Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under 500 Dollars To Try

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Best Full-Face Helmet For Cruisers

In terms of giving that ultimate head protection, nobody would deny that full-face motorcycle helmets are best. And if you have seen how perfectly a good one covers the head, face as well as neck area, you’ll not ask why.

These are always in trend and need! Because, apart from the protection, there are a bunch of other fabulous benefits of using it. Blocking the UV rays, giving you complete security against winds, bugs and even keeping the noise minimal. A well-chosen full-face helmet can really prove to be a lifelong favorite type for most riders.

And so, today we have collected around 7 models that are deserving to be called the best full face motorcycle helmet under 500 dollars. Also, a comprehensive buyer’s guide that would hopefully lead the beginners. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1–Reviews of 7 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under 500 Dollars

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under 500

It just won’t be enough, if we don’t give you some full face motorcycle helmet reviews of models that seem to be perfect for various needs. Let’s go through each of them and see if there’s anything for you to grab. Don’t worry, we’ll not forget to include the bad side of the helmet, if any.

1. Conquer 350-FF-SA20 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet- One of The Best Mid-Range Full Face Helmets.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under 500

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a soft and protective carry bag.
  • 3mm scratch proof and flameproof shield.
  • Build out of fiberglass outer material.
  • Certified by Snell SA2020 standard.
  • Included HANS threaded inserts.

Our Analysis

Starting with the best full face motorcycle helmet on our list, the ‎350-FF-SA20 from Conquer. It is ranked on top due to the usefulness and design that is hardly seen in other mid-range helmets.

While being lightweight, no one ever faces hamper issues when riding on the road with this one particularly. This also doesn’t give terrible ache due to putting weight on the head, which is a plus point.

Also, you will see 7 vents included in the shell of the helmet that help greatly to keep your head cool. So, when you use this helmet, it never feels suffocating.

Apart from its good notes, there’s one downside we must mention. The shield gets very foggy, especially during the morning ride. This error won’t be an issue if you slide it up. Or simply clean its surface to correct the vision. Overall, we love this helmet for trek days as well as racing.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Looks elegant.
  • Lifesaving structure from accidents.
  • Solid and durable helmet.
  • Comfortable and well-ventilated.
  • Sometimes shield gets foggy.


2. RaceQuip Full Face Helmet PRO20- Contemporary Look That Goes with Any Bike

best motorcycle helmet under 500

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes 8 positions hand ratchet.
  • Made of polycarbonate outer.
  • Designed with blended Nomex inner.
  • Features Kevlar chin strap.
  • Contain adjustable friction locks.

Our Analysis

People who tend to follow trendy stuff would love the Pro20. It is one of the best motorcycle helmet out there that offers EPS liner and silicone eye port. These features mean a lot for a rider to feel cozy throughout the ride. As well as for seeing in peripheral vision.

According to most users, it fits perfectly on large or mid-size heads with no balaclava. No matter how big or small your head is, it has a wide variety of sizes for you to pick from.

There is also a chin strap that seems to not the type that gives pain to the face while carrying the load of the helmet. In fact, it never slips from its place once you have worn it and won’t be released unless you click on the mini-strip.

We wish if it had vents on the front side to keep your head extra cozy. Also, if there was something to solve the haziness of the visor. But most users find it not an issue. As they can open the shield for aeration. Considering all of that, it is still one of the best full face motorcycle helmet under 300 dollars.

  • Easy to find Ideal fitment with many available size.
  • The protective screen is adjustable.
  • Smartly designed.
  • Cozy and restful padding.
  • Never slips during usage.
  • Lacks enough ventilation in front.


3. Bell SRT Modular Helmet- One of The Best Entry Level Full Face Helmets to Try Out

Bell SRT Modular Street Helmets

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes stylish Panobision shield.
  • Certified by DOT and FMVSS 218 standard.
  • Contain the Class 1 optics.
  • Constructed with fiberglass composite shell.
  • Featured EPS speaker pockets.

