Best Hard Hat Reviews: Top 12 Best Rated Hard Hats In 2022 With Buying Guides

Best Hard Hat
Best Hard Hat Reviews

Something different is amazing if it fulfills the desired expectation. You are surely looking for the best hard hat for using in the workplace to prevent head injury. This thing has become so popular because of its quality. So having good quality & top-rated hard hat ensures more safety & security during work.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 34% of US people die from head injuries every year but Global reports are even higher. So, to keep your head safe, you must take proper preparations before any unwanted accident occurs.

3 Top Rated Best Hard Hat Picks by the Experts

ImageProductDetails  Price
MSA 475407MSA 475407Weight: 15.8 ounces
Material: Phenolic
Check Price
Lift Safety DAX CAPLift Safety DAX CAPWeight: 1.89 pounds
Material: Fiberglass
Check Price
Evolution Deluxe EV6161Evolution Deluxe EV6161Weight: 8 ounces
Material: Polyethylene
Check Price

Considerations While Choosing the Best Hard Hat

Are you sweating yourself while you are looking for the best hard hat? Let me ask you a question first. Do you know what the factors crucial for selecting the best hard hat are? I guess it will be now otherwise you won’t be looking for the best hard hat here. Anyway, as you are here, hold my hand and let me dazzle you with every single thing you want to know about hard hats. But for now, let us know what to look for before buying a hard hat.

1. Work Place: First, understand and deeply look through your workplace. Different hard hats are available for different works and workplaces. Find out where and what exactly you are doing and then choose the had hat for that job.

2. Learn About Hard Hat Type: According to the CSA group, Type I and Type II hard hats are available in the store. Learn about the hard hat type, class, and its works. Choose the best one that suits your working environment.

3. Flexibility: Choose a hard hat that provides flexibility during work. Some helmets may be fashionable, but they are risky on your construction site and you will feel uneasy. Avoid that hard hat not to let your life at risk.

4. Suspension Mechanism and Point: Suspension is the key and base of every hard hat. Learn about the hard hat suspension from the “Hard Hat Suspension” paragraph below. Also, all hard hats are available with 4, 6, and 8 points.

Are you feeling like you want to know more? Well, I have prepared a comprehensive guide with everything you would like to know about hard hats at the bottom. But for now, let’s have a look at our top choices of hard hats that we found best.


Top Rated 12 Best Hard Hats In 2021

Read the most comfortable & best-rated top 12 hard hats that we found in 2021.

Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat by Lift


Dax Carbon Fiber Hard Hat

Dax carbon fiber hard is one of the best hard hats ever. Its hand-laid shell gives a unique and exclusive look to its full brim. Moreover, the full edge nature gives it a stylish and elegant look. I am a big fan of this hard hat because of its exceptional ratcheting.
This well-designed ratchet helps to change the size as per your requirements. So, during work, you need not feel any concern about falling off when you lean down to pick something. Though being concerned, may help you from other injuries.
The ultra-thin feature is another one of the best features of the Dax carbon fiber hard hat. It is super lightweight, only 17 ounces that makes it easy to wear. So your head will not sense any vibe while working.

Dax hard hat is available for any size & perfect for both men and women. It takes a short time to wear. According to industrial workers, a 6-point suspension hard hat is always better than the other suspensions.

Hard hat class & type is another important thing that you should know before buying one. Dax carbon fiber hat falls in the category of type 1 & Class C. This hard hat is a shock resistance hat. Because its dome is surrounded by perforated clarion, synthetic leather, and EVA foam. Dax hard hat is long-lasting & durable. So if proper care is taken then you can get up to 5-years’ service.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Provide high protection from any type of hazard
  • Full carbon fiber hard hat
  • Straps are not that rich as you might expect in this price range



Lift Safety HDF-15WG DAX Hard Hat, White

Lift Safety HDF-15WG White Hard Hat

Use the top-notch Lift Safety HDF full carbon fiber hard hat and say bye-bye to your worries at your workplace. HDF hat provides high protection from any hazard. It has been designed for professional workers. This hard hat ensures 100% comfortability because of its quality materials. There is no color limitation because it is available in different colors. These different colors will help you identify associates in an emergency.

Lift safety hard hat sweatband is made of absorbent material. This sweatband will wick sweat in before it drips from your forehead to the eyes or down your neck. When it is time to clean it, remove the sweatband from your hard hat, then wash it and wear it again.

