The Best Baby Safety Helmet Reviews To Buy In 2021

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Do you need to know which is the best baby safety helmet in 2021 that you prefer to buy from the market? Sometimes choosing the best quality product is different, especially if it is for the baby. Case a baby is the heart of life in every parent. So keeping the safe baby from any injuries are difficult things during the early age of walking.

Best Baby Safety Helmet
Best Baby Safety Helmet

However, in this review, I will share the most comfortable baby safety helmets in 2021. From this top list, you can choose any of them for your lovely baby. Let’s start…

Our Best Choose

ImageProductDetails  Price
Thudguard Safety HelmetWeight: 3.52 ounces
Good For: 7 months-2 years
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Newcomdigi Baby Safety HelmetWeight: 7.2 ounces
Good For: 2- 60 months
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Simplicity Toddler Safety HelmetWeight: 3 ounces
Good For:  6-60 months
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Why do some babies have to wear helmets?

Ever wondered, why do babies wear a helmet? Or ever asked a question to any mom. Why does your baby wear a helmet? I am pretty sure; you don’t know the answer. And you are wrinkling your eyes thinking; babies don’t ride a bike, don’t work in a workstation, even don’t play any games where they come in contact with a head injury. Then why do they wear helmets? Let me help you.

Generally, the most common reason a baby wears a helmet is because of the treatment of positional plagiocephaly, which is also well known as a flat head syndrome.

Adult human skulls are strong and sturdy. Baby skulls are made of fontanels and sutures. Both are soft, malleable plates. During childbirth, this soft skull helps a baby to come out through the birth canal quickly. Even kids’ brains grow during their first age. This soft skull creates space and boosts the rapid growth of the brain.

Because of the soft skull, some babies grow up with abnormally shaped heads. For those kids, specialists advise parents for wearing a helmet for their babies to build the head shape in a good form. Thus, the kid can avoid any health issues too.

Besides this, babies suffering from epilepsy, balance disorder, hemophilia, and to name a few, they also need a safety helmet. And also a safety helmet can prevent your baby’s head from any unnecessary head injuries.

11 Cheap Best Baby Safety Helmets

Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet by Elenker


Elenker comes to a good baby head safety helmet on the market. The helmet is more suitable for the baby who ages 6 to 8 months only. If you want to more clear, the helmet is suitable for the circumference of 16.93″ to 22.05 inches. 

This helmet made of proper mesh IXPE & 100% Cotton material super for impact resistance and shock absorption. Elenker baby helmet is very lightweight (6.1 ounces), soft and good air permeability.

The excellent moveable visor will save your baby’s head when the baby falls forward. The visor also protects the baby’s face/head at the moment of touching the ground. This helmet is suitable for the head but also loose because it’s perfect for preventing a baby from certain external forces by the magic tape. It has also three good Ventilation strips that give more ventilation performance.

For the first time, this helmet will be more uncomfortable for the bay. But if a baby wears a few days, they will adjust it. This helmet is not perfect for bike riding.

Simplicity Baby Infant Head Safety Helmet

This helmet offers more head safety security for a baby during crawling, playing and walking.  The helmet is ultra-lightweight (3 ounces only)  ideal for a lovely baby head safety.

Simplicity baby helmet has a bumper bonnet feature that provides huge anti-friction &  reduced injury. The bonnet protects your baby from serious head traumas. It has a superb head cushion that prevents baby during the collision and the friction.  The soft cotton chain strap prevents the helmet from dropping.

The helmet comforts for any size of the baby’s head. But specifically, it has designed for the 18.8-22″ circumference of head size.  This toddler helmet is suitable for the  6-60 months babies. Although it will depend on the baby’s head range.

This safety gear made of a combination of 65% cotton and 35%  Polyester martial.  It has made of a high-density, elastic sponge. The sponge can prevent head injury and can reduce the impact force when hit.

The helmet is washable with water and detergent. So it is very important to clean a helmet for the baby’s wear. Simplicity baby Infant head safety helmet is free from bad smell.