Our Analysis

Coming to one of the best full face motorcycle helmet under 500 dollars, the Bell SRT is a top-notch option. While offering many good things like safety rating and durability, it also did not fail in terms of looks.

The design of this helmet allows you to wear earplugs or sunglasses without any existence of pain. It also has good breathing room to ensure movement without giving a tight or loose feel. And, the appearance is stunning.

We love the fact that it never causes noise problems even with the shell including 2 vents in front. It’s the practically quietest one, since this helmet dampens the outside sounds as much as possible while letting you hear enough to stay alert.

Sadly, the chin strap included might need some effort to adjust correctly, a little more than usual. You can use the magnetic button to handle it. Overall, it is worth the praise as well as price.

  • The price is affordable.
  • Light in weight.
  • The sun shield feels great.
  • Good for dirt bike riders.
  • Top-notch quality.
  • Tricky to adjust the chin strap.


4. Bell Eliminator Street Helmet- Best Motorcycle Helmet for Comfortable Ride
Bell Eliminator Street Helmet

Highlighted Features:

  • Covered in expanded polystyrene inner material.
  • DOT certified safety rating.
  • Contain dark smoke ProVision shield.
  • Includes 6k carbon outer shell.
  • Beautiful gloss white finish.

Our Analysis

This is for the riders who want cozy and warm helmets that encourage winter time long-distance rides. Being one of the best full face motorcycle helmet under 500 dollars, it has both functionality and good looks.

Making your visibility clear and transparent, the shield has a smoky tone that looks pretty. And you can easily see through the visor without worrying about blind spots.

The speaker pockets included with this helmet connect the speakers that are compatible with it, such as Sena 20s Evo. Plus, quality of sound is pretty nice, so you can listen to music and enjoy the ride.

One thing we find weird about this is the shield lock that sometimes sticks during usage. However, you can use your hands and figure out the solution easily as well. All in all, we love this helmet for daily use.

  • Low-weighted and supportive.
  • Nice outer shell.
  • Great ventilation system.
  • Allows less wind noise.
  • Excellent field of view.
  • A bit tricky to handle shield lock.


5. Bell Gloss Black Bullitt Helmet- The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Long-term UsageBell Bullitt Helmet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with carbon composite outer shell.
  • Included contoured cheek pads.
  • Easy to adjust straps.
  • Covered with genuine leather inner material.
  • Featured Clear Flat shield.

Our Analysis

Known as the best full face motorcycle helmet under 500 dollars, it is the second Bell product mentioned in our guide. With this, you don’t have to get stressed about longevity as it offers a genuine leather inner. Luckily, it is washable and detachable.

Your head will never feel close-fitting. As the aperture is designed to be pretty wide. It also ensures easy movement or adjustment through the strap.

With a vintage look, this helmet will let you wear modern clothing in any weather. And, you don’t have to think of heavy rain or sunlight damages thanks to the face shield.

Some folks find it a bit noisy due to all the vents, and sometimes it causes distraction during the ride. But for the other awesome features, we feel like people would still be forgiving. In our opinion, it is effective and excellent option anyone would want to grab.

  • Retro-style appearance.
  • Reliable and safe to use.
  • Ensure good aeration.
  • The vision is wide.
  • Soft and cozy padding.
  • Not best at dampening sounds.


6. Bell Eliminator Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet- Lightweight Option to Try Out.Bell Eliminator Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

Highlighted Features:

  • Rated DOT and FMVSS 218 standard.
  • Designed with carbon outer material.
  • Contained Provisiontm anti-fog shield.
  • Includes EPS speaker pockets.
  • Good for street bikes.

Our Analysis

What makes it one of the best high-end full face helmets is its outer and inner construction with solid materials. Thanks to the build quality, it never feels distressing to the head with any bulky pain.

The helmet’s yellow lining ensures great protection. And usually won’t cause allergy or other issues. Plus, it has capabilities to move the water flow so that you don’t lose your focus while riding in heavy rain.

