Get The Best Full-Face Helmet For Cruisers–Our Top 10 Picks

Last Updated on November 29, 2021 by Stephen Paul Robertson

Cruisers! The type of bike you’ll have as your favorite one if you’re a person who adores long roads and long journeys. The feeling of freedom it gives is magical and there’s no doubt because of that, so many bikers love cruising now and then.

And while on your cruise, you’re trying to chill, get the best view of the roadside, and basically enjoy the whole mood. If you’re not wearing the right clothes, having a stress-free mind, and most importantly, missing a helmet that gives comfort, max viewing field as well as protection, then it won’t be truly a great cruising experience whatsoever.

We are here to help you with the last one. The cruiser helmets. And apparently, bikers prefer full-face helmets for that. So, we have listed around 10 models that are each best full face helmet for cruisers in a different way. Also, an inclusive guide that hopefully will help those who have no clue what a full-face cruiser helmet is. ENJOY!

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Chapter 1–Reviewing Top 10 Models–Which One Is the Best Full-Face Helmet for Cruisers?

Best Full-Face Helmet For Cruisers

Before this piece enters any complex matters, let’s have the recommendations and their reviews sorted. You’ll be able to get some sneak peek at what to expect with each of these. Hope it helps!

1. SLMOTO Youth Kids Motocross DOT Approved Helmet–One of The Practically Cheap Street bike Helmets to Get for Kids.

Best Full Face Helmet For Cruisers

Highlighted Specs

  • 6 colors are available.
  • 4 size options.
  • Summer & winter riding friendly.
  • Off-road bikes are compatible.
  • Includes goggles & gloves.

Our Analysis

The Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet comes with a DOT FMVSS 21 approval. In fact, it claims to exceed the standards in some cases. So definitely going to be safe enough for protecting head while riding BMX, street bike, ATV, and dirt bikes.

It’s a unisex helmet so both girls and boys would be able to enjoy the design and benefits. The helmet’s construction uses an aerodynamic ABS shell, giving it a very tough base. There’s less sign of discomfort thanks to the usage of multi-density EPS.

To keep your head secure, there is a reinforced chin strap as well as a double D-ring buckle. The helmet feels pretty airy inside as well. Because it uses intake as well as exhaust vents in it. Also, these are completely adjustable.

And to upkeep the liner and pads, you can remove and wash them as these are detachable. The helmet also provides some extra space for those who wear glasses. In fact, it comes with gloves as well as goggles.

It is overall a perfect pick for gifting a kid who loves off-road riding or even dirt biking. You can pick from size beautiful color schemes so there’s good room for selection according to preference as well.

Size chart feels tricky to understand.Directly talk to the provider and let them know head measurements. They’ll convert it to the appropriate size.
The gloves are the wrong size.People have different hand sizes sometimes compared to their bodies. It’s best to get separate gloves in that case.
  • It fits great if you get the right size.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Works for both genders.
  • Value for money option.
  • Solid design and very safe.
  • Some might feel a lack of padding.

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet- Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Racers

best cruisers motorcycle helmet  

Highlighted Specs

  • 26 colors are accessible.
  • 2 lenses included.
  • Constructed with thermoplastic alloy shell.
  • Includes 6 vent switches for ventilation.
  • Washable cushioned padding.

Our Analysis

With a great racer-vibe and open-faced outline, this is one of the best cruiser style motorcycle helmets out there. Nothing can beat this helmet when it comes to protecting your head and brain from serious injuries.

It also features a UV protective finish that is unexpected in a modular helmet. This will let your eye view in pleasant vision with no fear of blurriness. In fact, does not feel like you’re suffocating inside during summer.

Being one of the cool cruiser helmets, it offers 6 vent switches on the front and rear sides. A lot of riders prefer it over others due to the fact that it can easily flow air in all weathers.

In short, we love this helmet and those who prefer features like the adjustable half to full-face height, dual visor, and so on in one product will enjoy getting this one.

