Looking For the Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Out There?

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Motorcycle helmets are by far the most crucial gear you have to get for riding that motorcycle of yours safely. And there are no why and buts regarding this, you know that!

However, not having the best budget to invest in the range-topping options, that’s understandable. You also should not be randomly picking a helmet that seems cheap enough for your pockets. Again, it’s your head’s protection we are talking about!

So, what could be your choice? Finding the best budget motorcycle helmet available that would perfectly fit your pocket’s restriction and at the same time serve with some good quality and features. Basically, what we’ll be helping you with today!

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Chapter 1–Reviewing 10 Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Picks

Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet

Let’s keep it straightforward. We’ll start with the recommendations that we wanted to share along with a complete look at each so that you know which one would fit your expectation bubble the best.

1. ILM Black RED Motorcycle Helmet–The Badass, Best for Functional Needs Option

best budget motorcycle helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Made with ABS material.
  • Includes Micrometrical strap.
  • Round-oval head shape.
  • Contains 4 vented mesh.
  • Features a clear and black visor.

Our Analysis

Focusing on comfort and functionality, this is one of the coolest flip up motorcycle helmets that don’t fog, crack, or make noise.

Being on the top spot in our list, it is versatile that goes well with both men and women at ease. Also, the 4-size option is a huge relief for people to choose from. But it is a bad option for rush-loving riders due to aero drag.

To wrap up, it should be on your wish list if you need one of the best modular motorcycle helmet that is well-ventilated, DOT certified, and easy to put in or out.

Confused if it has an LED light or not.The manufacturer stated that it doesn’t have this feature.
Want to know about extra screws of the lens.Contacting the manufacture might solve the trouble as they offer replacement screws.
  • Versatile and functional.
  • Durable construction.
  • Never fogs on the visors.
  • Simple to clean.
  • DOT rated.
  • Not good for speedy rides.


2. ILM Matte Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet–Let Your Head Stay Cozy with This

ILM Open Face Motorcycle

Highlighted Specs

  • Offers detachable lens.
  • Contains 10 breathable mesh.
  • Includes solid chin guard.
  • Compatible with ATV, MTB, and scooter.
  • Ideal for men and women head shapes.

Our Analysis

The speedy ride would never give a bad wind attack as long as you use this matte black helmet. Made with ABS and cushioned shell, it keeps the head warm.

Not only that, it is one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to attach external speaker but also ensure good storage. We love the padded neck and cheek line that never gives stress to the face.

To sum it up, the lightweight, field of view, safety, chin guard and sun visor are the reason why one would love this.

The helmet isn’t decreasing the sound.The breathable vents have turnoff options to reduce the noise.
Removing the tinted visor seems hard.To do it right, there’re clips on the sides to detach the tinted visor.
  • The buckle is adjustable.
  • Sturdy and reliable.
  • Don’t have noise issues.
  • Good-looking goggles.
  • Nice build quality.
  • Not for big head shapes.


3. ILM Blue & Silver Youth Kids Motorcycle Helmet–Strong Yet Good-looking Option for Riders

Mountain Bike Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Crafted with ABS and EPS shell.
  • Includes 5 breathable vents.
  • Contains ear pads and liners.
  • Available in 6 colors.
  • Features one pair of goggles and gloves.

Our Analysis

Made out of solid ABS exterior and EPS interior, the ILM helmet has a classic sporty vibe that would stand for a good period with no crack.

Thanks to the protective goggles, it helps riders to wear under hot or cold weather with no toxic UV ray issue. But, the featured pair of gloves seems smaller for big grips.

To conclude, it will not disappoint if you like a matte gothic black finish with multiple vents, face shield, visor, and quick-release buckle.

The size chart seems inaccurate.Digging into the official site of this helmet might help you reach the right size chart.
Puzzled to figure out whether it suits snowmobile or not.It’s suitable for snowmobiles.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Low-weighted.
  • Excellent field of vision.
  • Strong exterior shell.
  • Great look.
  • Some users claim the glove is smaller.