And, one thing most users love about this helmet is the cheek pads that don’t push the face weirdly inwards. Rather, it gives support and keeps any shaky feel or vibration aside.

The face shield of this helmet is clear and transparent. So, someone who prefer smokey shades might not like it. We don’t mind this issue as the visor is removable. Overall, you can call it a worthy one to be included in this list of best full face motorcycle helmet.

  • High-quality finish.
  • Includes a nice bag.
  • Suitable for most weathers.
  • Worth the price.
  • Protective and comfortable.
  • Wish the visor lens is a bit darker.


7. FreedConn BM2-S Modular Bluetooth Helmet- Best Motorcycle Helmet for SafetyFreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Highlighted Features:

  • 1640 feet max intercom range.
  • Certified by BQB & DOT standards.
  • Contained 2 premium speakers.
  • Included DSP Echo cancellation and noise suppression technology.
  • Featured Clear Outer & Tinted Inner visors.

Our Analysis

Thinking of the safety of riders, the FreedConn made the BM2-S with both DOT and BQB ratings. As the main measurement of driver’s safety measured by FMCSA, it passes the test and proves to be lifesaving from accidents.

It is one of the best full face motorcycle helmet models that also allows you to enjoy listening FM radio or music through speakers along with a wireless connection. In fact, this helmet has volume adjustment settings to decide the level of volume.

We love the battery’s long-lasting ability that lets you use the helmet on long-distance journeys without any issue. And, you only need to charge it overnight using the cord included in the packaging.

A lot of users find the instructions of the manual weird and hard to figure out, especially the connection-related settings. We don’t think it’s a big problem as you don’t need the manual to use a helmet through a phone. It’s a pleasing option with the latest features overall.

  • Brilliant Bluetooth quality.
  • Reduces wind noise.
  • Excellent quality of visor.
  • Comfy to wear.
  • The sound quality of the speakers is good.
  • Difficult to understand the instructions.


Chapter 2–Things to Know for Choosing the Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under 500 Dollars

Gone are the days when people used to go to a shop and randomly pick an item they need on the basis of the least important factors, such as what color or its outlook. It’s not that those are not important. But there are other parts to be cautious of. And today’s smart consumers agree with that, mostly.

This segment is basically our attempt to help you pick a full-face motorcycle helmet that does not cross your 500 dollars budget and at the same time, proves to be something you’ll feel happy to spend money on.

The Most Important Factors–Try Not to Miss Even One of These!

Please keep in mind, there are in reality loads of factors and characteristics regarding full face helmets. And including all of them might not be practical for you as well as for us. So, we’ll keep it a little limited to only these factors, you should at least try not to skip considering.

Must-Have the DOT Sticker on Helmet.

The number one reason for anyone to consider full face helmet shall be its safety. And it would be really weird if there’s no assurance from the helmet manufacturer that their provided structure and making are competent enough to support that safety standard a helmet should.

That’s where testing and certification DOT comes into play!

Now if you have little idea on what it is exactly, basically The US Department of Transportation follows some measurements to declare helmets thoroughly tested and safe to sell for general use.

And you should be able to see a sticker on the helmet body with “DOT” written on it. This means the full face helmet has gone through all the tests to confirm it would provide you the needed safety.

Also, for your information, there’s hardly a chance that you’ll meet a helmet model not having this sticker. But it still would be a smart move to look for the sticker and keep your safety boxes checked. In case you find a model that does not come with the DOT sticker, better ignore it.

It Should Not Obstruct You from Having a Clear View of Road.

Having a full view of the road ahead as well as the sideways is very important to drive your motorbike safely. And any helmet under 500 dollars that creates an issue with this point right here automatically gets deducted from the list.

So, make sure there’s no obscuring of your vision with a full-face helmet on. The vehicle that is passing you as well as in front of you would fall at risk along with you.

Don’t Go for A Sweatbox in Name of Helmet.