Air noise issue.Ensure the helmet is rightly fitted. Also, the windshield or earplug can help you solve the problem.
The microphone doesn’t work when you install Bluetooth headset in the helmet.Adjust the microphone and its wires onto the inner liner of the helmet. Be sure all the parts are tightly fitted.
  • The price is not costly.
  • Quite light in weight.
  • Excellent vents to ensure aeration.
  • Doesn’t give pressure to view in front and rear side.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Can cause wind whisper at 40 MPH or more acceleration.

3. 509 Tactical Desert Khaki & Olive Helmet- One of The Most Attractive Cruiser Helmets to Choose for Easy View

Tactical Helmet 

Highlighted Specs

  • 9 colors are accessible.
  • Made with polystyrene inner material.
  • DOT FMVSS 218 certified.
  • Features peripheral vision.
  • Perfect for snowmobile bikes.

Our Analysis

Coming to the best motorcycle helmet under 200 dollars, this will rank in the top position due to its sporty vibe, with high visibility in most climates. And, you can pretty easily wear it 24/7 without facing fog or mist view even in the morning time.

There’s also thick yet cozy pads in the helmet to wreck the sweat. Plus, it gives a comforting feel over your face and cheek that also fits nicely, making it easier to go for long-distance areas. This also gives no major stress or causes pain in your head.

Want to know the coolest part? It lets you to choose from 6 size options. So, if you find one size not appropriate for your head, then it is possible to switch and go for the bigger or smaller ones easily.

Thanks to the wide breath-box, it lets you use any compatible goggles or sunglasses to cover everything with no skin exposed. Plus, we like the versatility that allows users to wear it during snow.

In general, you will find an aggressive vibe giving profile, easy fitting structure, safe application, and longevity with this. Among all the best full face cruiser helmet options, it deserves a good praise.

Stitched seams coming out from the inner mesh.Contact the manufacturer and express your problem to fix the seams. Or, use a stitching pattern to sew the area.
The vents aren’t helping in summer.Try flipping the windshield.
  • Attractive cruiser helmet.
  • The fitting is great for small heads.
  • Very easy to store.
  • Comfortable and convenient.
  • Allows using goggles and neck stock.
  • The bad quality of the stitching is a disadvantage.

4. ScorpionExo Covert Matte Black Helmet- Vintage Style Option That Is Lightweight

ScorpionExo Covert black helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Includes sun visor, front mask, and rear sleeve.
  • Made with a solid polycarbonate shell.
  • Suits with street bikes and UTV.
  • 3 color options.
  • Protected with an assurance for 5 years (policies can change).

Our Analysis

More like old-fashioned yet cool motorcycle helmets, this is a chosen one for our list. While giving you that look of a badass, it also does well in protection sector, according to a lot of users. Though there’s chance leaving minor injuries due to the lightness. Can’t ignore its build quality, it’s actually top-notch considering the light weight.

Covered with an LG polycarbonate shell, it has many compliments on its surface and also, you’ll feel ease with maintenance. Besides, you can pretty easily use it for many years with no serious hassle. And, the resistance level of this helmet is great to withstand impact or shake very well.

Even though it doesn’t come with a quick-release tub, this helmet offers a D-ring snap option to fit it into the chin. And also, you are allowed to comfortably move your head to see backward and forward.

Providing great security to your chin and other body parts, it acts like one of the best helmet for cruiser riders that’s lightweight.

All in all, we love its great visual along with the functions such as windshield and retention system, with these you can wear it daily having pleasure. Also, it is suitable for street, ATV, and off-road bikes.

Changing the visor is confusing. Just like most full-face helmet, pressing the tab will pop up the view visor to insert a new one easily.
Chinstrap vibrates or shakes when riding at high speed.Adjusting the snap to fit in the chin, you can get rid of shakes.
  • Most folks liked its vintage looks.
  • Very simple to wear.
  • The strap never gives pain to the chin.
  • Lightweight and reliable.
  • Covers both ears perfectly.
  • Difficult to avoid fingerprint residues when holding the helmet.