ESUPPORT Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

This is an excellent lightweight (0.32 ounces) adjustable baby head safety helmet for  8 months to 8 years old. It is a class ‘A’ environmental standard baby safety helmet formed of 100% special cotton fabric.

Manufacturers say the helmet is suitable for the 65g weight of a baby. But it is not always right. Instead of the baby’s weight, it will depend on the baby’s head size. The helmet perfect for the size of the head  43cm to 56cm.  Esupport bay helmet is more pleasant, soft and breathable for its quality materials.

It is also first-rate impact resistance,  non-toxic, tasteless and medical grade. The anti-vibration material protects the baby from any unnecessary head accident. The hat has excellent three ventilation strips which give more comfortable ventilation performance.

Esupport baby helmet has a nice cotton chain strap for protecting helmet from settling down. The magic tape hooked prevents your baby from a certain external force. There are 9 colors of this hat. You can choose any of them agreeing to your likes.

Toddler Protective Safety Hat by Thudguard

Thudguard toddler head protective hat is suitable for the age of a baby between 7 months to 2 years. Although it depends on the baby’s head size. If your baby’s head  16 to 20 inches then the age is not a fact. 

The safety hat made of a comfortable circumference band that allows proper ventilation performance. The 1/2 inch protective foam gives better absorb of bump and thuds. This is a super lightweight baby safety helmet made of fresh materials that prevent developing neck muscles. The chain strap is more thin but good for adjusting and long-lasting.

The stretchy band on the back will help to adjust the hat on the baby’s head. Usually, It fits 16’’ with a 4-5 inch stretch.  The helmet is eligible for washing with water and any other washable materials.

This safety hat price is very reasonable for its quality materials. This is the best baby safety hat on the market especially popular on Amazon. Thudguard offers different sizes of baby hats like small, medium and large. So you can buy according to your baby’s head size or age.

IULONEE Baby Safety Helmet

Not all baby safety hats are good for long-lasting because of quality materials. Lulonee baby safety helmet made of proper mesh IXPE shockproof foam and 100% pure breathable cotton fabric that ensures superior quality and durability.

Thing is that it’s not a professional protective helmet for the baby’s head. It’s only a soft helmet that prevents a baby’s head from any head injuries during walking and playing.

The lightweight head protective hat adjustable for baby age 2-80 months and suitable for head circumference 16.9’’-22’. The magic tape with good stress of this helmet gives automatically extra protection.

The nice cushioned helmet weight is only  4.8 ounces perfect for this age range. It has almost 4 ventilation strips and holes that work to flow smooth air and gives more comfort to the baby.

If your baby tries walking or crawling the first time, you can buy it for your lovely baby’s head safety. It’s only handed washable. Don’t use other washing methods. This head safety helmet is not for cycling.

N Tiger Baby Toddler Safety Helmet

N Tiger Baby Toddler Safety Helmet

N Tiger is a soft, breathable and ultra-lightweight toddler safety hat ideal for the age of 8-60 months. The safety hat is good enough for the baby who is taking step walking and crawling. This safety helmet has an excellent soft head cushion that prevents collision and the friction caused by the bump.

The helmet is not for biking; it is good for preventing any serious head injuries. The bumper bonnet gives more benefits like shock absorption, odorless, antisepsis, good air permeability and more.

N Tiger made of multi-functional foaming material IXPE with 100% pure cotton. These materials give more convenience during walking and playing.

The proper circumference of the helmet is from 17inch to 20 inches. So before taking you should check the size. This is not advisable for biking because it is a sweet hat, not a hard hat.

The first time, some babies don’t want to keep it on the skull, but it is no matter. They will adjust it after a few days wearing.

Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet

Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet

Any home with kids and toddlers must have this product. It is a baby helmet that ensures head safety for kids who are learning to walk, crawl or stand. It also works great for very active toddlers who are at risk of bumping their heads often. This head protection gear can save the baby from bumps and bruises. 
Please keep in mind that it is a soft helmet that provides a cushion against falling on the floor or furniture. Although it is good enough for both indoor and outdoor use, it is not a bike helmet.
Now let’s check some features of this product. Materials used to make the helmet are lightweight and sweat-absorbent cotton. The baby safety helmet is very comfortable to wear with great breathability. 
It is also non-toxic and BPA free, which is a major safety concern for kids. The size of the hat is useful for a kid’s age range from 2 to 60 months. The suitable for the head circumference of 43cm to 55cm.