Do not forget about the hard hat’s brim. Because this Lift safety hat has a large brim that confirms safety from sunlight. This large brim hard hat is handy in places where the temperature is elevated as well as offers extra protection against humidity, the sun, and heat.

On the other hand, the 6-point suspension system gives a comfortable fit after wearing. This good quality suspension confirms high safety from any weighted object hitting on your head.


  • Meets the requirements of ANSI Z89.1-2009
  • Lightweight weighing only 1.6 ounces
  • Fully adjustable.n100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 7-point suspension system that provides you security and comfortability
  • Chain straps are brittle


Evolution Deluxe EV6161-10V Full Brim Hard Hat

Evolution Deluxe EV6161-10V Full Brim Hard Hat

Evolution Deluxe 6161 is a complete full brim hard headgear with the HDPE material. This hard hat brand has taken a revolutionary change in terms of MK2 and MK3 hats. Evolution Deluxe is made of a high-density polyethylene shell with a full brim. It offers unique features such as impact resistance & chemical resistance. High-quality 6-point suspension & changing vented are one of the best features of this brand.

The sweatband is only formed of Egyptian cotton core that absorbs sweat of your skull in a fast process. Also, this sweatband prevents sweating smoothly head. The logged hair feature gives you a better chance of going back to work without having to wash your hair or take a full shower.

I like a hard hat that has a 3-D change feature. This special feature has an exceptional change system that provides an accurate fit using depth settings. As a result, whatever your head size is, you can quickly put it on to get better protection.

Airflows & vented systems help you to less sweat by reducing inner temperature and preventing employees from sunlight. Thus concentration remains on work. Another benefit of this hat is no rain or debris can fall on your ears or neck.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Both men and women can use it
  • Includes a 6-point suspension system
  • Solid construction
  • The vented feature improves air circulation and reduces heat
  • Difficult to assemble

Lift Safety DAX CAP Natural Cap Style Hard HatLift Safety DAX CAP Cap Style Strong Hard Hat

Sometimes you may get hurt while working as a carpenter, mechanic, repairer, plumber, and pipefitter. Dax Cap hat offers the best safety security from all kinds of head injuries. So you can continue to spend risk-free time during work.

Lift Safety DAX CAP hat comes with an adjustable turning knob that makes your hat fit small or big heads easily. Besides, exclusive cap-style design and natural color give it an elegant look, unlike most other hats. The iconic design comforts during extended wear. It also provides superior pleasure and impact protection.

The triple-reinforced crown is excellent for safety, proper fitting, and impact protection. Moreover, the Dax cap hat has a 6-point suspension which is pretty good if you ask me.

Getting the workers to wear head protection & keeping it on the head can be more difficult in the summer months. You just can’t blame them. It becomes really hard for anybody to keep a hard hat after doing heavy work outdoors under the scorching sun all day long. So heat stress can be a real threat to these outdoor workers.

Wearing a semi or non-permeable PPE can increase the potential danger of overheating. This lightweight hard hat can solve all issues & also provides more sun protection and reduces sweating. So, throw away all your tension and work under sunlight with its solid brim. Lift Safety DAX CAP hard hat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor works.


Safety Works Pro Hard Hat-Full Brim 6 Point Ratcheting System

Safety Works Pro Hard Hat

Safety hard hat is cost-effective and made of heavy materials that confirm extended safety security at your workplace. Besides, this hat is made according to OSHA guidelines. It is suitable for protecting the employee’s skull from any falling objects.

I like the washable sweatband which stops the sweat from dripping on to face while working. It also provides more padding than non-padding headgear. As a result, it makes the helmet more comfortable to wear. The removable chin strap is an optional feature of this hard hat that increases magic security.

I will not talk about 6 multi-point suspensions because you already know it’s the best. EZ- Lock ratcheting design is another feature of this safety hat brand. You need not worry about the shape of the hat as it is quickly fixed to any head size without creating any hassle.

This is the best hard hat made of compacted full edge & HDPE materials that confirm 100% safety security from any hazard works. Even you will not feel any hassle while removing it from the head. Also, the full brim feature will protect your face from heavy sunlight.


Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Okay, so do you also love the color black as I do? Why don’t you just have a look at it before starting the review?