5. O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet- Best Full-Face Helmet for Cruisers Who Prefer Comfort

O'Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Designed with ABS shell material.
  • Compatible with face shield.
  • Includes Double-D safety lock.
  • Certified by DOT and ECE 22.05 standard.
  • Ideal for adventurous and enduro riders.

Our Analysis

From the construction to the quality, the O’Neal full face cruiser helmet is all about comfort, usage and experience. Concentrating on the inner cushion that is soft like cotton, it’s likely that it will probably give a snug feel against hard impact in case of a crash.

Furthermore, getting sweats all over the head and neck is common with most motorcycle helmets for cruisers that are full face style. But not with this. Given the tag name comfy, it does a great job thanks to the quick-drying liner.

Thinking of its shape, the brand makes it in a “Neutral” manner that ensures no negative pressure on the forehead and neckline. That way, you as a rider won’t need to think of standard sizing or other stuff to fit it into your head.

Besides, you will find the chin strap that helps a lot to secure your face in the right manner. Although the retention system might seem quite old compared to fast connective ones, still this works fine once you get used to it.

To conclude, this can be on your wish list if you need easy to maintain, well-ventilated, and inexpensive helmet for cruising.

The visor gets foggy whenever used in the morning.With a tissue or clean cloth, start to clear the visor. That way, the face shield won’t feel blurry while riding.
Can’t figure out the screws of the helmet to change it.On the front, left side, and right side, you will locate all the screws that can be removed using a screwdriver.
  • Needs plain water and soap to clean.
  • Love the way it flows air.
  • Affordable price.
  • The built quality is excellent.
  • Durable and safe.
  • Doesn’t include UV protective visor to use in summer.

6. ILM Motorcycle Black RED Dual Visor Modular Helmet- Keep Your Head Cool & Mood Chill with This One

Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Constructed with ABS material shell.
  • Features micro-metrically adjustable strap.
  • Washable check pads.
  • Includes 2 tinted and clear visors.
  • Good for snowmobiling and trekking.

Our Analysis

Designed for cruisers, it is one of the coolest flip up motorcycle helmets that makes an airy environment inside. In fact, the chin guard is made to lift up or down so that you can adjust the position based on your needs.

But wait, that is not all. It comes with a clear visor that doesn’t get smog even if you breathe with your mouth. Plus, you can pretty easily use this with no fear of scratch or residue issues. Thanks to that, it ensures an excellent field of view in traffic.

We would like to highlight its inexpensive price range that lets you have so many features and benefits. And so, most people count it as one of the best cruiser helmets for the bucks.

Compared to other helmets, it features 2 screws on the module visor that don’t rust or crack easily. So, when you use this helmet in the rain, nothing will happen to the screws.

In the end, the washable liner, detachable cheek pads, and sleek design of this helmet are indeed a bonus point. And, that’s why you should test it out of these are the sort of features you’d like to get.

The helmet isn’t absorbing the noise while wearing at a fast speed.Wearing the earplug or earmuff might solve the issue of sound.
Can’t find an owner’s manual of this helmet.Check the official page of this helmet brand, as they will offer the manual. Otherwise, watch YouTube videos.
  • The release buckle is easy to use.
  • Cover head in a comfortable manner.
  • Nice field of view.
  • Simple to control the modular functions.
  • Thick padding is great.
  • Some claim it to be not good for fast speed riding.

7. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet- One of The Most Convenient Full Face Cruiser Helmets for Daily Use

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Includes NutraFog II UV-protected shield.
  • 11 color options.
  • Featured 3 shells & EPS.
  • Integrated with Bluetooth speaker.
  • Crafted with Polycarbonate & ABS materials.