4. YEMA YM-627 Matte Black Motorbike Half Helmet–Best Motorcycle Helmet Under 100 Dollars

Open Face Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Includes inner smoked and outer clear visors.
  • Built out of ABS and EPS material.
  • Features 4 breathable vents.
  • Contains 4 sizes to choose from.
  • Offered UV resistance lens.

Our Analysis

Anyone who wants elegant yet cheap street bike helmets without sacrificing quality should look into the Yema Ym-627.

With a Charlie-brown head shape, this gives a nice feel after wearing and never causes pressure on the neck. Although it’s one of the cool motorcycle helmets for bikers, we don’t recommend it for kid’s applications.

Not to mention the small tub that moves the smokey visor as that thing is really cool. All in all, this stuff is the best in both worlds.

Don’t know how to remove the visor.Asking the dealers or maybe checking the official website might solve the problem.
Unaware whether it’s possible to wear glasses or not.The creator designed it with good inner space to put on the glasses.
  • Last a good while.
  • Contain laid-back outlook.
  • Glossy color.
  • The padding is comfortable.
  • Doesn’t make wind noise.
  • Not for the kids.


5. Westt Jet Classic Open Face Motorcycle Helmet– Versatile Option with Matte Black Presence

Open Face Motorcycle Helmet for Men

Highlighted Specs

  • Finished with polycarbonate material.
  • Well-matched with snowmobiles and scooters.
  • Includes quick release safety buckle.
  • Certified with DOT standard.
  • Contains a reinforced chin strap.

Our Analysis

Coming to one of the best modular motorcycle helmet that suits both men and women with an 80’s vibe is none other than the Westt Jet Classic.

Being one of the smartest designed motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth speaker compatibility, it can overtake others in terms of functionality.

Sadly, we couldn’t find the manual, but we can compromise that as this helmet does shines in looks and other areas.

If anyone needs a likable visor, strap, washable liner, and touch exterior in one helmet, then it won’t let you down.

Determine the helmet space to hold the Sena 2-way radio feels tricky.This helmet won’t able to carry a radio as the padding isn’t detachable.
The cleaning hassle of this helmet seems mystifying.Wiping the surface with a clean tissue or cloth and a mixture solution will make the helmet spotless.
  • Protective and solid.
  • Includes a handy bag.
  • Fits well.
  • Suitable for winter and summer.
  • Easy to store.
  • There is no manual.


6. XFMT Black Skull Youth Kids Motocross Helmet–Overall Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for Protection

Dirt Bike Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Finished with UV protective exterior.
  • Suits kids as well as adults.
  • Features washable and detachable padding.
  • Contains a big vent on the front side.
  • Offers goggles and gloves.

Our Analysis

With a DOT rating, the XFMT black skull gothic helmet is our pick for its grand protection. Most users claim it to be safe for street use that gives better safety to the front and back of the head.

It is one of the best full face motorcycle helmet under $100 that contains goggles and gloves at the same time. And so, people can’t get over it. Based on the most full face motorcycle helmet reviews, it has only one vent to ensure airflow.

Overall, it is a nice choice if you like to have quality, simplicity, and a cozy helmet. This thing is truly worth the price.

Unsure of the right size of the gloves?The crafter claims it to be smaller for 7 years kid’s hand.
Don’t know whether the lens is shatterproof or not.It is shatterproof and unbreakable.
  • Simple to buckle up.
  • Good for dirt and street bikes.
  • Easy to measure.
  • Perfect for safe application.
  • Contains a carrying bag.
  • Wish it has a better ventilation system.


7. ILM Green Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet–One of The Best High-End Full Face Helmets For Breathability

 Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Constructed with EPS & ABS shell.
  • Includes big breath box.
  • Contains wide-angle & sun visors.
  • Rated with FMVSS-218 and DOT standard.
  • Suitable with motorbikes & ATVs.

Our Analysis

Being a classic vintage helmet, the ILM would be ideal for daily riders. Thanks to the 6 vents, it ensures good air flow during the hot summer.

We love the triple styling option with this budget helmet that lets you wear the face shield or detach it based on your need. One downside a few people find on it is the D-ring clasp that seems hard to adjust. But, once you get used to it, there’ll be no issue.

