3M Respirator Selection Guide In 2021: 6 Killer Points

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Are you finding a 3M respirator selection guide to apply proper methods for your personal or industrial purpose? Selecting the best quality respirator is key. There are lots of respirator brands and models but all are not well made & designed. Although, the design is not a fact for selecting a good quality respirator. A respirator can be filtered out in hazardous environments. Once you understand your environments and work type, you can make the right decision for selecting a good respirator for you & your employee’s safety.

So in this post, I will share the best important fact of 3m respirator that helps you to select the best one.

3M Respirator Selection Guide

6 Best Points for 3M Respirator Selection Guide

You notice that there are sets of facets selecting a 3m respirator on the manufacture website. But here I have discussed the main points that are enough for selecting the best one. So let’s start…

Location Of Hazardous Area

Generally, a respirator can protect you from a particular critical hazard workplace with a filter against gas and vapors with a cartridge. First, you have to know the work type before selecting one. Then select an environment base respirator that able to work with particulate hazards like hazardous dust or fibers, etc.

Level of Protection Needed

Only OSHA approved respirator allows to use in the workplace. These approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). So All NIOSH-approved respirators agreed with protection factors which range from 10 to 10,000.

So selecting a 3m respirator you can follow NIOSH approved one that is a level of APF.

Respirator Type

After knowing your required respirator APF, you can filter these respirators that can reduce exposure under the OEL 50 PPM. OSHA has classified respirator type by APF. For your better example, half-mask respirator with filters and cartridge have an APF of 10.

Equipment Type

Choose an equipment type before selecting a 3m respirator. There are four equipment types according to hazardous environments & work types. The types of equipment are Filtering Facepiece, Reusable, Half-Face, Full-Face. I will recommend if your workplace is hazardous and have to spend a long time, a full face respirator will be the best for you.

Positive Pressure

It is another point of the 3m respirator selection guide. If you work for a long time after wearing a respirator, you should use a good seal base & tight-fitting respirator. A good fitting safety mask can reduce working time than a non-fitting mask. So take a decision which type of pressure you use such as Tight-Fitting or Sloppy-Fitting. Note: Loose-fitting respirator would be a hood or helmet.

Choose a Cartridge and/or Filter

Understanding the right filters, gas and vapor cartridges can help you select the best 3m respirator. NIOSH categories filter and cartridge are the best for safety and longer use.

Final Words:

Not thus points, you will get lots of 3m respirator selection guide on the 3m selection pdf book. But all the points are not needed to choose the best one. The above points are enough for selecting high quality and durable respirator for your work ever.

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