Our Analysis

For those of you who want the best beginner motorcycle helmet that is convenient and shields against bugs, rain, and wind, look no further. This one is a great choice as it features a visor and CilckRelease shield that fulfills the demand.

One of the finest motorcycle cruiser helmets that let you wear it at ease. As a full-face type, it includes a padded wind collar that wreaks moisture and sweat with no hassle. Besides, this doesn’t give stress to the chin and face.

The safety standard of this helmet is great thanks to the DOT rating. And, many people have met accidents but haven’t got injured while wearing this.

We also love its FlowAdjust ventilation system that keeps away heat in the summer and grants warmth on wintery days. In fact, when you move your head, the vents allow air to enter from different directions.

Plus, this one has a nice quality letting your head feel cozy. In a nutshell, the Bell Qualifier helmet is an ideal alternative for clear vision in all weather.

Not sure whether it comes with a visor or not.The manufacturer made this helmet with a clear visor. And, extra visors can be provided separately.
Measurement of the head size seems hard to figure out. Using a measuring tape will show the correct head size. And then, based on the manufacturer-provided size chart, one can decide easily.
  • The size chart is easy to follow.
  • Takes no time to put in and out.
  • Never feels heavy or shaky.
  • Amazing air vents for aeration.
  • Good pricing.
  • Although most people liked it, some don’t like the noise.

8. ILM Motorcycle Snowmobile Full-Face Helmet- Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Under $100 That Is Aerodynamic

ILM Motorcycle Snowmobile Full Face Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Available 6 sizes.
  • Includes tinted & clear outer lens.
  • Good for ice biking and touring.
  • Integrated with eyewear and speaker pocket.
  • Featured 3 closable intake vents.

Our Analysis

Finding a helmet that offers a sleek design for any riders to go at high speed with better aerodynamics is hard, right? Well, this one will be ideal for sidestepping those regrets. It as well ensures a fine reduction of pressure on the ear, face, and head.

And also, it is one of the best motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth inner space to put the speaker without issue. Based on that, you can carry a headset, commercial gadgets, or earplugs as it holds good storage.

Besides, this helmet features a dual visor, including a tinted and clear lens so that you can easily choose one when going outside for a long ride. It also features a large back fin to ensure both men’s and women’s fitment.

The supportive pin-lock pins option is a great addition to this helmet that can be moved in any direction from left to right in the precise pivot. This thing is very important when you want to replace the shield.

In conclusion, this helmet will surely steal your heart with its bold look, noiseless wear, and safety. It also includes a nice bag to carry this helmet.

Leaking water through the visor under the rain.Adjust the visor and flip it to the downside in the right way. Otherwise, change the visor.
Not sure whether it is road-safe.Dealers claim that it is DOT certified, which allows use on American roads safely.
  • Most claim it to be durable.
  • Ideal option for the right fitting.
  • Very warm for cold weather.
  • The inner pad is soft.
  • Excellent ventilation system.
  • It is heavy.

9. TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Full-face Helmet- Retro Style Option for Oval Shape Head

TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle

Highlighted Specs

  • Built out of plastic & fiberglass material.
  • Featured Faux Suede liner.
  • Certified by DOT & ECE 22. 5 ratings.
  • Solid padded chin strap.
  • Included detachable shield.

Our Analysis

One of the coolest full face helmets for cruisers under 400 dollars is the TORC T1, as it offers an old-school vibe with a mature look. Appear in oval shape outline, it suits most head types including adult men and women.

Made out of fiberglass Tri composite shell, it will be a great investment for long-term usage. Plus, the exterior is also finished with hard plastic to ensure no surface damages such as scratch or peel, for years.

Thanks to the lens, you don’t have to worry about the fog or dim issue when wearing in full-face. It also feels quite simple to clean the face shield areas.

You’ll also see vents covered with metal and exhaust that help ventilation throughout the helmet. It also solves the issue of sweating under hot temperature areas.