In short, it is one of the best full face motorcycle helmet under 150 dollars that offers removable visors and great impact resistance.

The head shape seems confusing.It is rounded in different sizes to fit most head shapes.
Find it puzzling to use the Bluetooth speaker.All you need to do is get a slim size Bluetooth speaker so that it fits perfectly.
  • Looks awesome.
  • Clear and smokey visors add value.
  • Doesn’t give a pressurized feel.
  • Provide max airflow.
  • Easy to wear.
  • The D-ring style clasp is slightly problematic.


8. Cartman Motorcycle Full Face Helmet 901–Finest Option with Better Field of Vision

Cartman Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Designed with ABS shell material.
  • Contains Wick-Dri tech liner.
  • Suits both men and women.
  • Includes flip-down shades.
  • Goes well with sport bikes.

Our Analysis

Nothing can beat this helmet when it comes to the field of view for riders who ride on busy streets thanks to the wind-angle visor. The dragon paint with a black finish makes it look sporty.

There’s also a clear lens that lets you see well with no hassle of scratch or fog. Plus, it’s simple to wipe out the visible dirt at ease. The only bad side we find in it is the less padding on the chin area. 

In the end, it is one of the best mid-range full face helmets for warmer weather with good aeration and a lightweight body.

Confused about whether you can wear a mask inside or not.It’s completely fine to use a mask with this helmet.
Don’t know the weight of this helmet.Weight is 3.2 lbs.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Awesome chin strap.
  • Matte black appearance gives a gothic vibe.
  • Light.
  • The lens doesn’t fog up.
  • There is no padding on the chin side.


9. TCMT Blue Flame Youth & Kids Motocross Helmet–Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmet with Peripheral Vision

cheapest motorcycle helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Made out of face foam interior shell.
  • Contains a wide field of view.
  • Includes 3 breathable vents.
  • Features a helmet bag.
  • Compatible with dirt bikes.

Our Analysis

Designed for newbie riders, it is one of the cheap motorcycle helmets that includes peripheral vision. In fact, there’s a good pair of goggles and gloves.

Featuring 6 unique color options, this motocross helmet lets you decide on a good shade that suits your dirt bike. Though it feels heavy on kids or small head people, still that doesn’t give a pressure-like feel to adults. 

From the quality to the looks, this helmet will steal your heart with its padded inner, dense shell, and UV-resistant finish.

Can’t find a free return policy.Asking the manufacturer or looking return policy on the official website will help.
Don’t sure whether it saves life from accidents or not.Dealers claim it to be DOT certified.
  • Nice alternative for noob bikers.
  • Love the pair of goggles and gloves.
  • Never disappoint on long drives.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • The quality standard is praiseworthy.
  • Might feel bulky for the younger rider’s head.

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10. TCMT Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet–Lightweight Option for Daily Wear

best cheap motorcycle helmet

Highlighted Specs

  • Built out of carbon fiber and polycarbonate shell.
  • Rated by DOT safety standard.
  • Contains 4 size options.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Includes 2 breath guards.

Our Analysis

This TCMT helmet contains a carbon fiber shell, one of the lightest materials that help reduce fatigue so that riders can comfortably ride regularly.

Thanks to the plastic sliding cover, anyone can simply wipe up the dust or dirt. It only requires a tissue or clean cloth. Some users claim trouble with the visor as it gets foggy easily when not riding.

In general, it has everything one would love to try, including detachable liner, cheek pads, no noise issue, and so on.

Can’t able to find the right head size.Marking spots or using tape will help determine the head size easily.
Unsure whether it suits exterior visor or not.As long as the helmet mounting hole fits the visor, this will work.
  • Feels comfortable when wearing.
  • The inner cheek pad is a bonus point.
  • Simple to put in and out.
  • Prevent neck pain.
  • Gives vast protection.
  • The visor vapors up easily.


Chapter 2—

Picking Your Best Bet, Acknowledging Different Chin Straps, Safety Standards & Playing Safe with Preference.

Going for the best budget motorcycle helmet is fine until you also prioritize other crucial factors that we’ll discuss in this chapter. Also, we’ll find out about chin straps a bit deeper, because that could be something cheap helmets leave out sometimes.