Having cool motorcycle helmets will help you with riding comfortably. And no, this cool does not refer to being a helmet with amazing visuals. Instead, we are talking about the best helmet under 500 dollars that has proper ventilation. You cannot trust a helmet only because it seems like covering every inch of your face.

After wearing that helmet, if within a few minutes you feel breathless, then it’ll all go down in vain. And a good way to ensure that would be going for a helmet that comes with plenty of ventilation ports.

That way it would allow maximum wind to flow in as well as out. And overall, you won’t sweat inside. Instead, you’ll be pretty comfortable during the entire ride.

Never Compromise Right Fit AKA Your Comfort.

We absolutely agree that safety comes first and you must not skip it for anything else. However, another, if not more but equally important factor, would be the right fit. This is often the main reason behind discomfort wearing a helmet.

And this is going to be a gear you’ll wear for a pretty long time generally. It could be half-hour. It can also be for a long 4-5 hours ride. In both cases, staying comfortable throughout the duration is a pretty solid need.

And so, be very cautious of measuring your size and buy full face under 500 dollars according to it. You should also take into account the shape of your head.

The fit of the 500 dollars helmet range should be snug, not too tight nor too loose, something in between. And you’ll see how the effectiveness of the helmet just boosts up.

If You Do Care About Aesthetics.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get yourself a helmet that would complete your preferred biker look. It’s very common for youngsters to have such desires.

And if you promise to take care of the other effective deciding factors, prioritizing the design, aesthetics, colors, and style afterward sounds amazing actually.

Most under 500 dollars helmets should come with a wide range in these cases. You can even think about personalized designs with graphics if the budget is not a problem.

To Keep Your Head Secure, Chin Strap Can Help.

Your helmet not staying secure in the head is a nightmare! And that a chin strap or a reliable closure system would be able to keep away.

So yes, you must give importance to picking a helmet with a proper chin strap. Something that includes solid rivets will be nice. As those are great at not coming off during a ride. Nor do they easily loosen up.

Also, the chinstrap shall not make you feel it’s too tight. A little bit of space between the strap and your skin shall help ignore such discomfort.

The Choice of Material Literally Decides Effectiveness of Other Factors.

Talking about the material of full-face helmet for 500 dollars, the liner should be made of something that does not feel rough against one’s skin. The head and helmet internals will have a cushion in between. And so, of course, it has to be comfortable to provide proper support to the rider.

Also, the shape of the liner should go with the head shape. There are different densities of foam used for this purpose.

Then, for the shell, there are a number of things that material would define. From weight, comfort to even safety ratings, the material will be the one finalizing those factors, so it cannot be ignored.

Here is the material that is usually a part of under 500 dollars full face helmet construction with their characteristic:

  1. Energy distributing with impact and being the lightest of all, carbon fiber is also very expensive and usually is the best choice to go for overall.
  2. Then we have a little less expensive fiberglass ones, that provide splitting, flexing, and crushing properties to absorb energy effectively.
  3. Flexing is the only benefit of polycarbonate helmets and because of its little cost, people often prefer it.
  4. Dense EPS foam is usually in charge of the inner shell with compression to give shock-absorbing benefits.

Keeping UV Radiation Out of Your Eyes Way.

The inbuilt sunshade device, which we also usually call sun visor, is a pretty useful feature you should look for. Sunlight can be a real hassle, not allowing you to have a clear view ahead. And having this feature really helps in that case.

Not to mention, the part will keep the harmful UV radiation out from disturbing your eyes. If you don’t want it to stay all the time, go for drop-down sun visors.

These would be easy to bring high or low.  Also, the good full face helmet that comes with shields can help with sunlight. Buying some additional goggles will really help as well.

Bluetooth Technology Can be a Great Additional Feature to Have.

Nowadays there are a lot of upgrades in design and facilities such as speakers as well as microphones in helmets. These basically make your overall experience a ton of time better.