Chinstrap provides extra stability. It will calm your first-time-mom nerves. The manufactures offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30days period from the merchant, you can try it for sure!

Songzhilong HI9 Infant Protective Hat

Songzhilong HI9 Infant Protective Hat

If you are looking for a baby helmet, then consider a comfortable one that will serve your purpose. The main material used in this protective hat is 100% cotton on facing and lining sections. For the inner filling, a multi-functional foaming material called IXPE is used. This extra fine foam offers advanced moisture protection and shock absorption.  Songzhilong helmet is very lightweight and adjustable according to the skull size of your baby. The helmet is good for 8 to 60 months age of a baby.

The size of the hat is adjustable because of the flexible chinstrap. It also gives stability while using. Like many other brands, the manufacturer has used velcro on the rear side so it fits different age of the baby. The headgear only messes up with the hair of your baby but protects the baby’s head from bumping on the floor or corner walls. It is worthy when your infant is learning to crawl or walk.

Please note that this protective helmet can not be considered as a professional safety helmet, which is usually hard. So do not consider it as an alternative bike helmet when your kid is learning to ride.

APOLLO Toddler Helmet

APOLLO Toddler Helmet

APOLLO toddler helmet is formed of 100% cotton material. What makes it distinguishable is the linen print. There are different linen prints, you can choose any of them. All are eye-catching colors and patterns that your kids will love to wear. 

Using 100% cotton makes it more breathable and sweat absorbing. Long extension of velcro strap allows you to customize the helmet’s size and fit according to the head size. On top of the helmet, an additional protective strap provides enough space to allow smooth airflow. This extra strap is double thickness and adds more safety security. The circumference of the cotton helmet is adjustable from 18.8 to 22 inches. This size is convenient for any infant’s head. As the hat is cotton made, it is washable and very lightweight. 

Kids also love playful colors and designs. The bumper helmet helps to protect your kid’s head from bumps and other head injuries. With its padded design, it is an appropriate accessory for your little one as they are just beginning to learn how to walk. 

Bellady Infant Hat

Bellady Infant Hat

Is your kid passing awkward time between learning how to sit up and how to do anything else from the beginning? Is she/he taking every opportunity to tip over, often near a convenient tea table? If you find these situations true in your case, then you should buy one of these baby helmets. 

This super cool looking helmet will not stop your baby from getting falling down. It will keep the baby away from getting injured or bruised on his face. When you put it on the baby’s head and you will see the baby is crawling around the house without risk. You will be glad that you won’t have to hover around him whenever he is pulling himself up on the furniture. 

Bellady baby helmet is super soft and adjustable with velcro on the back part fit for babies. Another nice feature is that the top is not closed completely. This allows airflow into the helmet. It covers all sides of the head. 

LIWEIKE Children Pilot Aviator Hat

LIWEIKE Children Pilot Aviator Hat

This aviator style winter helmet with earflap is a perfect headgear during winter. You can buy if your baby living in cold weather. The design is very interesting and unique. It is good for daily use and also a very cute photo prop. Considering the functionality and look, this earflap cap is a good choice. It uses a soft cotton blend and aviator style goggles. This hooded hat keeps your baby’s head, ear and neck warm and protected from cold. It is an excellent accessory for any outdoor activity during winter.

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According to customers’ reviews, a common size is from 2 to 9 years of age. Sometimes, it appeared the glue was not strong enough. Many customers shared their positive feedback on softness and product quality. They even used the cap as a Halloween costume for their kids. It is a very good bargain if you consider the look, product quality, and functionality.

Final Thoughts

Before considering a safety helmet for your lovely baby, you can justify the material, flexibility, comfortable and breathable features. The above helmets are the best baby safety helmet in 2021 we have discovered. You can buy any of them according to your baby’s age and head size.

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