7 Best Full Face Respirator Review to Buy In 2021

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You are looking for the best full face respirator for using your sensitive working place. We mostly use a respirator in painting, woodworking, chemical industry, etc.

Not thus a respirator can protect the lungs from many harmful chemicals, bacteria, mold, paint, and dust. So this is our essential safety guard that’s why we should know about it before buying one.

In this review, I will share the 7 best full face respirators that are very popular in 2021 for iconic features.

Best Full Face Respirator
Full Face Respirator

Top Rated Best Full Face Respirators Reviewed

Trust me, I have researched almost 15 hours to find which respirators are the best for personal and commercial use. For choosing a top-rated respirator in 2021, you should follow various things. That’s why I have discussed all-important facts and features of a great full-face respirator. So I hope this review will help you choose a suitable one for buying.

3M Personal Protective Best Full-Face Respirator

3M Personal Protective Best Full-Face Respirator

The 3M 6900 personal protective full-face respirator is a ultra lightweight (1.00 pounds)  and a well-balanced respirator.  It is good enough for protecting against non-oil particulate and oil contaminants. Not thus, it irritates odor from natural vapor such as arsenic, dust, lead, asbestos, cadmium, and MDA.

This safety respirator has been designed with a silicone face seal that gives you more comfort and durability. After wearing a respirator you need more air for getting comfort all the time. So an airflow or breathable feature of a face respirator is very important. From this, you will receive smooth breath or cool airflow that keeps you cool, dry comfort and exhaled breath all the time.

Besides, the large lens feature provides a crystal clear wide view and you can look from left to right as well. For a long time using a respirator, cleaning is a logical fact. If your gadget allows quick and easy cleaning, then it is good for using a long time. Truly speaking this model is easy to clean, there is no doubt.

The manufacture offers many kits with this reusable respirator 6900. With this, you will get 2 pair  3M particulate P100 filters 2097 that are NIOSH P100-series and passed all test criteria. Also, it is easy to wear in a short time that benefits you to take quick action in particular need. Therefore, you can smoothly add a headlamp and respirator camera if you want.

It is my recommend best full face respirator for its excellent features and budget price. Also, 3M full face respirator 6900 follows ANSI Z87. 1-2010  requirements that ensure maximum quality, safety and security. Especially it protects face for the debris and good for using outdoor and industrial/occupational.

Why do we like it?

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations by  ANSI
  • Good for wearing headlamp and camera
  • Lightweight, well-balanced and excellent design
  • Silicone face seal for more comfort and durability
  • Excellent airflow and breathable feature
  • Does not increase the allergic reaction
  • Odorless, Long-lasting and durable
  • No fogging issues
  • Well-fitting and adjusting
  • Affordable price


  • No bag to transport or carry
  • No extra lens covers and instructions

North Silicone Full-Face Respirator 7600 Series

North Silicone best Full Face Respirator

Honeywell is a reputed brand for producing various quality, safety equipment. Respirator 7600 is one of the best items for this brand.  North Silicone respirator is a lightweight full-face respirator that gives most protection of eyes, face and respiratory from any debris. It is made of high-quality plastic material that brings comfort and good performance after wearing a long time. Its dual flange medical grade silicone seal gives you accurate fitting and superior comfort as well.

Protecting the ear and eyes of respirator wearer’s is one of the best alarming things. So North silicon respirator has a hard-coated polycarbonate lens that protects the eyes & face of the wearer’s from gases, vapors, and other flying particles. The lens complies with ANSI standard requirements that ensure high performance and resistance. It is  NIOSH approved that compatible with filters, accessories and also north cartridges. But the filters  & cartridges are sold separately, so you will only get the free fitting strap with this.

This is the best lightweight (1.7 pounds) comfortable mask for using a long time. This gadget does not fit with over glasses. You can use it in a woodworking place. Because it is not harmful to wood dust allergies reaction. You can wear this respirator mask with safety goggles that ensure extra safety layer.

There is no problem getting breathable air after wearing it for a long time. You will not get breathing grain dust, mold and dirt for a solid hour.

Why do we like it?

  • Protects eyes and face strongly
  • Very comfortable and will fit for small face
  • Lightweight and well designed
  • Lens meets ANSI standards
  • Compatible with North cartridges & filters
  • Strap harness and chin support.
  • Not harmful for  wood dust allergies
  • Easy to wash and cleanable
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • wide field of vision 
  • NIOSH approved


  • Not fit with over glasses
  • The strap connector is a little uncomfortable

3M 7162 Full-Face Respirator

3M 7162 Full-Face Respirator

This is another best full face respirator model of the 3M brand. I like 3M for safety guard products. However, the changeable filters and cartridges of this respirator make sure optimum safety for eyes and ear and also face. 3M 7162 respirator follows government standard and  50 OSHA PEL requirements. It has a fresh air circulation feature that keeps you comfort while working in the hazard environments and likewise gives greater benefits and durability.