Pyramex Ridgeline is a complete full brim & ultra-lightweight hard hat fit for any hazard works. It is a type 1 and Class C, G & E hard hat. It’s made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material which can tolerate approximately 105 °C temperature. Besides, hardness, gloss, and toughness are the main benefits of ABS material. The ratchet suspension is excellent that you can change or adjust after wearing. The hat allows smooth air circulation to keep workers comfortable while working. The soft brow pad, headbands, and suspensions are always replaceable if it damages after a few years.

You can convert suspension from 4-point to 6-point according to your needs. The low profile of Pyramex Ridgeline hat always allows more comfort and safety guaranty. So this hard hat provides more coverage than a higher low profile hat. You will be surprised because of the lots of benefits you will be getting from the 4-way adjustable harness. You just have to know that from the manual book.

Besides, the harness is perfect for going forward, backward, up, or down. The good thing is that you can also adjust it yourself. A replaceable sweatband, vented pressure pad & padded swinging rear suspension always ensures a more secure fit and comfort. Pyramex Ridgeline is built with the ultimate style and comfort materials. All models of this brand are compatible with the highest industry safety standards.


  • Comfortable, secure, and snug fit
  • Long-term use
  • Very lightweight
  • Uninterrupted upward vision because of modern design
  • Too high & big shell design


MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard Hard Hat

MSA 475407

MSA 475407 hard hat is certified by the American National Standards Institute. ANSI checks the product quality and determines if it is up to safety standards or not. MSA Skullgard hard hat can tolerate up to 350F temperature. It has been tested by the quality standard department of hardhats constitution. This hat is perfect for anyone working under high temperatures.

It can protect its users from electric shock of up to 2200 volts. So MSA 475407 hat is perfect for construction or electric workers. You can easily balance the Fast-Trac III ratchet-style suspension by adjusting to your own size. MSA 475407 is made with a quality standard size that fits from 6 1⁄2″ to 8″ heads.

The natural tan color looks great than other hard hats. The swing suspension liner includes a nape strap, adjustable crown straps, headband, and top-quality sweatband. You can quickly adjust the liner for a comfortable fit. Besides, the pin-lock suspension offers you extra convenience and semi-custom fit.

The ratchet comfort pad provides you better airflow and prevents hair-pulling. There are two types of MSA Skullgard Hard Hat on the market; one is a protective cap, and another is a protective full brim hat. MSA hat is perfect for the people who work in steel mills, construction areas, and other heavy-hazard industries.


CJ Safety HDPE Black Full Brim Hard Hat

HDPE Black Full Brim Hard Hat

Another one of the black-colored hard hats that I love.

HDPE Black hard hat has been made with Fas-Trac suspension. Professional industry workers always like Fas-Trac features. Heavy industries such as steel mill workers like this hat because it is familiar with high heat. The cap-style design confirms cool airflow that keeps you fresh while moving under heavy sunlight & heat. Also, this design will help you work during heavy rain.

It is a type 1 and Class C helmet. This item endorses all guidelines charted in ANSI Z89.1.2014. So, you need not worry about its quality, comfort, safety, and security. A high-density polyethylene C class hard hat such as this one is definitely durable, long-lasting & easily wearable while working.

The vented feature improves good air circulation and reduces heat. Dues to this, there is minimal chance of building heat below the shell. Enough airflow helps to give you a sweat-free performance. You and your associates will work under a relaxing head temperature.

This super quality hat is suitable for a carpenter, mechanic, repairer, plumber, pipefitter, wrapper, sawyer, welder, laborer, freight handler, stock handler, and warehouse laborer.


Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Super Eight Thermoplastic Full Brim Hard Hat

Thermoplastic Full Brim Hard Hat

Fiber-metal by Honeywell is a smooth design hard hat. It has been made with a super eight impact energy control system. So the hat scatters force over a wider area. Also, the hard hat is made of a thermoplastic material that prevents most heat as well as provides scratch resistance. Besides, OSHA type 1, class E, and ANSI Z89. 1-2014 classification ensures the standard quality.

This one offers a full-brim feature that gives you extra protection from harmful UV rays, rain, and falling debris. The 8 point ratchet suspension is smoothly adjustable and fit for any head size. The suspension is non-slipping, long-lasting, and durable. I like the suspension knob feature because it allows quick adjustability with any head size.

The eight-point impact control system reduces the chance of head injury. There are 16 multi-color options including nice graphic design, Hi-Viz models, and unique fade-proof. This fiber-metal hard hat has all beneficial features which make it suitable for everyday wear. This metal hard hat is ideal for construction sites and general laborers.