And that’s why buying one of those Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth is not a bad idea at all. You would be able to answer a call on the highway.

However, keep in mind this additional facility will surely get the price a bit higher than usual. And very likely, you won’t find this feature in Cheap motorcycle helmets. If that isn’t an issue, it’s definitely something to have.

Keeping The Noise Levels Down.

The full face helmet in budget should keep the busy street noises low to some extent. And yes, there are models these days that provide such facilities.

Especially if you are a new driver, sound can be really distracting. And losing focus on the road can be a toll on your safety. The best helmets for noise reduction shall work fabulously when you are riding fast. Often cheap street bike helmets will lack these qualities for less price.

Price Is Never the Only Concern.

Making the most value out of your money is an understandable wish. But please keep in mind, paying less and buying something of poor quality will never bring you value. It’s also a fact that usually the cheaper ones are very vulnerably made. With a not-so-solid material choice.

So eventually these won’t even last you a practical period of time. This would lead you to buy another one as soon as it goes out of purpose.

And if you measure it this way, paying for two cheap helmets that are most likely to give unsatisfying performance overall will always sound less wise than getting one full-face helmet for budget that would give a better experience for a longer time.

And That Brings Us to These Summarized Points:

  • Having a valid DOT sticker in the helmet for 500 dollars that ensures its safety standards are approved.
  • Doesn’t become an obstacle to viewing the street in front of the rider clearly.
  • Ensure proper ventilation ports to feel comfortable inside and not drench in sweat basically.
  • Often the right fit/size refers to comfort, so you better not skip this consideration.
  • Do give credence to your preferred design, aesthetic, style, and color for picking it.
  • Chinstrap that does not cling to your skin awkwardly but maintains some space to give a snug secure closure.
  • Proper dense lining with shells made of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, or fiberglass according to budget is the material choice you have.
  • Irritating sunlight will always create hassle in your rides unless the helmet comes with a sun visor.
  • Eyepiece enhancing Bluetooth functionalities are good to have features for a little extra price.
  • Surrounding Noise not distracting you from the ride is also something quality helmets should provide.
  • Paying less for the price of a poor-quality helmet is usually a bad route.

Checking The Fit of a Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.

If you are not sure how to check the fit of a full-face helmet, then follow these pointers.

  • Wear the helmet and try to feel.
  • It should be snugly fitting by sitting against your forehead. Keep in mind there should not be any feeling of discomfort, just snugness.
  • Now have each of your hands on each side of your head.
  • Try to hold your head steady then.
  • You want to rotate the helmet from one side going towards another. Note if there’s any movement of your skin in the forehead area.
  • Then go for moving the helmet up and down. Again, any sort of skin movement, as well as resistance, needs to be noted.
  • In case of easy movement or very slight skin movement, it’s not a properly fitting helmet.
  • Basically, the right fit would allow your skin to move along with the helmet. The pressure shall be evenly distributed.
  • Also, try the chewing gum test. You want to pretend to chew gum while wearing the helmet. And if you end up biting your gums, it’s ill-fitted for your cheeks. Just slight scraping against is fine. Helmets with cheek pads that are replaceable would easily help in customizing the fit.

Chapter 3 – More Details on Full Face Type, Why You Should Grab One & Other Helmet Categories.

Your curiosity on knowing more about full-face helmets can come from confusion or maybe you don’t understand why anyone should pick one over other types. How about a complete discussion of all of these matters? Sounds helpful?

Why Anyone Should Try Full Face Helmet?

The best full face motorcycle helmet has this one advantage that keeps it in a higher position than all the other types. And it’s the protection quality of this type.

Not only are great quality full-face helmets excellent in giving protection to your face and head but also your chin.

If you don’t already know, most severe bike accidents include serious damages to the chin area usually. And that information alone makes it quite understandable, why protection-wise, a full-face helmet sounds the best to get.