Besides, 3M 7162 is lightweight (1.4 pounds) and made with respirator plastic materials that make super quality. According to real users, this is the best full face respirator for painting & mold remediation works. Also, you will not face a huge fogging issue because of its good seal. Sometime you may see the fog on half face, but you will not suffer any problem while using.

The organic vapor cartridges feature will protect your face from the pepper-spray and tear-gas. Not thus, this full face mask will save your face from chemical hostile environments. As it is more comfortable and good enough for longer use, that’s why you can use this your any tactical works.

The manufacture does not provide additional wear glasses to use with it. But you can buy extra glasses separately. Some user says the 3M 7162 does not work with ordinary glasses. But you can try.

Sometime you may need to wear an ear muff because of lots of noise sound. So in this case, if you think your respirator is not protecting enough sound, you can use an earmuff. Another thing, do not worry about fitting because it is perfect for mid-level face size. Also, you can adjust or fit by the adjustable strap. The price of the respirator is very reasonable than the other same feature respirator.

Why do we like it?

  • It made with government standard quality
  • Changeable filters and cartridges
  • Good works against toxic fumes
  • it can protect 95% of virus.
  • Organic Vapor is a medium so fit for all sizes
  • Fit for a ton of hair
  • Adjustable strap


  • Some users face trouble with a gas mask.
  • Disposable mask so hard into the nose.

3M Full Face Reusable Respirator 6800

3M 6800 Full Face Reusable Respirator

It is formed with a mix of particulate filters and chemical cartridges. These mix materials help to provide respiratory protection from fumes,  dust,  gases, vapors, etc.

It has been designed with a high impact that is attractive and glorious. This meets with  ANSI Z87.1 2010  requirements. So you will get the standard benefits and safety while using. The 3M full face respirator, 6800 allows quick cleaning because of its smooth surface.

If you work in critical weather, you need a better facility to get a crystal breath. 3M 6800 has been made with a full breathable feature. It has a good center adapter that exhaled moisture downward and breath smoothly. A cool flow valve is one of the best features of this respirator that provide freshness, airflow and keeps dry & comfort all the time.

Besides, the silicone face seal has increased its quality, compassion, and durability. It weighs only  3.53 ounces that ensure a stable balance after wearing for a longer time.

There are various models and sizes available. But I cannot exactly say which model is excellent for you. Before going to buy one, know about your face size or dimension. But the small S and medium M size is appropriate for any head size. Besides, you can adjust or fit by using the strap.

You cannot wear this gadget with another mask or glasses. If you wear this continually while working, you will not face with asthma and pneumonia attack. Short and long beard is not a problem with using this safety mask. You will get an excellent manual guide that helps you wear and fitting for the first time. You can also read a complete guide for selecting a 3M respirator.

Why do we like it?

  • Meets requirements of ANSI Z87.1 2010
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • It will keep dry comfort all the time
  • Good breathable feature
  • Wide field of view
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Great thin plastic sheets


  • Mask’s visor never fogs up
  • cling wrapper does not work

3M Full Face Respirator, Large

3M Full Face Respirator Large

The 3M brand is the leader of the full-face respirator industry. There are lots of models including full face respirator and half-face respirator.

This model of 3M respirator is lightweight (2 pounds) and long durable for using many industrial and commercial works. It has been made of Silicone and plastic materials. Both are heavy, strong and comfortable.

This whole-body black color respirator is certified by the ANSI. So you do not worry about its quality & safety security. You can use 3M 7800S-L respirator, especially for painting.  Abatement, Welding. Wood Processing, Petrochemical. Metalworking. Automotive manufacturing. Nuclear. Utilities, etc. 

Besides, it has multiple filters that can easily prevent or handle tear gas with its right cartridges. But manufacture says you will not get any facial hair. 3M 7800S-L does not allow to put on extra glasses with it. But I think you need not to cover extra glasses because of its special full-face glasses will give you total benefits of additional glasses. You can smoothly wear this with your bread if you have. 

Other than that the strap provides you most adjust with any face size and you can also tight respirator according to your needs. This full-face respirator completely protects breathing in fiberglass dust and into your eyes and nose. I hope this would be a good investment if you buy & use it at your workplace.

Why do we like it?