  • Full brim type design
  • Easy to carry
  • Total weight is only 0.32 ounces that makes it easy to carry
  • Meets ANSI Z89. 1-2014 requirements for type 1 Class E
  • Rather high price

AMSTON Safety Hard Hat


AMSTON safety hard hat ensures safety first for head and eye. This head guard has an easy-to-adjust head strap & notched change strap. Besides, gripped brim and universal accessory attachment slots are suitable for this PPE gear. It’s specially designed for carpenters, mechanics, repairers, plumbers, and pipefitters.

This adjustable type 1 and Class C helmet is good enough for any commercial industry. Also suitable for construction, manufacturing, oil, gas, wind & utility industries. Both men and women can use this vented featured hard hat with 100% satisfaction.

The sweatband is detachable & washable. Before sweat goes to your eye, the sweatband helps to prevent it silently. You can remove, wash, and clean this sweatband when it gets dirty.

AMSTON is the best hard hat made with “Keep Cool” technology. This technology improves air circulation and reduces heat to keep you more comfortable. And the visor reduces glare from the sun or overhead lighting. It also confirms to keep you fresh from hot summer days.


  • Vented, thus less sweat by reducing inner temperature
  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009, type I, class C requirements
  • Provides protection against sun, glare, rain and falling debris
  • 6-point suspension system
  • Chain strap doesn’t provide long service

Fibre Metal P1 Roughneck Full Brim Fiberglass Hard Hat

Fibre Metal P1 Roughneck

Fibre-Metal P1 is one of the best lightweight hard hats. This hat is made of high-density fiberglass material which ensures cool airflow, better safety & security. Fiberglass complies with type 1, class C, ANSI / ISEA Z89.1-2014 requirements.

FDA-approved ratchet suspension is easy to adjust and fits with all head sizes. The roughneck full-brim injection prevents rain off the back & around the head.

There is a sweatband made of plastic and nylon that can be wiped down. You can move and adjust the replaceable chain strap with no hassle. The carbon fiber looks so sleek, and you can put a custom logo on it. The headband feature comes with a foam pad which is comfortable for longer use but not long-lasting. I prefer to use this hard hat for a typical hazardous workplace.



JORESTECH helmet is built with advanced ABS material that is strong, durable, and lightweight. Also, it was designed for construction workers and industry professionals. But you can use it for any situation where a safety helmet is recommended.

The modern design of this hat makes sure its users have a wide variety of adjustments and fit options. You may operate without having to remove it from the head. Its advanced design makes it easy to look upward.

This head guard gives you good balance & comfort because of its exclusive 6-point unique ratchet suspension. The suspension system keeps the shell away from the worker’s head. So that dissipating the force of impact by spreading it over a large area.

JORESTECH hat is comfortable to use, secure, and snug fit. Because when you wear it, you will have peace of mind. So this hard hat gives you the ability to do your job with no fear.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • No concern about falling off when you lean down to pick something
  • Stylish and elegant looking
  • Not suitable for all sizes


So this is all we had on the best hard hats on the market right now. Our team of expert outdoor workers has spent hours and days making experiments with these hard hats before presenting them to you. 

Anyway, in the beginning, I have told you that you will be able to know everything about the hard hats before finishing this blog. So now let’s start a new section from explaining the word hard hat to a full-on guide on buying, using & maintaining a hard hat. Not only that, but you will also get to know about its different classes, types, uses, the meaning of color and so many other things. 

Shall we begin?

What is the hard hat?

Have you ever been to a construction site? I hope you are nodding. At the construction site, all workers wear a helmet on their heads to keep themselves safe from any debris or object that may lead them to an injury. Generally, a hard hat is a helmet that keeps a worker’s head from any injury.

A good hard hat
Hard Hat Example

Over time, hard hat manufacturers are using modern technology to improve their features. Nowadays, a worker can keep himself free from electric shock or any unexpected danger. Some other accessories like flashlights, visors, chinstraps, head warmers, and mirrors are used to increase the safety level of a hard hat. Also, a hard hat maintains a color code to let a person understand who is responsible for what. Read more about hard hats on Wikipedia.

A Brief of Hard Hat Story

During World War I, soldiers started using hard hats. At that time, most of the hard hats were made of leather, and very few were steel-based. Dickson Bullard first invented a hard hat who was an entrepreneur and manufacturing helping tools for miners. Moreover, he developed a hard hat for miners, but later it became a piece of life-saving safety equipment.