As a whole, it is one of the best full face motorcycle helmet that has a removable shield, DOT & ECE certifications, D-ring closure, padded strap, and other benefits too.

Don’t know what type of chin curtain is suitable.Adding a chin curtain that is not too thick or thin will be perfect.
Struggling to add a Bluetooth speaker to it.Brand dealer has made this helmet with good space to attach speakers like Sena.
  • Comfortable helmet for regular use.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Beautiful looks and quality
  • Great visibility through the visor.
  • Lightweight
  • Expansive

10. Shoei Neotec II Large Helmet- Versatile Option That Reduces Noise

Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Includes 5 liners.
  • 4 shell sizes option.
  • ATV and UTV compatible.
  • Equipped with a face cover.
  • Features lock mechanism.

Our Analysis

Have you ever seen a helmet that cuts down sound while working as an all-rounder by providing a solid shell, a better field of view, and a nice design? If no, meet the Shoei Neotec II, one of the coolest cruiser helmets.

With its deep ocean blue color and fine looks, it can steal your heart, watch out! Apart from blue, it has other nicest color options that you can pick from if you have some different taste.

Going through all the testing processes, this helmet ensures a good position of the head when worn for too long. Plus, it is curved in shape with airtight sealing to ensure no harm due to pressure or wind attack.

Moreover, you will find ear pads and noise insulators as inner parts that help to reduce chaos happening all around. Besides, it helps to focus on the riding more than outside sounds.

As a final point, we find it as one of the best modular motorcycle helmet in the market for its absorbent impact while shielding your head comfortably.

The lock mechanism seems puzzlingMove the face shield to your desired position and then turn the lock mechanism downward.
Couldn’t understand the usage of this helmetManufacturers claim it to be suitable for snowmobile, ATV, and UTV truck types along with cruising.
  • Doesn’t make noise.
  • Easy to move the face shield.
  • Adjustable vents.
  • Great fitment.
  • The inner shell holds breathing room.
  • A few users find face shield fragile.

Chapter 2–Deciding the Best Full-Face Helmet for Cruisers That You’d Need

You can’t randomly pick cruiser bike helmets and consider them to perform how you’d prefer. Knowing what factors to look into that helmet, for confirming it’s that right one, is important.

And so, this segment where we give you those selected factors is important. Along with that, we’ll educate you on DOT and reveal the most important characteristic that cannot be skipped in a helmet for cruising.


Keep These Factors in Mind to Pick Best Cruiser Helmets

Starting with the essential considerations when someone wants to get themselves full-face cruiser motorcycle helmets. Of course, there are more than these. However, if you can at least sure guard all the ones mentioned below, it’s more likely to spend on a sensible and useful choice. We really think so.

Sit Down & Figure Out Your Budget First

Finalizing your budget will help you to shortlist what features you must or can have in the helmet. If you don’t will to spend a generous amount, then a few technologies would be missed as you’ll focus on grabbing the major functions of a helmet.

However, if the budget is quite good, then you have a wide selection with all the latest features to get.

And of course, you can also put aside a medium-range and try finishing something in between. But do decide your budget prior to listing what features you can have within that price.

Overall Safety with Testing & Certification

Wearing a helmet for what? Safety, right? Well, there are other reasons, but mainly it is to keep you protected. And we all know the one capable of doing so should come with a proper certification confirming it was tested.

Adequate protection from crash-causing impact is a must. The shell should be made very strong for that. Also, the fastening system along with straps need to not come off even in case of an accident.

Having proper foam lines as well as pads ensures the rider’s face, as well as head, will be supported to minimize the danger from an accident.

Also, ventilation is related to safety. Foggy visors are often a result of a lack of airflow. Causing obstacles for the rider’s vision. This can also cause accidents technically.