Then we’ll like to educate you about the safety regulations that you must mind. And finally, a few tips that you can use for choosing a safe option even with being a bit choosey on the aesthetics of the helmet.

Picking the Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet by Taking These Factors into Account

Anything Not Exactly Your Size Should Be Excluded

First and foremost, budget helmets don’t have many size options most of the time. And so, it could be tempting to just sacrifice a proper fit for getting one at the low price point. But this one error will impact your comfort, safety, and other areas of the helmet experience. So don’t give up on finding your ideal fit, no matter what.

Shell Made of Premium & Durable Material

If you are routing for helmets that have a price tag of near 150 bucks, most probably different types of polycarbonate are what you’ll see as the shell material. Now the more important thing here is the process that goes behind in using the polycarbonates.

You want to make sure the making and the material of the helmet, serves quality, even with a little less price tag. Manufacturers should consider not compromising in making. Leaving out a few extra features is okay when the price is low.

But something as crucial as construction should never face compromise. Because the main job that the helmet would serve is protecting one’s head. And that isn’t possible with cheaply made, low-quality material headgear.

Cannot Leave Out Comfort

Enough padding for your cheek areas, having an interior that includes padding and their right placement is important to assure enough comfort. The helmet should have well-made liners too.

Today’s manufacturer would consider both premium wicking materials to give extra comfort to the headpiece. Also, no matter how comfortable the helmet is being promoted, people have different head shapes and sizes.

So they feel would be a slightly different person to person. Actually, wearing it is usually the best way to decide the comfort.

Air Circulation is a Must

Sweating badly inside a full-face helmet because it does not have enough vents is not a new scene. You should not be in the new same scene, that’s it! Especially during warmer days, not having proper air circulation inside means inviting additional fatigue and suffocation. Some people are sensitive to confined areas, it becomes even dangerous for such folks. At all times, make sure the ventilation facilities are there to support you.

Dual VS Single Visor

For overall practical benefits and usability, we think a double visor is better and a safer choice as well. It just needs to be able in giving a clear view. Some are tinted, you want to make sure the clear visibility with those as well.

Chin Straps Are More Important Than You Think

Not being able to easily take off or put on your helmet is there. But the most frustrating thing about chin straps that are not serving well is not holding the helmet properly. So, when you ride, it feels like the helmet is either going to fall off at any moment or so tight that it’s hard to focus on anything at all.

And that’s why choosing a good style of the chin strap, keeping needs in mind, is important. Here are the most popular types a bit explained:

  1. The first one is the quick-release type. The one that almost resembles the seat belt we find in cars. A metal part would be there in the end. And it also comes with a hole that works with a catch operated by a spring. If you go for this style, there’s the flexibility in controlling the strap length as it’s adjustable.
  2. Then there’s the micrometric type. The strap comes with a toothed tag end. And it runs on the buckle system concept. There’s another strap with the ratchet on the end that works through spring. If you have seen how reusable cable tie works, this is similar.
  3. And finally, the double D style. It’s the simplest, oldest, and also safest one to try. There’s a strap with a D ring, where you feed another strap end. And then you make a loop to secure with the D metal. This one works best for ensuring the max safety.

Understanding Safety Regulations & Standards

There are several standards that are sued for assuring a helmet is made well enough to give your head the protection it needs. Let’s explore a few of them below:

  1. The first one is DOT, also knowns as department transportation. The main areas that this standard covers are FOV, impact handling, and penetration resistance, along with more. Two crash tests are done in total. It’s the most common one, but also there’s little controversy about it as the testing is done by manufacturers’ labs.
  2. Then there’s SNELL, the most trusted one that tests helmets with just the intention of improving helmet safety. They would go beyond the standards set by the govt and make sure the helmets are safest in all ways possible to give a yes.
  3. SHARP is not an old one in this safety game, quite new and focuses more on energy level and impact point testing. The testing is quite similar to ECE.
  4. ECE is a Europe-based safety standard testing organization for helmets and it undertakes complete testing to complaint helmets. And these are testing for impact, checking the resistance of abrasion, deformation issues, and also chinstrap quality.