In the current period, the hard hat is more secure and has advanced features that make it a helpful friend who is continuously saving a person’s life with no excuse. Though, associates started using it as a safety guard from the beginning of the 20th century.

From the late 19th century to the 21st century, hard hats gained many advancements, material-wise. Leather gave away its place to aluminum, then to fiberglass, and later to softening the plastic. Initially, helmets were noticeably used before Bullard presented his model that would generate a razzmatazz like a wildfire.

The principles of making a hard hat haven’t changed a lot from the beginning to now. But they are confirming more safety than before. You will wring your eyes when you learn that a hard hat can absorb 2,000 V – 15,000 V electricity levels.

Types of hard hats

You can differentiate a hard hat based on its types, classes, and works. You will find two primary types of hard hats, which are Type I and Type II.

Type I hard hat helps an associate from a danger that is created above his/her head. Such as a piece of stone is falling. Type I don’t provide any sidewise protection. To provide sidewise protection, Type II replaces Type I in the playground.

If you are looking for a hard hat that can endow both sidewise and top impact to an associate, go with a Type II hard hat.

Different styles/ Classes of hard hats

Electrical hard hats are classified based on categories. Follow 3 types to get a better picture.

E-Class: The E in the value positions for “Electrical.” E-class hard hat can absorb 15,000V or even more. Keep in mind; this hat will protect your head against giant electrical shock. So, use proper insulated equipment while working in an electric line along with E-class hard hat.

G-Class: For general use, you can choose the G-class hat. It will absorb only 2,000V electricity. It is less efficient against electrical voltage than an E-class hat.

C-Class: The C stands for “Conductive.” Don’t use a C-class hat if you are playing with electricity. This hat is for regular use, and you will remain safe only when something is falling on your head.

Work Type:

Based on the working environment, hard hats are classified as below

  • Industrial: The most common hard hat that is used in any construction site and other hazardous workstations. It is round in shape, and you will find this hat in every corner of a construction area.
  • High Temperature: A fiberglass hard hat can fight against high temperatures. Undoubtedly you are not looking for a helmet that may melt in high heat. Many numbers of high-temperature hard hats are available in the stores, and you can choose your one there easily.
  • Bushfire Fighting: Similar to high-temperature hard hat. The only difference is, this one contains an ear and back for extended head protection. It is specially designed for firefighters.
  • Peakless: Short height peak hard hat unable to confirm safety and protection against any damage.
  • Peaked: A frontal brim hard hat.
  • Full Brim: Similar to a cowboy hat.

Hard Hat Color Code

Have you ever wondered why do hard hats have so many colors? Is it just for making the product in several colors or does it have any other meaning too?

A hard hat contains different colors that offer a color code. Let’s learn about what each color says.

  • Grey – Visitors
  • Blue – Electricians
  • Green – Inspectors
  • Yellow – Common workers
  • Brown – Workers who deal with high temperatures
  • White – Site managers

Designs & Materials Used in Hard Hat

A wide range of designs is available in hard hats. The most popular design is round with a large brim.

During 1930, hard hats were made of steel, and they were heavy. Now hard hats are made of different materials. You can find fiberglass-based and carbon fiber-based hard hats in the store though fiber and carbon fiber are both similar materials. You can also find an Aluminum-based hard hat. Hard hats made of rigid plastic are widely popular in construction sites because of their durable and lightweight design.

Cowboy hard hats are made of high-density polyethylene, short HDP. This hat is unique in design and stylish. Still, we won’t recommend this to use in any construction site because they are unfit to be worn in any constructional environment.

Cowboy hard hat contains a large brim, and as a result, associates who are working in heavy sunlight prefer to use this hat. Also, electricians and home maintenance teams use this hat due to its stylish and high voltage absorbency feature.

Hard Hat Suspension

A hard hat is a useless thing without its suspension. The suspension is the nucleus of a hard hat. Want to know more about it?

Generally, hard hat suspension enthralls the strength of an impact. Picture this; a vast and dense wood is falling on your head. You worry that you will be injured because of the strength of the object. If you wear a hard hat, nothing will happen. Because the suspension will dispense all the strength equally on your head.

Still, you are not convinced enough about it. What is a suspension? Let me make you clear; a suspension is an immovable band inside a hard hat. It’s a gap that remains between the top of your head and the bottom of the hat. Both will never touch each other. A few millimeters or centimeters gap is there between these two.