The Longevity of Helmet

Cruiser helmets that are made of solid materials would be able to last longer. And we hope you don’t need an explanation why. Not just will the helmet last longer but also, it’ll ensure you are having a reliable shell that would protect your head, liner that will be able to give the right support and basically validate all those safety fears we were having in the last para.

Keep in mind, if you’ve sorted a low budget, adequate built-in quality would be hard to achieve.

Light in Weight, Properly Ventilated with Comfortable Materials

Weight, ventilation as well as build quality, all relate to how comfortable a helmet will be. Cruising is usually long hours matter. And having a heavy weight on your head trying to focus on riding as well as relaxing in nature, doesn’t sit well.

So, you must get a helmet with a weight that won’t strain your neck and cause basically a tiring ride.

Then, if the materials of the helmet are something unsuitable, it’s going to affect the comfort factor again.

Many have allergies to a certain type of material. If you are one of those, make sure the construction does not contain that specific element you are allergic to.

Also, if you mostly ride your cruiser during hotter days, not having enough vent points will make you suffocate inside. Some people also like to have cheek and chin support, so removal pads for that would be nice.

Wearing The Right Size & Shape AKA Your Ideal Fit

Keeping your head hold nicely and not allowing it to move, that’s what the fit of a helmet decides. And you need to emphasize two things here:

  1. The size of your head.
  2. The shape of your head.

Starting from the head size, there’s no alternative to taking proper measurements. We’ve heard many stories of people randomly guessing a size. Some even just go for their hat size and make a purchase. Don’t chose those route! It should not take you more than a couple of minutes to take measurements.

Once you take the measurements, ask the seller to convert to the right size. Or you can do that with the available size chart.

Now about the shape of your head. It could be long-oval, round-oval, or intermediate oval. Most helmets target the last type. Make sure whatever shape your head is, you get a helmet compatible with that.

Otherwise, not having it sit squarely with your head and feeling vibrations throughout a ride would be an obvious scene.

Looking Good, Like You Should

Well, those who ride cruisers, do it for chilling and having fun. And a person like that might mind wearing an odd-designed, officer-style helmet. So, if you do care about the designs and aesthetics, it’s all good.

Just make sure you take care of all the other factors in a helmet first. And then worry about how the helmet looks.

These days, manufacturers do provide the best full face helmet for cruisers in a wide range of styles to pick from. So that should not be hard.

Really cool graphics and arts are used today in many popular motorcycle helmets for cruisers. If you are targeting an expensive one, the chances of bagging a premium-looking design get higher.

A Simple to Use, High Quality Shield

Full face helmets for cruisers that include the best quality face shield will give you the coverage that you need. Also, using it should be simple.

No optical distortion shall be present as well. You don’t want to have a messed-up line of sight, especially the ones that make straight-line look curvy. These are a pain to ride with.

The Significance of DOT Approval

Anyone who suggests wearing helmets, do so for safety, and there’s no denial of the fact it should always be that way.

Now, just because it looks like a helmet, that does not mean it will be able to give you the right amount of protection.

How do we validate that? Well, by checking if it’s been approved by a standard. The most respected one? DOT!

A helmet has to ensure these get approved by DOT:

  • Must meet all safety standards set by Federal Motor Vehicle.
  • Enough capable of dispersing a high energy amount.
  • Has resistance to penetration.
  • Fastening mechanism that is secure.
  • Would not come off the rider’s head.

Now, as you can see, these all ensured in a helmet means you are protected almost the perfect way. And you don’t have to test to make sure if that helmet can provide all of these benefits. DOT does that for you. It becomes so much more convenient.

All you have to ensure is that there’s a DOT sticker on it!

Cruisers Will Need the Quietest Helmet–Here’s why

While making a choice, don’t forget to empathize on this one factor. It’s the ability to reduce noises. You want to relax, watch the scenarios and basically make yourself comfortable. And irritating sounds will never allow that.

