjustability. If it doesn’t fit with your head correctly, anytime, it can fall, and you may face danger from falling objects. So the size adjustability is the first thing you should consider while buying a hard hat. And if you don’t choose the most comfortable one, you cannot use it all day long.   

Hard Hat Weight:

This is also linked up with comfort. A hard hat needs to be very stiff. Because the purpose of a hard hat is to give you protection, to make it solid and leathery, some manufacturers make it heavy. But how long can you bear a heavy hat in your head? Awful right? That’s why you need a comparatively lightweight hard cap that is stiff also. While choosing a hat, weight is a significant factor you must consider.    

Material and Durability:

These two factors are deeply connected. Hard hats made with High-quality material are durable. Phenolic and Carbon fiber hard hats are primarily popular and high quality also. However, it is not always right to say that the quality of carbon fiber will be much better. It depends on the various factors as well. Because many manufacturers also make hats made of low-quality carbon fiber. So for this, you can choose the best if you read Hard Hat reviews. So here are the most considerations that will help you to make a decision. 

Top 2 Best MSA Skullgard Review in 2021

After a lot of checking and sorting, our Experts have chosen the two best quality hard hats for you. They are the all-time best with all the needed features. We also checked several customer skullgard hard hat reviews. Here’s the complete product review: 

1. MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard Hard Hat

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With nearly 100 years of experience, MSA knows what customers look for. This hard hat is the most comfortable hard hat you can ever experience. The product weight is only 15.8 ounces, one of the lightest products you can ever experience. The product is quite sizable, so comfortable for anyone as well. The dimension is‎ 6.22 x 10.59 x 12.24 inches. This product is lightweight, yet the thickness is above average, 11 perfect inches. The phenolic material makes the product suitable for the sweltering area also.     

The Performance of the product is over the top. Compared to other competitors like Lift Safety SDF, this is more comfortable and popular among users. Even the price range is affordable compared to other companies’ high-quality hard hats

This hard hat is lighter than the previous models of MSA Skullgard. And they wanted to make it look more classy and gave it two color variants. For both commercial and residential use, MSA Skullgard can be your best choice.    

  • The product is lightweight, only 15.8 ounces.
  • The MSA Skullgard is made with replaceable parts. So you can change any part if you need.
  • For a comfortable fit, Staz-On Pinlock is available.
  • You won’t feel any pressure in your head because of its excellent Flush rear lug attachments.
  • There is a suspension option so that you can adjust the heat.
  • The adjustable suspension doesn’t work in other carbon fiber hats.

Critical Factors for Decision making:

  • Best comfort 
  • Lightweight

2. MSA – 475395 Tan Skullgard Phenolic Cap Style Hard Hat


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This is quite an older version, yet worthy. Suppose you are looking for a high-quality MSA Skullgard at an affordable rate. This one is for you. The product also has similar facilities as the previous one, but there are some essential differences in the size and dimensions. This one is more suitable for big guys, as the dimension is 12×12×12. In the same way, the weight of the product is slightly heavier than the first product, 17.92 ounces. 

I love how they have given so many color variants. Unlike other similar products like bullhead or 3M, this one offers 10 different colors of hard hats. The material of the product is the same as the previous one. Have a look at the pros and cons: 

  • The skullgard is sizable, fits every person.
  • The adjustable features are available.
  • These Skullgard helmets have been tested to radiant heat loads, which is a great feature.
  • Gives you dielectric protection of up to 2,200 volts.
  • More durable, according to customers’ reviews.
  • Comparatively heavier than the previous one.

Critical factors of decision making:

  • High Durability 
  • Affordable Rate

Final Words

We Hope this MSA Skullgard review will help you to have a clear concept of the product. Like a hard hat, both of them are cost-effective, secure, and easy to use. Each of them has some unique features. Like the first one, it is relatively more comfortable to use. The second one is more durable. Though both of them are amazon’s best products, you should choose according to your preference. In comparison to other available similarly priced hard hats, MSA skullgard are the best hard hats. 

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