While purchasing, give an eagle eye because the suspension of some hard hats can be weaker than your expectations. So, choose the best hard hat that suits your working environment.

4 types of suspension are there: ratchet suspension (automatic knobs), pin-lock suspension (protected with a pin), touch suspension (similar to a belt), and swing-ratchet (it regulates itself). All of them are available with 8, 6, or 4 points of sustenance. Do you know what does this number means? The more the suspension points, the higher the hard hat’s ability to spread out the force of an impact and minimize the risk of injury.


Top Hard Hat Brands

If you are not well-versed with a hard hat, let me help you choose the best hard hat from the oceans of manufacturers listed below


While hunting for helmets in the helmet’s den, you will find MSA Company makes over 50% of helmets. They are the world’s largest manufacturers of the helmet and serving since 1914. MSA uses polyethylene to made its hard hat to provide you the best protection.


Pyramex is another biggest helmet supplier founded in 1991. Pyramex is a younger one comparing to other helmet manufacturers. Pyramex hard hats are different in design with a large brim. They use high-density polyethylene to manufacture hats.


Probably, you know this company as “Granger.” Anyway, whatever you call it, this company will never let you down in terms of safety. They have the most extensive catalog of different products. This brand provides many tools, supplies, maintenance equipment, electrical gear, abrasives, plumbing, and to name a few.

Safety Works

This company was founded in 1998. They sell their hard hats under the supports of many brands named West Country Gardener, Brahmagloves, and Mud. Safety Works are well known because they sell hard hats that have 6-point suspension.


Why do You Need to Wear a Hard Hat?

Aren’t you worried about your life while working on a construction site? Shake your hands with your selfless friend, hard hat. Let’s flip through the importance of wearing a hat.

  • A hard hat protects our head from any falling objects.
  • During day and night, hard hat wearer associates are more visible in a construction site.
  • A large brim-hard hat protects an associate from sunlight.
  • Protects employees from great electrical shock.
  • If a powered industrial truck falls in an accident, an employee who wears a hard hat has a better chance of facing an accident.

A hard hat is always better than a bump cap. Many projects and clients are asking for a safe working environment, and using a hard hat is their prime requirement. Dangerous threats will become easy to handle for any contractor if his/her employees wear a hard hat on the construction site.

Care & Maintenance

  • Readout manufacturer instructions carefully. How to clean, which materials it requires, what equipment needs to be avoided while cleaning. Don’t miss any details to get the best service from your hard hat.
  • Use water and soap for regular cleaning. Don’t dry with the air dryer; let it dry in the air.
  • Give a thorough look at the suspension, headbands, and other equipment. Confirm there are no holes, cracks, punctures, or any other problems. Make sure your hard hat is well-fitted and comfortable.
  • Keep the head protection in a place where excessive heat is not available. Extreme heat will create damage to your hard hat.
  • Don’t paint it with any thinner or harsh cleanser. This may make your hard hat inefficient against electricity.
  • Don’t create any holes in your hard hat to add any labels using a drill.

Confirm the proper care of your selfless friend. Otherwise, if it turns away its face from you, your life will be in danger. Remember, “An accident will lead you to unpleasant life.”

What should you adjust to make your hard hat fit properly?

There are various parts of a modern hard hat. So treat the hard hat well, take care of all the parts like suspension, collar, brim, straps, etc. In construction works, it is said that the collar of a hat is the main part that should be adjusted properly & many others say about the hard hat’s suspension. But from my experience, the collar is the main part of a hard hat that we should adjust properly to make a hard hat fit.

Which class of hard hats does not protect you from electrical shock?

All hard hats company follows the ANSI Z89.1 requirements for ensuring more quality of a hat for personal safety. There are four classes of hard hats like class E, B, A & C. All types of hard hats ensure maximum safety security. Most of the class of hard hats protect from electrical shock. According to ANSI, only the C class of hard hats is not approved for electrical shock resistance. This class of hat has been designed only for lightweight, durable, and protection from injury for the head from falling objects. So if you do not want a shock resistance hat, you can go with the Type C class hard hat.

Final Advice:

Before choosing a hard hat you should consider the material. We have described everything about the features and benefits of every product. So we hope this review will help to choose the best hard hat for you or your workers. If you want to share any of your experience or have anything to say about hard hats, don’t feel shy to comment below. 

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