Not to mention the sound of wind movement. Because the wind tends to move over the helmet surface, it can result in less turbulence. Making it cause noise.

And exactly that’s why a helmet should be able to reduce those noises and only then it could be called a perfect one for cruisers.

Chapter 3—

Exploring Different Types to See If They Work for Cruising, Comparing Open Face & Full Face, Short listing Cruising Benefits of Winner Type & One Hack to Avoid the Main Problem with Full Face

Yes, going through the available types and measuring them as cruiser helmet will give you a clear perspective on why full-face helmets make the coolest cruiser helmets. So, this segment. Also, we’ll give you that one thing that usually people do wrong and blame full-face helmets, enjoy!

Measuring Different Helmet Types for Crusting–Which Ones Are Yay or Nay?

Obviously, helmets don’t have to be a certain type when it comes to going with a bike. And this is nowhere near an argument for that. We just want you to think of cruising, and the features of certain helmet types, to see if they go together.

And if you cannot do that alone, we’re here. Consider these:

The half helmet would give you quite a bit of neck room and come in cheaper pricing. And not to mention the freedom you’ll have as a cruiser rider with such structure. However, there’s not enough protection. Something a cruiser helmet cannot skip. You literally stay exposed to sand, flies, and worse, impact from a crash. So, no matter how badly you’d want it to work, for cruising it’s not the best one to go for.

Then there’s the ¾ or open face helmet. These are good in terms of protection, to be fair. You get a good secure feeling going around both heads as well as ears. Keeping them all concealed, indeed! However, there’s one big problem, no protection for the jaw. And another point is that it sometimes does not look really good on a rider. Many think it’s hard to pull off this style of the helmet while cruising.

Last but not least is a full-face helmet, arguably the best helmet for cruiser bike. And the main reason would be the maximum protection that this type offer. It keeps dirt, debris, and even insects out of your face. Because of the high-level protection, the price is not the cheapest though. Also, weight-wise, it’s heavy due to solid construction with withstanding materials. Which we feel isn’t technically a fault in the case of protection.

Looking at all these types, a few may still feel caught between open face and full face. So, the next section shall help you really make a choice, if not already!

Full Face or Open Face Helmet for Cruising?

Okay, so till now, we already know that both of these types are actually quite similar. However, one has a feature more advanced than the other.

For example, if we consider weight, open-face helmets are also pretty hefty. But full-face helmets would exceed them as well for the weight. However, consider the construction as well that’s basically relating to the weight.

Full face helmets are actually made with high-standard materials. Something that would provide that solid shell for, the most important factor, protection.

And this means, safety-wise, it’s the full-face helmet that has the full potential. Now if you think that extra weight is something you’d want to avoid at any cost, then maybe opting for an open face helmet to cruise sounds fine.

We hope you have good reasons for sidestepping the protection along with the weight. It must be because you don’t want that fatigue from the weight on your head, understandable. Also, the wide range of views could be a valid reason.

However, if it does not matter, and you can handle that little heaviness, then full-face helmets are still superior in our views. Not just will it keep your chin (the most vulnerable to accident) and face protection, but also it gives you shelter from stones, bugs, wind, sun, rain, cold, and even noise.

A Few Full Face Cruiser Helmets Benefits to Know About

  • The best helmet for cruiser with appropriate protection.
  • Chances of fewer injuries in case of a crash.
  • Made very well usually, some would last you a long time.
  • Gives the right feel of a badass biker with the typical cruiser style motorcycle helmets

One Thing to Avoid Doing & You’ll Have Full Face Cruising Helmet That Does Not Feel Stuffy

At this point, you should be aware that the one thing that seems wrong with full face, or let’s say something we wish wasn’t there, is the suffocating feel. Due to the complete coverage for keeping it safe.

Well, that can be minimized actually. And it’s something very basic. But often people end up doing this one mistake, causing them the extra suffocating feel.