  • Certified frustration-free
  • Smooth Breathable
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Good Combination materials (Silicone and Plastic)
  • Reusable and lightweight
  • Suitable for use with the beard
  • Adjustable strap for keeping fit all the time


  • Not good for extra glasses
  • Someone says the strap pull out hair when you tighten them

North 54001 Full Respirator Facepiece

North 54001 best Full Respirator

It is another double cartridge full-face 4 strip headband respirator of the North Safety brand. There are lots of pro features of this safety mask. The rebreathing and exhaled air feature increase the more comfort for workers all the time. Besides, the oral-nasal cup ensures to reduce the fogging issue while working. 

Positive thing, the North 5400 respirator offers a lightweight design that ensures greater worker acceptance. The face seal has been made with a high-quality pliable elastomer material. This material assures superior comfort, safety, fit and performance. The strap is excellent for positioning and tightening the respirator with your face for a longer time. North 5400 is suitable for using multiple work environments and also standard for the welding works.

You can wear protective eyewear with it, but it will create a tight-fitting problem. Vapors, grass, and fumes are the big problems of respirator wearers. So the product prevents entering vapors and fumes anyhow. As a result, you can work in a smoky environment with no headaches. It is also reliable for pulverization trading places.

It is compatible with all models or series of North full respirator cartridges, filters, and accessories. But you have to buy these separately. I will recommend this full-face respirator for its unique features and affordable price.

Why do we like it?

  • It is very well made
  • Vapor filters work great
  • Affordable price
  • Good fit with long hair and beard
  • Best functioning strap


  • Neck down was uncomfortable
  • Heavy because of the filters
  • The Manufacture does not provide respirator cleaning wipes.

PD-101 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator

PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator

This is a multipurpose respirator suitable for using chemical laboratory,  pesticide security,  environmental technology, and other toxic substances. It is an ultra-lightweight (1.6 pounds) and premium quality full pack mask for longer use. The dual equivalent filters &  impact resistant lens has increased its quality and safety. For the best visibility, you should remove the protective face mask film.
The double N95 charcoal air filter provides better eye safety and industrial-grade quality. The whole body of the vapor respirator has been made of high-grade plastic material that ensures optimum benefits. Besides, organic synthetic filtration gives you smooth air circulation after wearing.
You can use this full-face respirator up to 8-10 hours after putting on the face. Although it is a very short time but good for health safety purposes. Also, you know the filter has been rated at N95, that’s why this only fits for large hantavirus particles.
Also, the chemical coating resistance can protect entering fog in the respirator. PD100 full-face respirator is not ANSI rated, but it follows the  NIOSH rating for P101. The quality of the seal is excellent for breathing and getting on with short and long bread or hair. This respirator does not a case of allergy/asthma issues so appropriate for health and longer work.

Why do we like it?

  • Support head hearing protection
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Industrial-grade quality
  • Approved by NIOSH P100


  • Someone says cheap and flimsy materials
  • Someone felling uncomfortable after wearing
  • Not ANSI approved
  • Not cheap

What is Full Face Respirator?

A full-face respirator is respirator/mask that covers the entire face, including nose and eyes and mouth. A full-face respirator protects the eyes, ear, and nose from harmful substances like mold, dust, paint, chemicals, and bacteria. Also, if you want to protect the lungs and other organs of the head and need good health, wear the best full face respirator at your working place.

What is the Best N95 Mask?

In the respirator industry, 3M and N95 mask is the top mask brand forever. But an N95 respirator refers to the toughest quality disposable respirator that gives you top quality at a reasonable price.

I recommend you PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator is one of the best N95 respirator ever.

What is the Best Full Face Respirator Mask?

To declare the best quality product from the 100+ list is difficult. But in my research, you should choose such as respirator that has all vital features. In my list, 3M 7162 and 3M 6900 is the best for their unique features and benefits. So you can buy one from my recommended list.

Where Can I Buy a Full Face Respirator?

It will depend on you because you can buy a respiratory from the local market, but the problem is that you may not get all the models in a place. So the best solution you can buy top quality and rated full face respirator from the Amazon. I have collected the above list for you. All listed products are of high quality, and best rated by the real customers.

Difference Between Full Face and Half Face Respirators

A half-face respirator covers the only nose and mouth area. Contrariwise, a full-face respirator covers the whole face, including a sensitive area like eyes.

The efficiency of a respirator depends on the quality. Using a half-face or full-face respirator depends on the work types. Sometimes it depends on which type of work you will do. Sometimes depends on working environments and many things.

Final Advice:

Do not parsimony to buy a high-quality respirator because it is a vital safety product of your life. But before deciding to buy, you can check full features and seller commitments. If you don’t want to analyze more about the product, you can undoubtedly check my review again and buy one for your safety.

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