Then there are benefits such as:

  • Noise reduction ability.
  • Great protection from wind, rain, sun, and cold.
  • Keeps bugs and stones out of your face.
  • Not to mention the warm cocooned feel.

However, Some Don’t Like That Cocooned Feel – There’s a Solution!

No there’s no magical hack to helping you with the most obvious suffocating feel during summers. It’s just ventilation. You have already heard enough about the thing in the previous chapter. But let’s remind you again if you really want to use the full-face helmet throughout the year, ventilation ports are a must!

Other Type of Motorcycle Helmet–What If One of Those Are Best for You?

Perhaps you have not explored the other types. So making a confirmed decision on moving with a full face sounds wobbly to you. In that case, here’s a sneak peek idea on each helmet type.

  1. Leaving the face open and covering the rider’s head is what you get with the next most popular helmet type called half face helmet. From the name, you can guess the visuals.
  2. Getting the best modular motorcycle helmet can be the route for you if both full and half-face helmets sound partially beneficial for your rides. Because these Flip up motorcycle helmets are basically a blend of both types’ functionalities. The adjustability as well as conversion from one type to another are its focal points most bike riders find fascinating.
  3. If you usually ride at very low speed and don’t need the extra protection on the face, neck, and jaw areas (we don’t think that’s safe though), then the half shell helmet shall help. This one is also known as the skull helmet. And it covers just the top of the rider’s head to provide minimal riding safety.

Chapter 4–Helmet’s Importance in General for Women, Beginners & Basically Everyone.

Matters that need your attention as a newbie rider, we’ll cover them shortly in this segment.

Why You Should Buy a Motorcycle Helmet?

  • To keep yourself protected overall.
  • Avoiding damage as much as possible in case of an accident.
  • Giving shield against many external elements such as road debris, cold temperature, rain, noise, and wind.
  • To ensure other riders’ safety as well.

Importance of Wearing Full-Face Helmet as Women.

Riding a bike with long hair means having the baby hairs in front of your forehead continuously hitting in the eye. It’s not only uncomfortable throughout the entire journey with wind, but also enough to get you out of focus. Not to mention how unsafe that can make the overall ride. So as a woman rider, even if you have your hair tied, wearing a helmet is a must.

Importance of Wearing Full-Face Helmet as Beginner.

Grabbing the best beginner motorcycle helmet, a full-face type specifically will give you the maximum coverage. And that means your head and neck shall stay protected from any err that as a novice you might make on the road.

Keeping the potential impact away from causing you damage, is happening once you put your trust in a full-face helmet. It’s called a versatile type for all sorts of riders for a reason.

Chapter 5–Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet under 500 dollars?

The FreedConn BM2-S Modular Bluetooth Helmet would be a great one overall under 500 dollars range with the latest features as well as two safety rating assurance.

Does a minor need a full-face motorcycle helmet?

For simple practicing of your minor, it’s not necessary. If he or she is trying to learn to ride a bike, you can maybe postpone the purchase for a little later. However, if it’s for a minor who will engage in bike jumping at parks, BMX racing, or even downhill mountain rides, then they will need it.

How to keep people from stealing a full-face motorcycle helmet?

You can buy a preferable shape and style lock for the helmet. And that shall ensure its security when you park it with the bike somewhere.

How much is a full-face motorcycle helmet comfortable?

Pretty comfortable actually, if you choose the right one. Some might give you suffocation during the summer, and that’s something to be wary of. However, with proper ventilation facilities in the helmet, this should not be the case.

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Wrapping Up

Does your hunt for the best full face motorcycle helmet under 500 dollars budget seems a little easier now? We really hope so.

As from sharing 7 wonderful recommendations to giving you an inclusive buyer’s guide, we tried to go the extra mile. So that you don’t have any questions unanswered.

However, if you feel like researching a bit more, definitely go for it! Be absolutely sure of the whole full-face helmet concept and perhaps go through a few more models. You should be happy with the final purchase, that’s a priority! Hope it happens soon, good luck!

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