And it’s blindly craving for cheap motorcycle helmets. Yes, you read it right. What happens is that to minimize the price, manufacturers will basically lessen up the number of vents as well as the quality gets degraded.

There are even models restricting airflow along with making it almost impossible to function with gloves on.

And that’s why when you want to make sure that a full-face cruiser helmet does not feel airless on long rides, go for the more vented ones even if the price seems slightly high.

Chances are the models would also be reasonably noise-free, have a better fitting, and come with a detachable liner to make airflow even better. Basically, one thing pulling in five other benefits you’d like to have.

Also, there should be a feature like opening the visor slightly with a lever or switch. You’ll thank yourself for spending more money on the helmets that come with this little detail. It makes hot days so much comfortable. Also, during heavy traffic.

Chapter 4 – Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

Which helmet is best for cruiser bikes?

The TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Full-face Helmet is the best option for cruisers as it comes with a nice oval shape that fits most heads, fabulous safety standards, amazing visuals and of course, prevents noise from messing up with your focus. Also, the ventilation is on point.

How long will a full-face cruiser helmet last?

It will have a varying answer depending on which helmet model you are talking about. And also, the pricing as well as manufacturing that went into it. However, mostly, a good quality full-face cruiser helmet should last you at least 3-5 years. Some might exceed that duration. That’s thinking it’s an investment and spending generously counts.

Why full-face helmets are better for cruising?

Because they are usually capable of keeping it noise-free inside, give you the protection you need while cruising, and also due to having better overall fitting abilities. There are other good reasons as well, but these should do.

Is open face helmet legal?

In some areas, traffic police officials do stop bikes and inquire about the type of helmets they are wearing. For example, some areas restrict using non-standard helmets along with open face or half face helmets. Solely because they lack protection; the main reason for wearing a helmet.

Which type of helmet is banned?

Helmets that don’t meet appropriate safety standards are supposed to be banned in so many places. You’ll be able to get more specific information if you going through regulations provided by your location authority of maintaining road safety.

Are full-face helmets quieter than modular?

Yes, full-face helmets are considered to be best when it comes to providing the least noisy experience. Because of the complete coverage structure, it’s more likely for full-face helmets to have better arrangements for limiting sounds to the rider. And that’s why those who need helmets for cruising often choose full-face ones.

Are cruiser helmets safe?

It depends on the protection the helmet is giving. You can choose an open face, full face and so many other types of helmets as your cruiser helmet. And each of them is capable of providing you protection differently. So, it’s really how safe that specific type of helmet is.

Can you wear any helmet on a motorcycle?

Yes, you have the freedom to prioritize your preference when using a helmet for a motorcycle However, depending on your riding skill, locations, conditions, weather, road traffic, and so many other things, picking an appropriate helmet is wiser to do.

Will the helmets get overheated?

There should be a proper ventilation mechanism in your helmet to not allow overheating. However, hair is a factor that will impact the heat. The thicker your hair is, the hotter you’ll feel inside the helmet. The same goes with the length of the rider’s hair. If it’s longer, it’s going to be hotter.

How do I keep my helmet from sweating?

You can simply use a piece of cloth to wrap your hair. Or any scarf. Preferably cotton cloth. Because this is capable of reducing the friction that’s likely to happen between helmet and hair. And as a result, the sweat will get absorbed quickly.

You’ll face fewer issues inside. Also, more vents are necessary to keep the air flowing and reduce sweating. Make sure to take a bath as soon as you reach the spot. Also, wash the clothing piece you used to wrap your hair.

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Wrapping Up

Woah, that’s almost a mini encyclopedia on full-face helmets for cruisers. Not complaining at all! Hopefully, you’re feeling enough confident on making a pick for yourself now? Also, the 10 recommendations, which one do you feel deserved to be called the best full face helmet for cruisers?

We really hope you have positive answers to give. Take your time and think through it. Your final purchase should be something you feel contented to spend money on. Good Luck on That!

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