Playing Safe with Personal Preference

Of course, you want to be a little considerate in terms of how the helmet looks on you. And we hope you think about it after considering all the crucial safety-relevant factors, that we just explored till now.

If you promise to do that, there’s nothing wrong with making a call based on preference too. In fact, let us give you some tips on that.

Keep These in Mind When Picking a Color

The light shades are better at keeping you visible on road, hence there are some safety benefits are getting. So that’s one thing.

However, if you prefer black or dark tones, think about adding some bring or reflective stickers. So that you stand out even from a distance. And that little step will enhance the safety sides.

Keep These in Mind When Picking a Style

There are many styles and types of helmets available. The most popular in terms of giving a dashing biker look is the full-face, open face, and flip-ups.

Just make sure whatever you choose does have something to contribute in terms of safety as well. For example, the full-face ones will keep your whole face hidden, giving that mysterious rider vibe that we all love watching in action movies.

And at the same time, your whole face and head would enjoy a great coverage that plays a crucial part in protecting in case of crashes or accidents.

Chapter 3 – All About That Cost

The price range for helmets starts from 35 dollars all the way to 1000 dollars. So, when we talk about budget options, it should not fall absolutely beneath the range. Because then, you just have to accept whatever comes with it. No expectation of quality, comfort, or anything at all would make sense.

Now, it’s alright to be a little saving-minded. But how to not make that mindset buy you something worth zero in terms of your needs? That’s what this chapter wants to help you with.

Why Cheap is Cheap & Can Never Replace Expensive Options

Cheaper helmets will fall back from expensive options, regarding:

  • The overall feel.
  • Features provided.
  • Finish it comes with.
  • Build quality.
  • And many more.

However, cheaper ones have this thing called looks, so that consumers are drawn towards those models.

It’s like grabbing your attention from the outside and being nothing special inside. Most cheap items are like that, and we all have felt that way at some point in our life.

The expensive or at least practically priced helmets would come with better performance, super comfort factors, and not to mention a specific perfect fit. So, going for cheap options isn’t always the best thing if you are looking to invest in something that you wish to last and work for a long time.

How Much Cheaper is Safe to Go For?

You should consider a helmet that’s at least 100 to anywhere close to 200 dollars. However, if you have a too-tight budget, maybe a 60-90 dollars helmet would be good enough depending on how much performance, comfort, and quality you’re expecting. Because that expectation varies from person to person. You’ll find people quite content even with a 40 dollars helmet. At the end of the day, it’s also going to be about your priority features list.

But to play it safe, keep aside at least 90-100 dollars.

Chapter 4 – Frequently Asked Question

Are cheapest motorcycle helmets inferior quality?

Yes, the quality would be comparatively low. And that’s because we’re referring to the cheapest helmets. It’s okay to not spend a couple of dollars or more. Something practically priced can also come with all the basic but crucial factors if you pay attention to finding that right one.

What is the best overall affordable motorcycle helmet?

The XFMT Black Skull Youth Kids Motocross Helmet is the one we’re rooting for in the affordable range. Because it’s lightweight, comes with glasses and gloves, a fantastic UV protective finish, and also the durability factor that’s backed up by DOT. Overall, it’s the best affordable one so far.

Which material is suitable for the cheapest motorcycle helmet?

Cheaper options would have a polycarbonate outer shell. And the material is considered to be the degrading type with passing time. However, it’s still the most budget-friendly material option, just make sure the polycarbonate type and making process of the particular helmet.

Why does my head hurt after wearing my helmet?

It is an external compression headache. A helmet that puts too much pressure on your scalp or forehead for a long time, such pain appears. That’s why having the right fit helmet, that is not too tight, is important. Because it hugs the head a bit too snug, the compression headache takes place.

Wrapping Up

And now you know about 10 of the best budget motorcycle helmet picks that are worth the price point. Also, we tried to include the important factors and a few specific segments emphasizing a few particularly crucial considerations.

Hope everything combinedly would make an impact in your helmet purchasing phase. And you’ll be able to have your hands on a budget-friendly wonderful helmet. Good luck with that!

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